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Best Lighting for Display Cases [2021 Review]

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Lighting is always used for optimizing the visual appearance of valuable objects under display cases. If you want to boost your sales or just using lighting for your collectibles and valuable possessions, then you should pick the best lighting for display cases in the market.

Our Top Lighting for Display Cases Reviews

If you need to illuminate and showcase your products, the following solutions will help you light your display cases effectively. The right lighting not only highlights products but also helps store and preserve valuable items. Here are some of the best options you will find available today. 

Best Overall
Torchstar LED Safe Lighting Kit
TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit, (6) 12" Linkable...
Power Source
12 volts
Best Overall
Torchstar LED Safe Lighting Kit
TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit, (6) 12" Linkable...
Power Source
12 volts

Best Overall Lighting for Display Cases: Torchstar LED Safe Lighting Kit

TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit, (6) 12" Linkable...
  • NO.1 Best-Selling LED lighting kit on Amazon: (6) 12’’ LED light bars + rocker switch+ UL-Listed...
  • A quick and great way to upgrade your kitchen cabinet, extremely easy installation that can be done...
  • Comparing to battery operated lighting system, this electrical powered light kit is more suitable...

The Torchstar LED Safe Lighting Kit is one of the best light bars you can have in any type of display case you own. 

It contains:

  • 6 12-inch LED light bars
  • Rocker switch
  • Power adapter
  • 5 extra 12-inch extension cables

Like most lighting for display cases, these light bars are easy to install within a few minutes with only using common household tools. 

Unlike battery-operated lighting systems, the Torchstar LED Safe Lighting is an electrically powered lighting kit. This means it’s excellent for permanent installation because it lasts longer and provides constant lighting. 

At 150 lumens per light bar, this kit has a high light output compared to other lighting options. It provides a light color of 5000K daylight which is an ultra-bright lighting effect. 

These light bars are flexible. they can fit big size long cabinets or counters thanks to their extension cables. This lighting kit has 2 mounting ears of each light bar. These help keep the lighting secure and permanent in place. 

The rocker switch control is a convenient tool for turning the lights on or off. The lights don’t even need time to warm up. 

Overall, being electrically powered makes this one of the best lighting options for your display cases. The light quality is also among the best. Power outages are rare, so it’s easily a better trade-off for having longer-lasting lighting with 30,000 hours of lifespan.


  • High-quality lighting
  • Extension cables for flexible installation
  • Rocker switch for ease of use


  • Not battery powered means it won’t function with no electricity
  • No light color changing mode

Best Lighting for Display Cases for the Money: Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting 

No products found.

The No products found. is almost close to the quality of the Torchstar LED safe lighting kit. However, it doesn’t have the flexibility Torchstar has. 

This lighting kit can provide 900 lumens of brightness which is bright enough for displaying most objects. The 4000K daylight produces an almost natural lighting environment. 

What makes this different from the Torchstar Lighting Kit is its dimming features. It can be set to 10 – 100% smooth dimming. Adjustable brightness is useful for highlighting your displays. 

You also get a timer function, unlike the Torchstar LED Lighting. You can set the lighting to turn off automatically in 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. 

It also has a remote control which is 360 degrees controllable. The remote has an operation range of 16 to 30 feet. You can use it to switch the lighting on or off, automatic off, or adjusting the brightness. 

While some parts of this kit are made of aluminum and plastic, it does not easily break even if it’s prone to bending. The Albrillo LED Lighting also is electrically powered just like the Torchstar Lighting Kit. Therefore, it lasts longer than your average battery-powered lighting. 

Overall, while the Alrbrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting has unique features that the Torchstar doesn’t have, the Torchstar is better in terms of light quality. For display cases, the light quality is the most important for highlighting what’s displayed in the case. 


  • Dimming features 
  • Timer function
  • 360 degrees controllable remote


  • Not flexible 
  • Doesn’t function when there’s no electricity

Best Cheap Lighting for Display Cases: Elfeland Puck Lights

No products found.

If you want cheap lighting for your display cases, the No products found. will do you good. They have a high-quality lamp bead with 4 basic colors and 12 changing colors. 

You can pick between 3 lighting modes. The 10, 30, 60 on the remote correspond to jump, flash, and gradient mode. Each mode can show 16 different light colors. You can produce white (4000K), red, green, blue with different textures. 

Just like the Albrillo LED Lighting, the Elfeland Puck Lights can be timed to turn off automatically for 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. The buttons on the remote are easy to read and you will instantly know what they’re for. 

They also have dimming features just like the Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting. The highest brightness they can reach is 35 lumens 

Despite the lights being cheap, the Elfeland puck lights are made of high-quality ABS material. The material is durable enough if not subjected to strong pressure. 

Unlike the Torchstar and Albrillo, the Elfeland are battery-operated. This means they will less operation time. However, you can use them in places where there is no electricity.  It also comes with 2 remotes so you have a spare if one gets lost or broken. 


  • 3 lighting modes with 16 changing colors
  • Comes with 2 remotes
  • Dimming capabilities


  • Battery-powered means it operates on less time
  • Not as bright as we liked it to be

Best Color Changing Lighting for Display Cases: Solmore Puck Lights

Puck Lights, LED Color Changing Puck Lighting LED...
  • ☀【Remote Control& Manual Control LED Puck Lights】: The LED closet lights are equipped with 3...
  • ☀【4 Static Colors & 3 Light Modes&16 Dynamic Colors】:The LED color changing puck lighting have...
  • ☀【10 Level Brightness & Timing Function】: Long press +/- on the wireless LED color changing...

The Solmore Puck Lights are almost similar to the Elfeland Puck Lights. However, the light quality of these is better. This LED lighting kit comes with 3 remote controllers, 1 more than the Elfeland Puck Lights. It almost has the same button configuration as the Elfeland Puck Lights. There’s nothing much to compare except the number of remotes each has. 

The Solmore Puck Lights also have 3 light modes and 16 dynamic colors when it comes to color and lighting mode. Although they use the same 4000K daylight color, the lighting quality of Solmore is a bit better in highlighting displays. 

You also get a dimming function the same as Albrillo and Elfeland. Just long-press the “+/-” buttons on the remote to adjust the brightness. You get 10 levels of brightness so there’s plenty of ways to highlight your displays. 

You also have a timer function that automatically turns off the lighting in 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. You also can configure color-changing effects at different timing times. A feature that the Elfeland Puck Lights don’t have. 

Just like most puck lights, the Solmore Puck Lights are battery-operated. They also come with 9 adhesive patches for easy installation. Overall, the Solmore Puck Lights edges the Elfeland Puck Lights in color-changing features. They have better color quality and the design provides a better luminous effect. 


  • 3 remote controllers
  • Comes with adhesive patches
  • The upgraded design provides a larger luminous area
  • Color changing effect at timing times


  • Battery operated won’t last longer than electrical powered
  • Not as durable so needs to be handled with care

Features to Consider for Lighting for Display Cases

Lighting for display cases needs to have qualities that help them give shine to the objects they’re shining on. Aside from that, you have to use lighting kits that will actually work and fit in the display cases you have. 

Shadows and Illumination

Your items will look different in the display cases depending on the placement of your lights. Top lighting will reflect differently depends on the object. For example, it would have a different lighting effect between a tall trophy and a baseball. 

Make sure you have enough lighting for the size of your display cases. Otherwise, you will end up with shadows in the corners of the display. 

Shadows may work well with your display or work against it. Position your lighting at the top if you want shadow effects. Anything from our list would work fine. However, we recommend the Torchstar LED Safe Lighting Kit if you want better shadow production. 

Pastry shop with lighted display case for desserts

Color Temperature

Color temperature is how the color of your lighting looks. It may look either warm or cool. 

Warm lights produce a yellow glow closely similar to the sunlight’s color. Cool lights produce a bluish or white glow. You want the lighting to hit just at the middle. If possible, lights with color options will give you more options. 

For that, you may want to consider getting the Solmore Puck Lights or the Elfeland Puck Lights. You can customize their lighting with different color options.

Energy Efficiency

When you want energy efficiency, go for LED lighting. All of our lights on this list are LEDs. You want to choose lighting that can run all day long without using too much energy. 

If you’re running a business and using such lighting, you may want to check with local regulations. Some places provide tax benefits for using high efficacy LED lighting. 

For that, the Torchstar LED Safe Lighting Kit is a great power-saving option. It produces bright cool light. It produces 150 lumens per light bar while powering at 12 volts. 


Customizable lighting will give you a lot of display options. You may want to look at features like color-changing options, automatic timers, dimming features, and many more. 

For that, you may want to consider getting the Solmore Puck Lights. It has everything you want from a versatile lighting option. 

You get a variety of color options mode perfect for any display occasion and objects. You also get dimming configurations for adjusting the brightness. You can even change the colors at various different times for additional effects. 


Flexibility in lighting for display cases means how convenient it is for you to install and use them. Some lighting kits are not compatible with certain display cases so it’s important you choose one that will suit yours. 

If you own large display cases, the Torchstar LED Safe Lighting Kit is your safest choice. It contains extension cables so it will reach display cases that are rather large in size. 

Puck lights like the Elfeland and Solmore are also great since they can be installed almost anywhere. However, you may not have enough of them if you’re using them for a rather large display case. 


Durability doesn’t just mean the toughness of the material in lighting for display cases. It also considers the usage lifespan of the lighting. 

Lighting for display cases should have long operating hours and lifespan especially if you’re using it for business. You don’t want your lighting to suddenly turn off while displaying valuable objects. 

You can either choose the under cabinet lighting options like Torchstar or Albrillo. Personally, we recommend the Torchstar LED Safe Lighting Kit which has 30,000 hours of usage lifespan. 

Illuminated display cases containing video games

Lighting Alternatives for Display Cabinets

These are the most popular lighting options for display cabinets. They provide the best lighting effect for displaying valuable things. 

Undercabinet Lighting

Undercabinet lighting is the brightest on this list. They also are versatile to install. You can use them on small and large display cases. You usually use them when you want cool or white lighting to shine on your display. 

Puck Lights

Puck lights are ideal for spotlight-style illumination. They’re great for producing shadows to really highlight the object you’re displaying. Puck lights can come in LED, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs. 

We recommend getting LED puck lights since puck lights are usually small. LED doesn’t heat up easily so it’s perfect for small types of puck lights. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Install LED Lights in a Display Cabinet?

It depends on the product you are using. LED lights can have different installation processes. Generally, they are easy to install, and most LED lights usually come with an installation manual that you can use to install them. 

How Do You Install LED Puck Under Cabinets?

Most Puck lights can be installed with an adhesive. They sometimes come with it or you have to buy it separately. Most puck lights also come with an installation manual. 

Puck light installation is usually easy. They’re battery-powered so you don’t have to involve yourself with wiring. 


Lighting gives extra detail to whatever you display on your display cases. You want the best lighting to enhance the overall aesthetic of your valuables in display cases. Choose one that is compatible with your display cases.