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Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather [2021 Review]


Maybe you are experiencing the peak of the winter season, and you are in search for a replacement light bulb for your yard, outdoor parking space, or maybe to replace your street lighting. You’ll want to use the best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather. Our Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather Reviews There’s …

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Best LED Outdoor Flood Lights with Motion Sensor [2021 Review]

Stadium flood lights

Most people prefer to keep things lit and secure around their homes and offices using outdoor flood lights. The best LED outdoor flood lights with motion sensor let you light a considerably wide area and with high lumens and without the need to turn them off and on constantly. That’s one of the reasons why …

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Are LED Bulbs Good in Cold Weather?

LED bulbs covered in frozen ice and cold weather

LEDs don’t need heat to work like most traditional light bulbs need heat to work. That’s why LEDs fare well outdoors during fall and winter. Traditional light bulbs normally heat up so it can power on and create light.  Clearly, you can’t categorize LEDs as your traditional light bulbs. Which makes you wonder, are LED …

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Best DJ Lights [2021 Review]

DJ mixing sounds at a party, while he's illuminated by lights

DJ lights are an important piece of equipment as they play a huge role in ensuring your party has a complete DJ setup. Dancing or listening to DJ tunes can be liberating, yet adding a set of the best DJ lights helps improve your crowd’s experience as they offer an excellent way to get people …

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Best Fog Machine [2021 Review]

Fog machines being used in a stage

Fog machines are essential pieces in the entertainment industry as they help create an ideal atmosphere for parties. The best fog machine creates a great mood that everyone loves, especially at night parties. Besides, artificial smoke machines have other applications, and you can also use them throughout the year. Fog machines come in different sizes …

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Best Solar Shed Light [2021 Review]

Garden shed

Solar shed lights offer a perfect choice for lighting up your shed. They use solar energy to illuminate the garage, shed, patio, and deck. The best solar shed light offers several benefits as they don’t require any electrical wiring or external source of power. Therefore, choosing the right solar shed light will help you save …

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Best Dusk To Dawn Light [2021 Review]

Dusk to dawn light being used outdoors

Most people prefer to leave their lights on for days while there are out of town for business or other commitments. Leaving your lights on can play a huge role in enhancing security. However, this can lead to huge electricity bills if you fail to invest in the best-LED dusk to dawn light. Our Top …

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Best Tennis Court Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor Venues [2021 Review]

In this article, I will walk you through some of the leading tennis court lighting fixtures you can find on the market today. Tennis courts have special lighting needs for several reasons. First, players don’t want to worry about visibility; they want that taken care of while they play their game. And they want the …

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Best Camping String Lights [2021 Review]

a camping string light

When darkness falls on your camping ground, you’ll want the lights you have on to illuminate the space in and around your camp tent. There are string lights of various kinds that can help fulfill this need. However, you may want your lights to do more than just make the camping ground light up. If …

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Best Retractable Work Light [2021 Review]

Man repairing car while holding a retractable work light

Sometimes, you may need more lighting than the permanent fixtures at your garage to carry out work there at night. This is especially true if the things you’re working on are situated at angles that aren’t sufficiently illuminated by those fixtures. In such cases, looking for the best retractable work light on the market may …

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Best Magnetic Work Lights [2021 Review]

Man Working with light

Are you the type who works outdoors at night? Or maybe indoors, but in tight and poorly lit rooms? Then you’ll need a good work light with a magnetic base to do your job. The amount of light we need varies and depends on some factors. and that is where lighting ergonomics come into play: the ype …

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