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How to Reset LED Strip Lights

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LED strip lights are strings of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that emit light simultaneously. These lights are usually used to decorate interior places such as in houses and cars. Most modern lights come with WiFi connectivity and remote control.

However, your strip lights might have errant functionality. To remedy this situation, you may need to know how to reset your LED strip lights.

How to Reset LED Strip Lights

The first step you need to take is to familiarize yourself with the remote control. Though various brands have different remote controls, they mostly have similar controls with the same functionality. You familiarizing yourself with the controls allows you to manipulate your LED lights effortlessly.

Red colored LED strip lights

This manipulation, by virtue, extends to your ability to reset your LED strip lights. The methods might differ by brand, but we hope to stay close to the average process. Focusing on the average method allows us to reach as broad an audience as possible.

Below we will outline the steps that you can take to reset your lights:

  • Plug your LED strips in and let them run for some time.
  • Power down your lights by taking out the power adaptor taking care not to turn off the remote control.
  • Press and hold the remote control’s power button for a few seconds, then power up your LED lights.
  • The lights will alternate different available colors when your lights power up.
  • Once your LED lights stay yellow, release your hold on the power button.

Some brands might require you to turn the power off and on repetitively for a successful factory reset of your lights.

How to Reset Your LED Strip Light Remote

You should first ensure that all parts of your LED strip lights are connected correctly while using the proper power source for a few seconds. Power down the strip lights and press the “FADE7” button. The remote will flash a light for approximately one second, after which you can turn on your strip lights.

Proceed to press all the buttons to check for restored and correct functionality.

What to Do When Your LED Strip Lights Are Not Working?

If your lights are still not working after a reset, you should first check for any visibly loose connections. Your check should include making sure all connectors and wires are placed correctly. Tightening loose screws in your LED adapter while placing strips in connectors should help you restore power and functionality to your strip lights.

Generally, you may follow this procedure when your lights stop working:

  • You should check whether the indicator light on the remote is functioning. If not, replace the batteries with a new set of compatible batteries.
  • Disconnect the LED strip lights from the power source.
  • Disconnect the flight controller from both the power supply and actual strip lights.
  • Remove and then reinstall the battery in the flight controller.
  • Replug the strip lights and power supply to the flight controller.
  • Plug your LED strip lights into the power source.
  • Hold the “SPEED+” and “SPEED-” buttons simultaneously for approximately 3 seconds. Should you have done everything correctly, the indicator lights should blink once for confirmation. You can comfortably use LED your strip lights.
Assorted colored LED strip lights

How Can You Reprogram Your Strip Lights?

A flight controller is a device that controls your LED strip lights. It contains all the necessary programming needed to direct the LED strip light actions. You can program your strip lights by using software compatible with your flight controller.

It also offers the choice to either extend the strip lights’ functionality or adjust the settings of your strip lights.

Why Are My Strip Lights Not Changing Color?

Should your strip lights not change colors when you press the correct buttons on your remote control, you should check your power. You can try reconnecting your strip lights while checking for any loose connections or wiring. Additionally, you should check whether the power source you are using is the correct one; LED strip lights usually use a low voltage of around twelve to 24-Volt.

How to Operate Your Strip Lights Without a Remote

Technological advancements in the past years have trickled down to simple home devices. These advancements enable you to purchase LED strip lights that do not require a remote to operate. These strip lights are WiFi-enabled through the use of plug-receptacle devices.

You can also connect them to popular home devices such as Alexa and Google Home. You can then operate your strip lights through the use of simple commands.

How to Connect Music to Your Lights

Have you ever felt the need to match the way your strip lights light up with your music? Well, look no further, for most modern strip lights do not need Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity to synchronize to your music. You should ensure that your lights have a functional built-in microphone with music mode turned on.

With that, you should sit back, relax, and watch as your strip lights synchronize to whichever music you are playing.

A hand holding a blue LED strip light

Why You May Need LED Strip Lights?

Given that we have talked about how to manipulate and reset your strip lights, we might need to inform you of the reasons even to have a LED strip light in the first place. Below we will indulge you in why we think these lights might be for you.


Due to the variability of colors that LED strip lights offer, you can get to spruce up your surroundings from the traditionally dull bulbs. The programming provides one a chance to customize and choose a color that matches their mood at the time. This customization promotes a sense of freedom of choice and individuality, which can be pleasing to both your guests and yourself.


The US Department of Energy states that LED lights use up less than 75% of the energy used by traditional light bulbs. LED lights emit very little heat when giving off light which is of a higher quality. These lights also have a long lifespan between 40,000 to 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of years upon years of usage.

Therefore, you also save money since LED strip lights do not burn out like traditional lights.


Having LED strip lights necessitates one to have a basic understanding of how the lights function. This knowledge helps you when your strip lights misbehave, as is the case in resetting your LED strip lights. Though our methods may vary slightly from brand to brand, they should help you gain some familiarity with the process, making the process somewhat easier.