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Best Dimmable LED Recessed Lights [2021 Review]

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Are you finding it hard to get the best dimmable LED recessed lights for your ceiling? We understand it’s not easy especially if you have never done this before. If you don’t know where to start, this guide will help you find the right dimmable LED recessed lights for your specific needs.

The Top Dimmable LED Recessed Lights Available

Purchasing dimmable led recessed lights is not as easy as simply paying for a package. There are some considerations that you need to take. Failure to do so might give you a light fixture that will not give you a good value for money.

We went through some of the best dimmable led recessed lights in the market, and here are our top three picks.

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Best Overall Dimmable LED Recessed Lights: Hyperikon 4 Inch LED Recessed Lights

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Hyperikon is one of the brands to beat when it comes to high quality LED lighting fixtures. With these No products found., the company is raising the bar even higher for the competitors. These lights boast of cutting edge and state of the art technology.

The package comes with 16 units, and each one shines at 300K temperature and 72 lumens per watt giving a total lumens count of 650 and an 84+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating. This means that you get maximum brightness output with minimum power consumption.

The lighting solution is so versatile. You can install it in offices, warehouse kitchens, living rooms, or garages.

These lights have a smooth dealing capability adjustable between 20 to 100%. With this, you can set the ambiance and mood of any environment. Every package comes with simple installation guides that provide step by step illustrations. All you need is an E-26 screw to mount the fixture.

The product features and specifications meet all the statutory requirements. Among them are North American safety regulations, to UL standards for retrofit kits.

Finally, this product comes with a five-year unlimited warranty. With that, you have the confidence that even in the worst-case scenario, the company’s got you covered.

What We Like

  • Lengthy warranty
  • Fully complies with safety regulations
  • Comes with modern LED dimmers
  • Easy to mount
  • Total of 16 lights in the set

What We Don’t Like

  • Produces electric hum when operational

Best Dimmable LED Recessed Lights for Money: Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 5/6 Inch LED Recessed Downlight

Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 5/6 Inch LED Recessed...
  • Top Rated Adjustable 5/6 Inch Retrofit LED Downlight with Baffle Trim
  • ✅ DIMMABLE - Seamless dimming capabilities (100%-10%) to suit any mood or decor. Our baffle trim...
  • ✅ SIMPLE INSTALL - Follow our installation guide for a quick and easy setup. Suitable for damp...

Sunco provides some of the most energy-efficient lighting solutions in the market. The Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 5/6 Inch LED Recessed Downlight is another of their trademark products. This 13 watts lighting fixture can light up to 35000 hours under normal usage.

The carefully designed fixture is industry tested and meets regulations and safety standards. These lights are UL certified and energy star listed. Moreover, they’re free from any dangerous radiation like UV, lead, and mercury. We’re confident saying this is one of the safest household lighting solutions around.

These lights come with seamless modern dimming capabilities that you can adjust intensity between 10 to 100%. The fixture features the latest LED flicker-free technology. It also offers a total of 965 lumens and 5000K temperature.

The installation process is an easy one, as you only need to follow the guide’s step. You can install the lights in areas like the kitchen, closets, elevator, and garage.

Finally, when you buy these lights, you get an extended warranty covering you for up to 7 years.

What We Like

  • Extensive warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet and flicker-free
  • UL certified and energy star listed
  • Dimmable from 10% to 100%
  • Easy and quick to install

What We Don’t Like

  • Heats up easily, we recommend that you use it with proper ventilation

Best Cheap Dimmable LED Recessed Lights: TORCHSTAR 6 Inch LED Recessed Downlight

TORCHSTAR 6 Inch Recessed Ceiling Light Integrated...
  • Air Tight + IC rated construction, prevent heated airflow diffusion from affecting the air...
  • 10% - 100% smooth dimming, no flickers and humming. Compatible with most LED dimmers. Please check...
  • Innovative all-in-one design with attached J-box, no recessed housing required. Easy to install for...

If you want innovatively designed dimmable LED recessed lights, look no further than Torchstar 4 pack LED downlight. It provides a perfect blend of the modern recessed and traditional downlights. It is also an ideal light for installation in shallow, sloped, and spacy ceilings.

These lights feature an airtight, IC-rated body that keeps them from overheating. This trait makes it safe to use next to insulations and combustible materials.

These lights also feature modern dimming technology allowing you to choose between 10% to 100%. Torchstar’s downlight is compatible with several LED dimmers. We, however, recommend that you check your dimmer modes.

The light is smooth and comfortable to the eyes as it lights without hummings and flickering. It is UL-listed and comes with trim to provide even and perfect balance lighting for any space.

The installation process is easy and quick. This recessed light needs no warm-up time and reduces power consumption by up to 90%. You get a five years warranty when you buy the product. The estimated lifespan of the fixture is around 36.5 years of services when lit for 3 hours daily.

What We Like

  • Slim and sleep design for limited spaces
  • Easy to install
  • 10% to 100% smooth dimming
  • Complies with safety standards
  • Ic-rated and airtight construction
  • No humming and flickering

What We Don’t Like

  • Heats at the base

Factors to Consider When Buying Dimmable LED Recessed Lights

Below are some of the essential factors that you need to consider before you make that final purchase decision.

Living area with dimmable LED recessed lights

Power and Lumens

Before you settle on any LED dimmable light, you must consider these two aspects. Together they determine the functionality of your lighting fixtures. Lumen measures the brightness of your light bulb. Power, on the other hand, shows in the number of wattages.

A perfect dimmable led recessed light should have higher lumens consuming less power. In other words, it should use less energy but produce brighter light.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of your lighting fixture will depend on its placement. It is vital in determining the light effect on the look, feel, and ambiance in the space. We recommend that you pick any color between soft white, warm white, and bright white. These colors are closer to daylight.

The best color temperature for your bedroom or living room lies between 2700K to 3200K. With that range, you get a white worm environment.

However, when you want to set up the light in cooler places like bathrooms and kitchen, pick above 4000 K.


The cost aspect comes in two instances, long term, and short term. When considering the short term cost, you can go to the going market price range. It will help you determine what dimmable led recessed light fits within your budget.

However, choosing short-term costs over long-term aspects could be costly. Always consider the electricity consumption and the fixture’s service life. Some LEDs are more energy-efficient, thereby consuming less power than others.


Every dimmable LED recessed light has a range that you can adjust the intensity. For example, some will allow you to change between 10% to 100%, while others will only allow you between 30% to 100%. The wavelength you select will determine the mood you can set in your environment.

Beam Angle

The angle of the beam tells how narrow or wide it is. When you prefer even light, the ideal choice would be a wide beam. However, when you want to use your light to highlight specific areas, then it is best to use the narrow beam.

For corners and specific objects in your room, get one that lights with a beam between 20 to40 degrees. If you want a lighting fixture for general purposes, then any angle between 100 and 120 is Ok.

Trim of the Downlight

When talking of trim, we consider the fishing aspect of the lighting fixture. It does not affect your light’s performance. However, the decoration is essential when you want to set the color theme in your room.

Ensure that your lighting fixtures match your walls, ceiling, and furniture.

Dimmable LED recessed lights can match several decoration styles. You can choose from several styles such as chrome, polished frame, white, brass, and aluminum. The most popular trim in the market is white because it matches the most ceiling and goes with many wall colors.

Ceiling light


Warranty is essential as it assures you that the manufacturers trust their products. The general rule of thumb is that the more extended the warranty period, the more the product is durable. It also shows that the manufacturer does not anticipate it breaking down any sooner. The reverse is true with short warranty periods.

Before buying a dimmable LED recessed light, check on this aspect. More so, when purchasing a non-recognized brand. The best warranty period is between five to seven years.

Humming and Flickering

The two give finer details that you need to consider before buying a lighting fixture. Dimmable LED recessed light that flickers when lit can cause you a lot of discomforts. They even cause eye irritations. The humming from an LED light is not pleasant either.

You can know about this from customer complaints and customer reviews about specific lights.

Installation Instructions

A good Dimmable LED recessed light should come with instructions that are easy to understand. With that, you install them yourself instead of hiring an electrician. That way, you can save some money every time your light needs replacement.

The procedure should be as simple as possible so anyone can follow it. It should only include a few plugins and nut tightening, instead of complex electrical procedures.

Bottom Line

Picking the right recessed light plays a considerable role in determining your home’s comfort and look. You can only make the right decision if you know what to look for in these types of recessed lights. You have to take your time and understand the tiny details, as discussed above.