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How Many Black Lights Do I Need for a Party?

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Blacklight is an ultraviolet light that is invisible to the eye. Now, black lights can be used in a lot of places and for a lot of things. Parties are one of them. Glow in the dark party is all about black lights and it is like any other ordinary party but the only thing that makes it different is the lighting. 

In glow in the dark parties, the only source of light is usually the black light which is a light source or lamp coated with filter and which emits ultraviolet and dim light. The room or party space is usually dark so that when the black light is switched on, the ultraviolent light reflects off anything white or fluorescent. This gives off a fantastic and colorful ambiance. 

Hosting a glow in the dark party with black lights is not a popular trend. It is only adopted by people who want to be different and unusual. However, if you want black lights to be more effective, you should use the number suitable for your party space. 

But before then, the first question I will ask you is – how big is the space you are using for the glow in the dark party?

If the room you are using for the blacklight party is a lounge room, single or double lock-up garage, one black light kit is enough. You equally use it for most outdoor patio areas and bedrooms. As for large rooms that measure about 22ft x 22ft (7m x 7m) up to 50ft x 50ft (15m x 15m), you should consider buying two glow kits.

This is to ensure that the vibrant colors are in every corner of the room. Finally, if you are hosting the party in a basketball or tennis court-sized room like a dance studio, a church hall or school gymnasium, then you should use four kits. You have to understand that the larger the party area, the more lights you will use so that the black light rays can touch all parts of the room.  

Different Styles of Black Lights For Parties

Now let’s go ahead and discuss the different styles of black lights for parties.

There are a lot of styles when it comes to black light and it can be difficult to understand what the difference is. It is important to note that each black light serves a somewhat different purpose. The different styles of black lights will be explained below.

Blacklight party

1. Blacklight Incandescent Bulbs

Blacklight incandescent bulbs were one of the original types of black lights. As the years went by, the technologies of the early ones became outdated and were replaced by much better and efficient versions. However, when it comes to glowing in the dark parties, black light bulbs are probably the worst choice. This is because they are too dim and you will need a lot of bulbs to light up a decent-sized party space. 

2. Blacklight Fluorescent Tubes

The black light fluorescent tubes were the next in line after the incandescent bulbs. This was during the 80s and 90s. These fluorescent bulbs worked better than the incandescent bulbs; though they are still old fashioned and there are black lights in the market that are way better than they are. Just like the incandescent bulbs, you will need a lot of fluorescent tubes to light up your party space. However, this style of blacklight comes with one major disadvantage which is that they are not easy to install and are too fragile as they can break if anyone bumps into them.

3. Blacklight Canons or Floodlights

As for blacklight canons and floodlights, they come in different ranges and strengths. They are the perfect choice if you are looking for a black light that can cast an intense ray of light onto an area. Aside from that, they are also used occasionally at concerts to light up sections of the crowd. However, you should note that the large ones can be very powerful black lights and is best used for stage effects rather than parties. One major warning I would give you is this – these black lights can damage your eyes when you look directly at them. So, it is important not to cast the light in a wide enough arc to light up all corners of a room. 

4. Blacklight LED Bars

This style of black light is similar to blacklight canons and floodlights. When used in a party space, it usually casts an intense light in one direction across the room rather than spreading the light far and wide. It is not advisable to put the light around your walls such that they will be pointing at your guests. This is because; the lights are blinding to look at. Another disadvantage this style of blacklight has is that they are so bulky and difficult to install as it requires fixing clips to be bolted to the walls. 

As for places where they are mostly used – they are used for lighting up displays and artworks rather than lighting a party space.

Best Blacklights for Parties

From my research, below are the preferable black lights you should use in your party

1. Onforu Black Light Strip Kit

Onforu 32.8ft LED Black Light Strip Kit, 600...
  • POWERFUL BLACK LIGHTS: This 32.8ft blacklight strip with premium quality and 600 units...
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Onforu black light strip kit contains powerful black lights that can illuminate blacklight reactive objects and can also be used in glow in the dark parties. The lights which are 600 units ultraviolet LEDs are also used for special effects, artwork, painting, and Halloween decoration. One cool feature of these black lights is that they are safe to use since the working voltage is 12V. Since the heat is extremely low, you can easily touch the black lights. Another nice feature of the black light is that it has high power efficiency as it has 50,000 hours of long life. 

You can easily install these black lights. All you need to do is to plug and play without wiring. Also note that for safety, strong adhesive tape is used to hold the strip light. 

2. Onforu 2 Pack 60W YV LED Black Lights

Onforu 2 Pack 50W LED Black Lights, Blacklight...
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  • 【Durable Metal Design & Efficient Cooling】The special fin-type heat sink design on the back of...
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These black lights are the perfect choice for illuminating most reactive objects, paints, and dyes especially neon-colored objects. They are also super cool for UV body paint and other visible fluorescent materials. Each of the 60W UV blacklights has a 120-degree wide beam angle and can cover a spacious living room, yard or other outdoor party spots. Invariably, this means that this is the ideal black light you can use if the space you are using for your party is large or outdoors. You can also use it indoors. They are perfect for Christmas parties, clubs, band, theatrical performances, and the likes. The black lights are powerful and they have 50,000 hours of long life. 

One feature I love about these black lights is that they are durable and easy to install. In addition to that, they are energy efficient, emits low heat and power consumption is low. When it comes to installation, the black lights can be used anywhere as long as there is a power outlet. There is no need for wiring and they work with AC input from 100V-240V.

However, it is important to note that since this is a UV lamp, the human eye can only see a small part of the light and it will appear a little dim when lit. They are mainly used for fluorescence reactions and other purposes. 

3. Glowave Black Light Glow Party Kit

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Though you can use these black lights discussed above, however, you should get a Glowave black light glow party kit.

Curious to know about this black light glow party kit, let me give you a brief rundown of what it is all about.

Glowave black light glow party kit was particularly designed to be the only package you will need to light up an epic glow party. In addition to that, it is designed by people who party for those who party. The kit comes with four long lengths of LED black lights. In that case, it allows you to put one on each wall of the room in your house to surround the party in UV light. Every inch of the room will be left glowing and there will be no dark spots or shadows.

When purchasing the Glowave Black Light Glow Party kit, have it in mind that it is powerful enough to easily light up a double garage-sized room. However, if your party space is larger, then you might need to buy more black lights.

The Contents of Glowave Black Light Glow Party Kit

The kit does not just contain only the four long lengths of LED lights; it also contains the following;

i. 2 x 12volt 5amp power supplies which can be simply plugged to the socket.

ii. Adhesive backing which should be fixed to the walls.

iii. Fixing clips and the hook included for more permanent fixing options.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing Glowave Black Light Glow Party Kit:

  • It is easy to set up. All you need to do is make use of extra-long cables of each of the black lights to add one of the lights to the wall in every corner of the room. This will make each wall glow from every angle. 
  • The black lights are real ultraviolent and safe with 395mm. 
  • It can be used for a lot of occasions like the glow in the dark parties, school dances, clubs, amusement parks, discos, 70s parties, blacklight dodgeball, birthdays, weddings, and many others. 
  • They are good for a large party space. With one Glowave black light kit will light up a large room, bedroom, party space or double garage. You will need 2 glow party kits will light up a large party space or a couple of rooms and these black light kits will light up an entire indoor basketball court, big gym, yoga studio, nightclub rave parties, church or school dance halls.
  • Do not forget to make your neon party clothing, neon decorations, fluro paints, and pens look incredible!
  • It is the biggest black light LED chips on the market.
  • They don’t use poor quality LED chips that are not bright enough for parties.
  • Developed by people who party, for people, that party.

Now, the question I will answer next is this – how many blacklights do I need to light up a gym, full-sized basketball or tennis court and school hall, assuming I purchase Glowave black light glow party kit?

Well, from the research I carried out, I discovered that using four Glowwave kits on a basketball court will properly lit the court and ensure that there are no dark spots on the court. When you position the light which is 6.5ft long along the wall with a spacing of about 10ft between each light, every corner of the court will receive an excellent amount of the UV light. However, it is possible to use three Glowave kits and you will get the same result. The only difference is that the areas in the center of the court will not be so bright and this is because the quantity of light is reduced at this instance. 

Another question I will answer is this – how many blacklights do I need assuming the party space is my bedroom?

Generally, the bedrooms are fairly small rooms. So, you will only need 1 or 2 LED strip light to light up the party space. What this means is that one Glowave Black Light kit can be used to light up two bedrooms and the nighttime displays will be stunning. 


The number of black lights you will need for a party depends on where you are hosting the party whether you are doing it indoors or outdoors like the Gym, basketball or tennis court, or school hall. Again, it also depends on how large the party space is. The smaller the space, the less number of black lights you will use. But if the space is large, you will need more black lights.