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How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last?

LED strip lights

In today’s world, we see architects and designers implement LED strip lights in almost all types of setups. Be it residential, commercial, or even industrial, LED strip lights are a new favorite for professional lighting. But if you are about their lifespan, let’s discuss how long do LED strip lights last.  How Long Do LED …

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How to Install LED Strip Lights on the Ceiling

A room with bright orange ceiling lights

Everyone dreams of a beautiful home, but building one is quite heavy in the pockets. Lighting is one of those elements that can change the outlook of your home and bring that feeling of sophistication that you always desired. In this article, we will discuss how to install LED strip lights on the ceiling to …

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How to Stop LED Lights From Glowing When They Are Off

A removed LED bulb while glowing orange light

After fluorescent bulbs, LED lights were one of the greatest inventions; sometimes, you might experience that the LED bulb still glows even after being switched off. Do not worry. There is nothing paranormal in this, but you may still wonder how to stop LED lights glowing when they are off.  How to Stop LED Lights …

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How to Connect LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights

LED strip lights have become so popular. They can give an atmospheric feel, bright and light feel in the room, and highlight some parts of the house making it even more beautiful. LED strip lights are self-adhesive which makes them easy to install. In this article, you will learn how to connect LED strip lights, …

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How to Fix Radio Interference from LED Lights

A ceiling full of LED Bulbs

Are you wondering how to fix radio interference from LED lights? LED lights are widely used nowadays in houses, convenience stores, buildings, and even in cars. The main reason behind this is the efficiency of LED lights when it comes to performing their job and their minimal use of energy.  However, problems are also inevitable …

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3000k vs 4000k

A standing LED Bulb with yellow light

LED bulbs are highly energy-efficient since it can produce the same amount of light using less amount of electricity. Whether you’re redecorating your home or just torn between 3000k vs 4000k LEDs, this article may help you. Two of the most commonly used are the 3000 and 4000k LEDs. Let’s find out when to use …

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How Much Energy Does an LED Light Use?

Outdoor pool with LED light fixtures

With the advancement in lighting technology, LEDs provide more light across a wider area at a lesser cost. However, how much energy does an LED light use? We’re going to look into factors such as location, wattage, and type of LED to identify how much energy an LED actually consumes. How Much Energy Does an …

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Do LEDs Need Time to Warm Up?

LEDs that need time to warm up

Fluorescent and incandescent lights require a slight warm-up time to glow brightly, which leads us to the question — do LEDs need time to warm up? For this article, we’re going to discover how a LED light warms up and how long it takes for LED lights to glow brightly.  Do LEDs Need Time to …

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Do LED Lights Give Off UV?

LED lights give off UV rays

Like many people, you are probably careful when choosing LED bulbs over other types of lighting. This is because some think LED lamps produce dangerous UV rays that can impact your health. So do LED lights give off UV? Keep reading to learn more. Do LED Lights Give Off UV? Yes, LED lights give off …

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Is It Safe To Leave Lights On for a Week?

LED light fixtures

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about small tasks like switching off the light. Whether there’s a need for you to leave your lights on for an extended period, it’s important you understand the risks associated with the prolonged use of your lights. So is it safe to leave lights on for a week?  Is It …

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Why Are My LED Lights Not Bright?

LED lights that are not bright anymore

After installing LED lights, you may be thinking: why are my LED lights not bright? Like other kinds of lighting, some issues prevent LED lights from working properly. To ensure your LEDs remain functional, we’re going to look into the causes of dimming and what to do to make lights brighter. Why Are My LED …

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Can You Dim LED Lights?

Woman wondering if she can dim LED lights

After installing your LED lights, you may be thinking: can you dim LED lights to change the visual appearance of your home, set the mood in your place, and make lights last longer? However, there are a few essential things to take into account before dimming your LED lights.  Can You Dim LED Lights? Yes, …

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