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How to Stop LED Lights From Glowing When They Are Off

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After fluorescent bulbs, LED lights were one of the greatest inventions; sometimes, you might experience that the LED bulb still glows even after being switched off. Do not worry. There is nothing paranormal in this, but you may still wonder how to stop LED lights glowing when they are off. 

How to Stop LED Lights Glowing When They Are Off

LED lights might be one of the greatest innovations, but they demand a lot of care. The composition of technology used for creating LED lights is sensitive.

Thus it is pretty standard if it needs updating after a certain period. The bulb and the wiring of an LED light are something you might always want to keep an eye on.

Why Do LED Bulbs Glow Even After Switching Them Off?

There are various bulbs in the market, but this challenge is not faced with any of the other bulbs in the market. Thus the question arises why do LED bulbs glow even after switching them off?

An LED light bulb glowing in a dark place
  • If by chance, the electric system is not earthed correctly, there is some residual current created that might result in the glowing of the bulb.
  • It might also happen that some resistance is happening in the electric system that is creating some extra current resulting in the LED glowing.

Thus, even after the system is switched off, some current left in the LED results in glowing.

Materials Required

Here is the list of the materials required to fix this problem by yourself.

  • A Screwdriver
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)
  • A few Extra Light bulbs
  • Zener Diodes
  • Neon Indicator Lamps

Method 1: Replacing the Bulb

There are many solutions to this problem, but the easiest method is replacing the bulb. It is also one of the best ways to solve this problem. But, it may not be the case for integrated LED light bulb.

  • Sometimes the problem lies with the LED bulbs. Thus nothing can be done other than changing the bulbs.
  • The bulbs might still be, and the problem is not solved right away, thus research about some trusted brands before buying the bulbs.

Method 2: Earthing the Neutral Wire

Sometimes the problem is not with the bulbs but the wiring. In this case, try earthing the neutral wire or move forward with using Zener diodes.

  • One of the reasons behind the glowing LED lights is that the wire is not grounded well or earthed. 
  • This problem can be taken care of by using Zener diodes.
  • The Zener diodes will regulate the circuit’s voltage and block any extra charge flowing when the bulb is turned off.
  • These diodes are easily available at online shops and even in offline stores. They are also quite pocket-friendly and easy to use.

Here is the link to the video that teaches you to install the Zener diodes and how they stop the LED lights from glowing.

Method 3: Installing a Bypass Capacitor

In the case of LED lights installed in the ceiling, go for installing a bypass capacitor.

A removed LED bulb while glowing orange light
  • There is a two-way connection in most of the LED lights that are used on the ceiling, and there is a possibility that some of the conductors are at a distance from the switch.
  • In this case, the conductors that carry the voltage may induce the current into other conductors that fall in the way.
  • This extra voltage will be eliminated by installing the bypass capacitor into the ceiling lights and not being carried through the conductors.

This method is highly effective, but it can be a bit complex for a newbie. Therefore, it is advised to call an electrician if you want to move forward and avoid explosions with this method.

Method 4: Installing a Neon Detector

If the bypass capacitor does not work, it means there is some residual current in the LED. It is time to move forward with installing a neon detector.

  • It is pretty easy to install, even for a newbie.
  • The only thing you need to do is install the detector somewhere near the end of the fitting where the neutral wire is present.
  • The current will be used to glow up the neon detector instead of the LED lights. 

No need to worry; the glowing neon detector can be coped up with, as it is not that hard on the eyes.

Method 5: Using the LED Dimmers

Whenever you plan to buy new LED bulbs, make sure you also buy new LED dimmers. The last and most effective method is using the LED dimmers to stop the lights from glowing.

  • The old dimmers can work fine for the halogen lamps but not in the case of LED ones.
  • Dimmers need some current to function, and the conductors in the LED lights do not let them have that current. This is the reason that the LED starts glowing.
  • To avoid any extra hassle, it is advised to replace the dimmers, as there will be no extra current left for the LED lights to glow.
A bright LED bulb glowing in orange light

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Full Form Of LED?

The full form of LED is Light Emitting diodes, and they are one of the tremendous innovations of today’s times, used in several gadgets daily.

Why Is LED Considered the Future Of Lighting?

The reason why LED is considered the future of lighting is because it is highly pocket-friendly and plays a vital role in saving energy. In addition, LED lights do not demand much maintenance, can be operated with batteries, and last longer than fluorescent bulbs.


LED lights are one of the greatest innovations of all time; they are pocket-friendly and provide us with the desired results. There are surely some challenges, like the glowing of the LED lights, but it is pretty easy to take care of that problem.

It is clear from the article that either there is something wrong with the bulb or the wiring; in either of the cases curing the problem is not that big of a challenge.