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Hi there! My name is Emma Wilson. I probably don’t look like a typical lighting expert, but first impressions can be deceiving.

I’ve had a fascination with lighting ever since I graduated college. After graduating with bachelors degree, I moved back in with my parents for a bit (don’t we all?). They were going through a remodel, and one of the things they installed were the trendy but hip Edison light bulbs.

As the designer sat at our kitchen table, they went through all of the different lighting options, ranging from trendy Edison light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. My parents were trying to pick between style, quality, longevity, and energy usage.

And then the designer revealed the option that had it all: LED lights. By incorporating new LED technology, you could pick stylish options that would be energy efficient. Even better, the new tech lasted 50 times longer than incandescent lights, 25 times longer than halogen lights, and 10 times longer than CFL lights. Source

I was blown away. And, what started as a fascination has turned into an obsession. I discovered all of the different ways you can make use of LED light technology, ranging from your home to your car to your yard to your shop.

This website is where I share my findings, opinions, and recommendations. It’s where I share my knowledge. My hope is to enlighten you (pun intended) to the wonderful world of LED light ideas!