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Are you shopping for a replacement LED bulb for your chandelier? if your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Because in this article, I will walk you through choosing the best light bulb for chandelier.

You will also read about the benefits of using the right bulb on your chandelier as well as essential tips to help you make the best buy decision.

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Let’s get started.

The importance of lighting in any setting means that it should be given due consideration irrespective of where such light could be used around the home.

When choosing a decorative lighting bulb for a chandelier, there are some factors to consider, these include the type of mood you want to set, not only for yourself but also for some other people that are around you.

Many people without any doubt want to set a warm and friendly mood around the home so that anyone around can feel at ease and also find comfort in the atmosphere you have created.

One of the advisable ways I suggest to set the right mood is to make use of contemporary chandelier or similar mood lighting fixtures.

If you have chosen a particular kind of lighting, or you have various types of fixtures throughout your home, then you need to make reasonable consideration about the bulb you are going to use in them.

For a very long time, LED has been the leading choice, as it’s widely known for its longevity, range of colors, brightness, energy efficiency and so on.

With all these credits, LED will likely give you a quick return on any penny you decide to put into buying one.

However, given the fact that there are different types of light bulbs out there to choose from, so also there are a lot of bulbs to select from.

Since the point we are discussing is about chandeliers’ variety of lighting, it is of utmost importance that we come up with this guide on choosing the best-LED chandelier bulbs.

Best Decorative Light Bulb for Chandelier Review

1. HUDSON Lighting Candelabra LED Bulb

HUDSON Lighting Candelabra LED Bulb

Hudson lighting is an energy energy-efficient decorative bulb option as it produces 400-lumens of light. It is one Chandelier LED bulb which only takes 4 watts and features a 360-degree beam angle.

It is the perfect, cost-efficient and long-lasting replacement for traditional incandescent light bulbs.

The LED candelabra bulb features a 2700K color temperature which emits a semi-warm and neutral light which is suitable for a variety of home settings.

Hudson light bulbs are best used in small fixtures, chandeliers, lanterns and porch lights. It is well designed in a sophisticated way such that it is durable, waterproof and also used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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2. Gordon & Bond Edison LED Bulb

If you are tired of constantly changing your light bulbs, you will want to get a durable and sophisticated bulb that fits all solutions ranging from indoor and outdoor lighting.

The bulb offers great lighting flexibility with an adjustable level of brightness. It has the optimal versatility as the 4w LED Candelabra bulbs are weatherproof and durable for all your indoor and outdoor lighting, its teardrop shape provides elegance and class.

Also, it has a lifespan of 20,000 hours making it durable and cost-efficient. The bulbs produced are UL tested so you can trust the quality.

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3. Phillips BA11 LED Dimmable Light Bulb

Phillips BA11 LED Dimmable Light Bulb

If you are considering replacing your old chandelier incandescent bulb? or You are just looking out for a decorative LED bulb to brighten up your living room, then this bulbs essentially ticks those boxes.

Phillips LED Dimmable BA11 Light Bulbs gives considerable warmth and comfortable lighting with a good color rendering index. It has a glowing dim effect that gives a new experience for dimmable LEDs.

It has an efficiency when it comes to energy consumption This is because the Dimmable BA11 Light Bulbs uses 80% less energy than 40 Watt Incandescent bulbs while it still retains the look and feels of a classic light bulb.

Phillips LED light bulbs are Energy Star Certified and Mercury-free. It as well lasts long, as it as the durability of that serves 13x longer than the incandescent and halogen bulbs.

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4. COOWOO LED Vintage Light Bulbs

COOWOO is also widely known as the SES ( Small Edison Screw). It is the most used for smaller decorative fitting, candelabras, candle lights, chandeliers, and appliance bulbs common in Canada and the United States.

This is one dimmable LED bulb that is compatible with most Triac dimmers. The ideal dimming ranges from 10% – 100%, which will meet your exact need without much trouble.

Also, It has has a very high energy efficiency ability as it provides a long service life and is expected to live up to 25,000 hours which is approximately 3 years of continuous operation.

It efficiently makes use of the newest LED chip technology for better lighting performance.

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5. Philips LED Dimmable B11 Clear Candle Light Bulb

It’s simply a decorative candle LED light bulbs made to be seen with a warm glowing filament that shines 300 lumens of soft white dimmable light which is equivalent to 40-Watt incandescent which consumes very little energy.

Its dimming is flicker-free, silent, tested and trusted, it works well with more dimmer switches than most led in the market, it can last for 25,000 hours which includes a year warranty which saves the unnecessary cost of constant bulb replacement.

The Phillip LED light bulbs to fit in E12 candelabra bases, but it’s not compatible with Philips HUE products.

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6. Aooshine 6W E12 LED Bulb

Aooshine 6W E12 LED Bulb

Aooshine is a company that places its focus on creating the best light through constant pursuance of high quality and endless innovation.

The bulb saves energy as much as possible, saving 90% on your electricity bill.

It emits 600 lumens of brightness and has a high lighting efficiency and generates heat at a minimal level. The installation is straightforward and easy, just put it directly on E12 base light fixtures and it will work perfectly well.

The bulb has reasonable durability as well as a long lifespan of 30,000 hours of working time. The light bulbs come with a 2 years warranty.

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7. Hyperikon LED Edison Blunt Tip Filament B11 Candle

Hyperikon LED Edison Blunt Tip Filament B11 Candle

This bulb is designed to ignite that classic vintage look of the older chandelier-style fixture. it adds life to your living space at a considerable lower wattage than some other regular bulbs.

Where they are commonly applied include the chandeliers, lounges, dining rooms, open-fixture rooms, sconces, and dining rooms.

It has a vintage design that brings a creative and fresh ambiance to any setting, it is fully dimmable for preferential lightning. It also has a durable glass design with a metal base which gives it an authentic look and feel.

Finally backed by Hyperikon’s Five Year Warranty Unlimited Warranty, you can’t go wrong choosing this decorative light bulb to add life to your living space

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8. Hansang Candelabra LED Bulbs

Hansang light bulb is a bright traditional compact fluorescent light bulbs. It consumes only 10% of the energy indicating that it an energy saver that can reduce the cost you incur on electricity.

Each of the candelabra bulbs is created in such a way that each produces 600 lumens of light, which brings about a great improvement in the ambiance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in your home.

It has a standard shape that is suitable for the E12 screw candelabra base. It has a high ability to restore color with its color rending index which helps it brings out the true color of the objects around you.

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9. Asencio AN-03675 60 Watt Equivalent B11

Asencio AN-03675 60 Watt Equivalent B11

This 6-pack of 60-Watt equivalent Bulk Pack B11 Blunt Tip Candelabra is one of the best replacement for the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Having all the benefits of LED technology, the bulb has an amazing brightness, and it saves up energy reasonably, as the only cost you will have to incur using it for a year will be around $0.54.

It is durable and according to the manufactures has a lifespan of about 13.7 years.

The energy it uses is 4.5 Watt which produces light that is equivalent to the 40W standard incandescent light bulb, the light appearance is modest with its soft white light and a color temperature of 2700k.

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10.CMYK Vintage Edison LED Bulb

CMYK Vintage Edison LED Bulb

It’s a fact that every product has a story. CMYK focus on offering the best light experience to its wide range of customers, it adopts the manufacture of the best-LED light product and offers excellent designs as well.

Also, the light makes use of the LED filament Bulb which is a great innovation that combines the new LED and vintage incandescent bulb technologies.

The efficiency of the bulb saves energy which in turn reduces the amount of money you pay on recurring electricity bills. Its power consumption is way below the ordinary bulbs.

The dimmable design means you can adjust the brightness to create a perfect ambiance as you want.

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Best Light Bulbs for Dining Room Chandelier

Typically, Chandeliers are a type of fixture that creates a stylish and elegant dining room atmosphere. That is why it is important to choose a chandelier bulb for your dining room that will further enhance the mood you are trying to create.

The right chandelier bulb on your fixture will provide the required amount of light while also complementing your dining room decor.

When it comes to making a choice for a bulb, I have observed a strong preference for the Phillips BA11 LED Dimmable Light Bulb.

This can be attributed to the bulbs being 12 in a pack. as this is usually enough to replace as many of your dining room chandelier bulbs as needed.

Benefits of Using the Right Bulb for your Chandelier

Using the right light bulb for your chandelier is one necessity of every home. This is because its the light bulbs that light up your home, they help you define the beauty of your home and illuminate some of the dark corners that natural light cannot reach.

Not just that, the luminance from light bulbs helps work at night and in dark situations.

Always insist on using the right bulb for every need.

This is important because will not only give you the needed satisfaction, but it can also help you sight dangers and keep the darkness away.

The severity of domestic accidents and injuries can be reduced and emergencies can be well attended to if your surrounding is lit the correct type of light

Buying Tips and Consideration

If you desire the best decorative light bulbs for your chandeliers, there here is a checklist to work with.

Mind the brightness

For you to get the right bulb with the desired brightness level, then you have to do your search based on the lumen rating of the bulb you are considering.

Most of the bulbs we have considered have a range of lumens rating that is between 300-1,000 lumens. For home needs, the light within this range of brightness will serve whatever need you may want to put them to.

It is now left for you to browse through the available product and choose something that will work for you.

Consider the type of bulb

Just as decoration ideas vary that is how decoration bulbs vary too. Some of the common decorative bulbs available in the market are the flickering light bulb, flame light bulb, and the candlelight bulbs.

The bulbs can come in either CFL form or LED. Some good CFL bulbs can still serve some decorative purposes, except that they tend to be more expensive and do not last as long as the LED type.

Years back before LEDs became very popular, CFLs were seen as the type of light that will replace the incandescent. This is because they are more energy-efficient and typically will save you more money in the long run.

Intended place of use; indoor/outdoor

As you probably know already, not all bulbs are suitable for outdoor use whether decorative or regular bulbs.

A decorative light can give all-around your home a stunningly beautiful appearance. You may require a bulb for a Christmas tree, wedding venue, a party a stage or even for use in a commercial building.

All these possible areas of application and having the best decorative light bulbs on your fixture should be one of your top selection criteria when considering a decorative light for an occasion.


In an instance where you need to always set up your decorative light for an outdoor event like at venues that changes on regular bases, it becomes important that you use light bulbs that are shock resistant, won’t break or crack(like plastic bulbs) and that is overall very durable.

This is because assembly and disassembly of lighting decor in different indoor or outdoor events, for example, will put a lot of stress on your bulbs and make them break.

Also, this can lead to frequent failure or even sudden burnout of light bulbs. In a case like this, portable battery-powered decorative lights might be the best way to go.

On the other hand, if you are buying for a personal home decoration project, then you have fewer things to worry about. You simply need to have your fixture properly set put in the right place and they will serve you for a long time

Light colors

Some decorative lights can be immensely bright and may also have the option to switch between colors. This is helpful if you want a bulb to help you light up your event.

Some events like party venues and clubs do not usually have a steady light color or pattern this is where you should ensure that your chosen bulb has a light output that will suit your event.

Do you want some chandelier lighting tips? Listen to Lamps Plus brand ambassadors

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