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Best LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling [2021 Review]

Kitchen with flat led panel lights

LED lights are great lighting for your kitchen ceiling. They provide a high level of brightness yet consume the least power among all lightings. That’s why most people recommend them. Here are some of the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling you can get. Our Top LED Kitchen Ceiling Lights Reviews Choosing the best LED …

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Best Lighting for Display Cases [2021 Review]

Illuminated display cases containing video games

Lighting is always used for optimizing the visual appearance of valuable objects under display cases. If you want to boost your sales or just using lighting for your collectibles and valuable possessions, then you should pick the best lighting for display cases in the market. Our Top Lighting for Display Cases Reviews If you need …

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Best Tanning Bed Bulbs [2021 Review]

Lit tanning bed bulbs being used by a customer

With all the possible dangers from going outside, it’s hard to get the tan you want. You can get a tan indoors while staying safe with the help of tanning bed bulbs. If you’re looking for one, we’ve compiled a list of the best tanning bed bulbs.  Our Top Tanning Bed Bulbs Reviews Shopping for …

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Best Dimmable LED Recessed Lights [2021 Review]

Living area with dimmable LED recessed lights

Are you finding it hard to get the best dimmable LED recessed lights for your ceiling? We understand it’s not easy especially if you have never done this before. If you don’t know where to start, this guide will help you find the right dimmable LED recessed lights for your specific needs. The Top Dimmable …

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Best LED Floor Lamps [2021 Review]

Living room area with floor lamp

Finding a good lamp in the modern market can be difficult. There’s always one feature that puts you off or something you don’t know. Don’t worry, the guide below gives you our top three picks for the best LED floor lamps and how to identify them. The Top LED Floor Lamps Available Most modern marketing …

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Are LED Bulbs Brighter Than Other Bulbs?

LED bulb brighter than the other lights in the room

A lot of people use LED bulbs nowadays because they’re cheaper and some people claim they shine brighter. However, how do LED bulbs compare to other types of bulbs? In this article, we’ll delve into the question, are LED bulbs brighter than other bulbs? Are LED Bulbs Brighter Than Other Bulbs? If all light bulbs …

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Best Shower Light [2021 Review]

Shower lights in a bathroom

The best shower light should be waterproof and feature a rust-resistant material since these are the main challenges when it comes to bathroom or shower areas. It should also include important features that matter when buying lights for other areas such as the brightness, longer lifespan, energy efficiency, and great design. Our Top Picks Shower …

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Best Lighting for High Ceilings [2021 Review]

Lighting for high ceilings

High ceilings require bright and large lightning to ensure that the light is able to reach every corner of your room. Therefore, the best lighting for high ceilings usually comes with multiple lamp heads, high lumens, and other premium features. LED ceiling lights have become more popular than conventional bulbs, and it’s now evident that …

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Glow in the Dark Party Ideas for Adults

Lighted bottles, example of glow in the dark party ideas for adults

Are you after a no-ordinary party experience? You should consider throwing a glow in the dark party. Some people keep off this kind of party because it is demanding. Luckily, we did all the mining to give you the best glow in the dark party ideas for adults. Glow in the Dark Party Ideas for …

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Best Z Wave Light Switch [2021 Review]

Z wave light switch on wall of bathroom

Z wave light switch offers a great start to transforming your house into a smart home. The device is purposely designed to provide an advanced alternative to controlling both the outdoor and indoor lighting. With the best z wave light switch, you’ll enjoy an excellent level of convenience and save on your money. However, you …

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How to Change the Color of an LED Light

White LED bulb

Over the past few years, the evolution of LED lights has been expeditious. Now, LED lights glow in several colors. Manufacturers have given us the option of changing the color of our RGB LED lights to our preference. If you don’t know where to start, we specifically prepared this guide to help you learn how …

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Best Glow in the Dark Paint [2021 Review]

glow in the dark paint

Glow in the dark paints are substances that shine in the dark when you exposed them to glow blacklight for some time. They either glow after being charged with these lights for minutes or hours. Some glow in the dark paint versions may require continuous exposure to rays to shine in dark spaces. These glow …

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