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Glow in the Dark Party Ideas for Adults

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Are you after a no-ordinary party experience? You should consider throwing a glow in the dark party. Some people keep off this kind of party because it is demanding. Luckily, we did all the mining to give you the best glow in the dark party ideas for adults.

Glow in the Dark Party Ideas for Adults

The two key items in any glow party are black lights and fluorescent colors. What varies is how much or far you are willing to take the theme.

Since you are an adult and this party will be happening at night, you do not have to worry so much about the black lights. Although they make fluorescent colors glow brighter, you can still do without them. If you want to go all out though, they are a must-have.

Woman wearing glow in the dark paint for a party

When it comes to neon colors, there are numerous options to choose from. The major ones are fluorescent pink, green, yellow, and orange. White is also a viable option. You should ensure the whole place is a color frenzy, there is nothing like too much color in a glow party. 

Here are a few superb ideas we recommend you try out:

Have Fun with Glow Sticks

Whether you make them yourself or buy from the store, have some glow sticks at your party. The best part about glow sticks is that they are very versatile. There are several ways you can have fun with glow sticks:

  • Lanterns: Put numerous of them in different places to work as glow stick lanterns for your guests.
  • Chandeliers: Take a few and hang them from the ceiling to create glow stick chandeliers.
  • Markers: Get bracelet-length ones and wrap them around glasses to act as glow stick markers.
  • Wear: Keep a bunch for you and your guest to wear for more fun and color.

Add More Details With Fluorescent Décor

There is a wide variety of other decorative items designed for blacklight parties. Here are other options you have to consider:

  • UV reacting balloons: Can you call it a party without balloons? Thankfully, there are balloons specifically made for glow parties. If you do not get these, get light-up LED balloons.
  • Neon paints and highlighter pens: These come in handy for both your venue and guests. Use them to make party posters and decorate your friends for more pomp.
  • Neon tape: How do you like a lighted up dance floor? Achieve this classic look by using neon tape to mark a designated area for that purpose.
  • Fluorescent paper products: These are great for your walls. Whether it is a happy anniversary sign, a neon bunting, or a hanging garland, you will get great results.
  • Blacklight posters: The easier option is making these with some types of coloring books. If you want to be authentic, buy some poster paper and paint party messages, and get artistic.

Decorate Your Furniture And Utensils

Your space should be fabulous and fit the theme. It is also safer when everything is visible, especially chairs and tables that guests can trip over. We suggest you do each of the following to achieve an exemplary setting.

  • Cover with neon fabric: Worry no more about your furniture getting in the way. Cover chairs and tables with neon fabric. If you cannot buy a lot of it, tie strips of the fabric around your furniture instead of the whole of it.
  • Get UV reacting cups, plates, and cutlery: Nothing should be left behind. Let your kitchenware also go with the theme by sourcing for UV reactive cups, plates, cutlery, and napkins. 
  • Use sticker dots: In case you do not get UV reacting utensils, use sticker dots to decorate your normal ones.

Serve The Right Drinks

Lighted bottles, example of glow in the dark party ideas for adults

With the place decorated, you need to figure out what you will serve your guests. This part may be tricky, considering there are not so many options of foods or drinks that glow. However, that should not discourage you from having a few tricks up your sleeve.

Tonic Water

Thanks to quinine, tonic water glows blue under black light. You can serve it straight or as a mixer from other drinks that glow as well. On the other hand, you can freeze it to make cool, glowing ice cubes.

Another way is sprinkling some tonic water on items like pastries and snacks. Beware though, not everyone loves the taste of tonic water, cater to them.

Glowing Drinks

There are liquors like Hennessy cognac which have fluorescent bottles. You can also make your drinks glow by serving them over ice that contains an LED. If not, you can add vitamin B or chlorophyll to your drinks. They are non-toxic.

Choose Outfits to Glow in the Dark

Any dress or costume in fluorescent green, yellow, pink, or orange will work like a charm. Some hues of red, blue, and purple can also do the trick. If you have none of those then you can go with white. You can also try the following:

  • Neon Accessories: Add a little more glamour with neon accessories such as wigs, hats, boa, boots, suspenders, and many more.
  • Fluorescent Makeup: It is amazing how there always seems to be make up ready for any occasion. Well, you can buy some to glow in the dark, too!
  • Glowing Nail Polish: You can get this from your normal cosmetic store. Choose from the wide range of neon nail polish available.
  • Bodypaint: Most probably, the host will be waiting for you with more fluorescent paint. However, have some of your own just in case.
  • Temporary Glow-in-the-dark Tattoos: These will go well with other body art accessories and you will end up with an impressive ensemble.

Have Plenty of Games to Play

Who said games are just for kids? Below is a list of some you can do:

Blacklight Beer Pong

This is an interesting choice to try out. Typically, it is a drinking game where two players or teams target ping-pong balls into plastic cups. You will need:

  • A table
  • Glow-in-the-dark ping-pong balls
  • UV reactive plastic cups 
  • Neon markers
  • Beer

Arrange 6 plastic cups on each end of the table in a triangle. Half-fill each with beer. Divide your guests into two teams. In turn, let a player throw a ball into any of the cups. If the ball lands in the cup or touches it, that team must drink its content.

Blacklight Volleyball

This is similar to normal volleyball, just that it is in blacklight. If your guests are athletic, or you want a more team- involving exercise, try this. You will need:

Multicolored LED bulbs
  • Enough space
  • Neon lights
  • Glow-in-the-dark ball
  • Net and posts

Using neon lights, highlight the boundary of the court and the net. Choose 6 people in each team. Use different neon lights to help identify the chosen players. Finally, toss a coin to determine which side will serve first and play away.

Blacklight Twister

Twisters are a classic favorite among many. Bring its magic into your blacklight party for more fun with the guests. You will need:

  • Neon paint
  • Tarp with multicolored blacklight paint

Using neon paint, color the circles on your tarp in advance. During the party, choose two people to stand on each end of the twister board. Finally, assign a referee to call out the moves and supervise the game.

Blacklight Celebrity Heads

How good are you at describing celebrities? This game will give you and your guests a run for your money. You will need:

  • Neon headbands
  • Neon markers
  • Cardboards
  • Sticky tape

Have your guests write a celebrity name on the cardboards, with the neon markers. Let each one randomly pick cardboard without looking and stick it on their headbands. In order, everyone must ask questions until they guess the name right.

Blacklight Body Paint Challenge

Let your creative side shine and have fun while at it. This is the easiest game you and your guests can play. You will only need paint that glows in the dark.

There are really no rules here. First, you can decide to chase and pour paint on each other. If not, let your guest draw artistic or just silly pieces on each and vote who’s the best.

Whatever you choose to play, the important part is making sure your guests are well entertained. Any game from this list will work. You just have to pick those that best suit you and your friends.


So there you have it, all the glow in the dark ideas for adults you need to know about. Take a pen and paper, and make a list of everything we have talked about. Remember, good planning is key, so you should not forget everything. Ultimately, glow and have fun with your friends!