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Light bulbs installed outdoors

Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather

Certain light bulbs are necessary for extreme weather conditions. In this detailed review, we list down our recommended outdoor LED light bulbs for cold weather conditions.

Car with LED light bar

Best Cheap LED Light Bar

You do not have to spend a fortune just to get your car upgraded with premium LED light bars. In this detailed review, we list down the best cheap LED light bars in the market.


Top 10 Best Rated Light Bulbs for Chandeliers

Choosing the right light bulbs for your chandeliers is essential. If you are looking for the best light bulbs for chandeliers, this handy guide can help you with your decision.

Car with a LED light bar

How to Wire LED Light Bar Without Relay

Did you know that you can wire your LED light bars with a switch instead of relays? If you do not wish to use a relay for your LED light bars, let this article show you how to wire a LED light bar without relay.

LED light strip

How to Restick LED Light Strips

LED light strips can sometimes fall off due to certain circumstances. Let this article help you on how to properly restick LED light strips at home.

Disco balls hanging on a black light party

How Many Black Lights Do I Need for a Party?

Black lights come in different forms and different purposes. If you are wondering how many black lights you’d be needing for a party, let this article provide you with helpful tips and advice.

“I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”
Thomas A. Edison

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Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather [2021 Review]

Maybe you are experiencing the peak of the winter season, and you are in search for a replacement light bulb for your yard, outdoor parking space, or maybe to replace your street lighting. You’ll wa…

Red classic car with LED halogen projectors
Best LED for Halogen Projectors [2021 Review]

Driving in the dark without proper headlights is just asking for an accident. If you want to be on the safe side, you should consider LED lights which are more effective compared to halogen lights. On…

Lit tanning bed bulbs being used by a customer
Best Tanning Bed Bulbs [2021 Review]

With all the possible dangers from going outside, it’s hard to get the tan you want. You can get a tan indoors while staying safe with the help of tanning bed bulbs. If you’re looking for one, we�…

LED light bulb
Best Blacklight Bulb [2021 Review]

Black light bulbs are often used on Halloween and festivals. They provide glow-in-the-dark properties as well as neon lighting. If you’re planning to get one, you can pick from the best blacklight b…

Outdoor pool with LED light fixtures
How Much Energy Does an LED Light Use?

With the advancement in lighting technology, LEDs provide more light across a wider area at a lesser cost. However, how much energy does an LED light use? We’re going to look into factors such a…

LEDs that need time to warm up
Do LEDs Need Time to Warm Up?

Fluorescent and incandescent lights require a slight warm-up time to glow brightly, which leads us to the question — do LEDs need time to warm up? For this article, we’re going to discover how…

“Light up the darkness.”
Bob Marley

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Z wave light switch on a wall

Best Z Wave Light Switch

Z wave light switches are perfect for people that loves incorporating advanced technology in their lives. With so many products in the market, let this article help you pick the best z wave light switch for your home.

Dimmer switch on a wall

6 Best Rated Dimmer Switches for your Home Lighting Needs

If you need to control the amount of current in your bulbs, or if you simply need to save on electricity, investing on light dimmer switches can be a great thing. In this review, we list the best dimmer switches in the market.

Various light tone options

What Color of Light is Best for Night Reading?

For a strain free night reading, picking the right color of light for your LED fixtures is an important decision. In this article, we provide you with tips on which color of light is best for your night reading activity.

Dusk to dawn security lights

Best Dusk To Dawn Light

Dusk to dawn lights are best used for reinforcing the security in your premises. As the market is filled with various lighting options, let this article narrow down your choice for the best dusk to dawn light that you can purchase.

LED strip lights on a ceiling

How to Hide LED Strip Light Wires

Having loose wires on your house can lead to dangerous situations. Let this article give you a detailed guide on how to hide LED strip light wires in your room.

LED strip lights wired to a battery

How to Wire LED Strip Lights to a Battery

Wiring LED light strips might sound complicated, but with proper instructions and information, you can easily do it on your own. If you need to know how to wire LED light strips to a battery, this article offers a comprehensive guide.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke