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Glow in the dark paints are substances that shine in the dark when you exposed them to blacklight for some time. They either glow after being charged with these lights for minutes or hours. Some may require continuous exposure to light rays to shine in dark spaces.

These paints come in different forms and colors, which you can use for various purposes. We will take a look at some of the popular applications of glow in the dark paints. But Before that, see our top recommendations for glow in the dark paint.

Best Glow in the Dark Paint for Outdoor Surfaces and Glowing Body

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Typical Applications of Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the Dark Paint for Rock

This is for outdoor play and hobbyists as well. You can use long-lasting glow in the dark paints like the Montana Cans Uv Transparent Spray Paint outdoor to make rocks or concrete visible at nights. Not just that, UV blacklight paint can be used to design concrete platforms, and driveway bumps to make them more visible for safer night driving.

Glow in the Dark Paint for Wood

Glow in the dark UV paint has also found a variety of applications in home decoration. You can use them to decorate the wooden interior and exterior surfaces of wood flooring, Fibreboard, MDF, veneer, etc.

Coating wooden surfaces further help make your home decoration moisture and frost resistant.

Glow in the Dark Body Paint

Glow body paints are familiar sights at the glow in the dark parties. You can use them alongside black lights to create artistic decorations and designs on the body.

As you would expect for any widely used product, numerous brands are selling their versions of glow in the dark paint. The variety available at the stores can be overwhelming, even for an experienced buyer who wants to try something new.

We will be discussing the best glow in the dark paints you can buy. Also, we will be talking on top of the line glow in the dark spray paints, and the longest-lasting light in the dark paints from some trusted brands.

How the Paints Work

The most crucial ingredient on how glow in the dark paints work is the fluorescent phosphor; it’s what causes these paints to shine when you expose them to light.

But not all kinds of light will have the desired effect of causing these paints to glow. Ideally, they come alive when you charge them with ultraviolet black rays or sunlight. Invisible UV lights contain more energy than regular lights (such as green and blue lights), so they are better at charging up the phosphor in the paint.

Sunlight also contains some light in the UV wavelength and has a similar effect on glow in the dark paints as artificially produced UV lights. Of course, if you’re charging your paint with sunlight, you’re going to do this during the day. But if you’re using black lights, you can do this even at night.

Best Glow in the Dark Paint

Here’s our selection

1. Neon Nights 8 x UV Fabric Paint-Best glow in the dark paints for fabric.

glow in the dark paint

The Neon Nights paint is a set of eight containers, each holding 20ml of differently colored bright paints. The colors are yellow, green, pink, blue, red, white, orange, and violet.

They are designed to be used on clothing; you could create patterns with them on clothes or canvases of most color types, and see them shine at your glow parties or projects when the black lights get turned on. They are also noticeable during the day.

This paint survives washing and ironing, so you can use the clothes you’ve put it on several times after you first applied it.

You can apply this paint using a brush. If this isn’t available, you may use a sponge or airbrush instead.

The manufacturer does have a couple of advice. First, you’ll get the best out of this paint if you use black fluorescent lights; UV LED lights may not elicit a strong enough glow. Also, this isn’t body paint. If you would like something for the skin from the same brand, you may go for the Neon Nights body paint.

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2. Neon Nights 8 x UV Body Paint- Best Glow in the Dark Body Paint

glow in the dark paint

Here’s something you can use if you want your skin to glow literally.

The Neon Nights body paint comes in similar packaging with the brand’s paint for clothing. It is eight 20ml pots of differently colored pigments, each made to be applied on the skin. The colors are yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, white, red, and violet.

You can use this at glow parties, photoshoots, or whatever artsy or festive occasion may require you paint your skin. When it’s exposed to black lights, it gives off an intense neon shine that makes you stand out from the crowd.

This product shouldn’t cause any problems for your clothing. If it does stain your clothes, you can quickly get rid of it by washing. The producers say you only need a bit of the paint to achieve the glowing effect. There’s enough paint in it to decorate four faces or two bodies.

Like the Neon Nights paint for clothing, this one works best when it’s under the illumination of fluorescent ultraviolet light.

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3. Glow Magic Fabric UV Paint Set

glow in the dark paint

This Glow Magic product is a set of eight 20ml pots of glow in the dark paints. Each pot contains paint of a different color; the colors here are pink, red, yellow, orange, green, white, blue, and violet.

Because they’re quite opaque, you can see their glow effect regardless of the color of canvas you use the paint. And while they work best at night, they are also reasonably visible in the daytime.

You can use these paints on your clothes at glow parties, or for projects that require some painting on fabric (including school work). If you’d like to decorate your cloth with them, you may apply them using a brush or sponge. Note that you can also mix colors if you want to.

There’s no need to worry about the stress of applying them again every time you need the glow effect.  They last through several wash cycles, so they should carry on shining when placed under UV lights, even after you’ve washed the material on which you used the paint.

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4. Midnight Glo UV Paint

glow in the dark paint

Midnight Glo’s UV paint comes in a set of eight colors: green, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, purple, and white. Each container harbors just over 20ml of paint.

These paints can be used for glow art, school projects, and other events that involve the use of black lights. They should work just fine as long as they’re applied on non-glossy or non-oily surfaces. It works on wood, paper, canvas, cardboard, and fur.

Note that you’ll need several layers of this paint to strengthen the glow effect. But it lasts quite a long while. You can get the best out of it when it’s exposed to black light that’s towards the bluish end of the wavelength (about 365nm).  But it does produce an appreciable degree of glow with purplish LED UV lights as well.

You can apply using a brush or an airbrush machine (you may want to mix it with a thinner in the latter case, so that it comes out well). However, you may require several coatings to get a really bright glow, as it’s not very opaque.

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5. ILC UV Body Paint

glow in the dark paint

There are six 29ml bottles in one set of this product. Each bottle contains one of six colors: pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. They all glow when exposed to UV light in the dark, and are visible in daylight as well.

You can use this body paint for your fun-filled nighttime occasions like parties, festivals, and concerts.

One advantage that this product has over others of its kind is its price- each bottle costs about half the amount of other regular paint bottles. There’s also a free UV torchlight in the package, with which you can determine how much the paint glows.

This product isn’t toxic, so you shouldn’t have any safety concerns about it. Skin irritations don’t seem to be an issue with it either. And if you want to clean it off your skin after you’re done with using it, you can do so with water; the paint itself is water-soluble.

Finally, if you purchase a damaged package from this brand, you can get a refund within 45 days of buying it.

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Best Spray Glow in the Dark Paint

If you want something that you can apply without using a brush or an airbrush machine, you could go for spray glow in the dark paints instead. These paints are usually applicable to a variety of surfaces, but you’ll need to check the specific products to be sure about which surfaces they work best

Here are some of the best luminous spray paints on offer at the stores.

6. Rust-Oleum 278733 Reflective Spray Paint

glow in the dark paint

This Rust-Oleum spray paint contains 29cl of glow in the dark paint. It is suitable for wood, drywalls, ceramic, plastic, and many other kinds of surfaces. Note that this paint takes about 24 hours to dry out fully, and it has to be charged by sunlight or UV light for 20 minutes in order to shine at night. When it does get charged, it should glow brightly in dark conditions when headlights get turned on it.

To get the best results with this spray, apply it over a white surface. You could also use a lighter-colored surface if white isn’t available. You may use it at a driveway marker, for bikes and bike helmets, mailboxes, and any other things that you’d need to be visible in the dark. For instance, bikers may use this on their wheels or helmets at night so that they are visible to vehicle drivers on the road.

The manufacturer recommends that you clean the surface on which you’ll spray this and make sure that it’s dry before applying the paint. After this, you may spray two or three coats at one or two minutes’ interval.

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7. Montana Cans Uv Transparent Spray Paint

glow in the dark paint

The Montana Cans UV spray emits fluid that isn’t visible in sunlight (it’s transparent); you’ll need to have it under a blacklight if you’re going to see the luminous effect. When it does come alive, it glows with a bright blue-purple hue.

You can spray it on almost any surface. It stays on rather well when it’s out on wood, uncoated screens, and glass, masonry, etc. The amount of shine you get with it depends on the number of coatings you‘re able to create. More layers will give you more glow effect.

Note that this paint takes anywhere between 24 and 48 hours to dry fully.

If you’re big on environmentally friendly items, you’ll be glad to know that this one is lead and CFC free.

A great use for this product would be guerilla marketing, which involves spraying the name of your product or website on a poster so people can see it glow at night, and making shiny art.

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8. Rust-Oleum 278733 Specialty Spray Paint

glow in the dark paint

This 295ml oil-based Rust-Oleum product has a uniquely strong fluorescent green glow, which can be seen in the dark after it’s been charged in sunlight or UV light. It fully dries after within 24 hours of applying it and can shine for up to eight hours in the dark.

Ideal spaces to use this spray on include wood, dry concrete walls, ceramic, metal, and plastic.

If you would like to get an excellent luminous effect from this paint, consider using it on a light colored surface. If the surface is a darker color, you can spray regular white paint on it before using the Rust-Oleum paint on it (you should allow the regular paint to dry first). You may also apply it again on the same surface whenever you want to use it, especially if you’re going to be using the material outdoors.

To achieve a stronger luminous effect, you should spray multiple layers, with 10-15 minutes between each one.

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Longest Lasting Glow in the Dark Paint

Maybe you want your glow in the dark paints to do more than just light up your Halloween glow parties for a while. A lot of paints that offer a variety of fun colors you can use, but not many of them can last beyond a few hours.

Here are a couple of paints that can glow well beyond the times managed by regular glow in the dark paints.

9. Space Beam Glow in the Dark Paint

glow in the dark paint

There are two versions of this product. One gives off a bright green glow, and the other illuminates with an ‘aqua’ (blue-green, sea like) hue. When it’s displayed out in daylight, it’ll look a dull-white or cream-colored substance. One-pot contains about 50ml of paint.

By recharging for a few minutes after application to a surface of your choice, you could get up to 10 hours of continuous glow from this paint. It’s advisable that you use UV light for this.

Possible surfaces that you could lace with this include wood, plastic, fabric, metal, and glass. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, this isn’t designed to be used on skin or hair.

If you’re good at using these kinds of paint, you could try this one out on wall art, art canvases, or postal signs. You could also use them on fishing lures at night, as the light may attract insects, which will, in turn, draw in fish that you want to catch.

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10. Glow Ultra Green V10 Glow in the Dark Paint

glow in the dark paint

How about getting paint that could glow for 12 hours? That’s what this one promises. The reviews suggest that it does deliver on this.

It only takes you minutes to charge for hours of use, and you can do this with sunlight or black lights. Its greenish illumination is suitable for signs, fishing lures, and space murals. As for reusability, the producers say there’s almost no limit to the number of times you can recharge it.

You should apply three or four layers to obtain the maximum hours of glow for this paint. You’ll get a better result when you paint on a white surface.

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Glow in the Dark Paint Types

There are two main types of glow in the dark paints. These are fluorescent paints and phosphorescent paints.

1. Fluorescent Paints

These paints contain phosphors like silver activated zinc. They may continue to shine for several hours after exposure to sunlight or blacklight.

The Rust-Oleum spray paints and the long-lasting paints reviewed in this article belong in this category. The paints have to be charged by light before they shine.

2. Fluorescent Paints

These paints glow when they are exposed to UV light.

Fluorescent paints are either visible or invisible. The visible ones assume a bright color when in sunlight and shine even more when they’re exposed to black lights. The invisible ones are colorless or transparent in natural light, and only glow a definite color when they come under UV lights.

The first five paints reviewed in this article come under this category.

Tips for Using Glow in the Dark Paint

  1. Use three or more layers of paint if you want to achieve a visible glow effect with them.
  2. When you’re creating layers of paint, be sure to wait between 10 and 15 minutes before painting a new layer. This ensures that the brightness is magnified with each layer.
  3. In many cases, lighter backgrounds will make your paint look brighter. You may want to use a white or light-colored surface for the best possible visual impact.
  4. Household light seldom makes a good charger for these paints. You should use sunlight or black lights instead.
  5. Shine a black light on the surface you’re painting to determine the evenness of the paint over the surface. If it’s uniform, the glow will occur evenly.


The aim of this article is to make choosing the best glow in the dark paints easier for you. And when you do, you should get the most out of them. You can follow the brief guidelines for applying them that we’ve laid out at the end of the article.

Hopefully, you’ll strike the right balance with these measures, and get the sort of glow you want out of the paints you choose.