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When darkness falls on your camping ground, you’ll want the lights you have on to illuminate the space in and around your camp tent. There are string lights of various kinds that can help fulfill this need.

However, you may want your lights to do more than just make the camping ground light up. If you’re looking for the best camping string light that gives a warm and cozy feel to your camping space, Then you should consider installing one of the premium string lights below.

Best Camping String Light Comparison

In recent times, solar-powered string lights have become very popular and widely used. Some of these string lights either solar energy to or use AA battery. You can also choose between LED string lights and fluorescent ones.

Going on, I will walk you through the best camping string lights available. We’ll provide as much information as we can about them so that you’re able to choose one that suits your specific needs.

I will also let you know what to look out for when you’re shopping for these lights.

Best Camping String Lights Review

1. Brightown 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights

Brighttown string light

The Brightown string light consists of 25 G40 bulbs, strung together by a cord that’s 25 ft long (with 24 ft of this length lit). You can fix the 12 inches between each other, while the ‘tails’ are 6 inches long.

Each end has a different kind of connector; one is capped off by a plug designed so you can easily insert into a power source, and the other is a connector with recessed holes into which plugs can fit. As these fixtures suggest, this string light works when it’s connected to a power source.

The bulb is powered by 5W of power and has a warm white glow when they’re functioning. Brightown string light all have clips at their bases with which you can attach them to other lines and thin surfaces.

This string light is waterproof and functions quite well outdoors under normal weather conditions.

The bulbs are incandescent; they last about 1,000 hours, which isn’t as much as you would get from a LED.

However, they are replaceable, so you can always plug in a new one to the line when an old one dies. Because the light is connected in a parallel manner, they don’t get affected if one bulb burns or gets broken.

There’s a one-year warranty for this product from its manufacturers which you can take advantage of if the lighting develops a fault.

2. Dust2Oasis Camping Lights

Dust Oasis camping light

This is a ‘rope light,’ 72 inches long, with LED chips positioned at regular intervals within it. The Dust2Oasis string light has two outstanding advantages: it’s easy to hang around your tent, and you can switch between different glow colors.

You don’t have to deal with fragile bulbs dangling from their cords. It’s foldable and very light; you can easily fit it into your small bag.

It works when it’s connected to a USB power port, goes off when it’s disconnected. When it comes on, it gives off a shine that’s 360 lumens strong.

While it doesn’t have an on/off switch, it does have a color-adjustable button on it that allows you to change its color as you wish.

Interestingly, You can use this strip light as an emergency lighting. If you ever get lost in the wilderness at night, you can create a glowing formation with it that tells people far off that someone needs help.

There are three universal ties and three magnetic sliders with which you can fix the string to your tent. And if you’ve taken a picnic table on your camping, you can place the string light on it as well. But because of its flexibility, you can hang, hooked, or wrap the string light around poles or trees, or even placed in a circle around your tent.

As for its durability, the Dust2Oasis has an IP 67 water resistance, which means it can be dropped some feet deep into water without any damage.

3. Brightech Ambience Pro Camping Lights

Brightech camping light

Brightech’s camping string lights have shatterproof bulbs that can withstand dropping and clashing (the bulbs are made of plastic). The LED bulbs hang from a 24 ft string, long enough to more than encompass a single tent. It’s the sort of light you want to illuminate the spaces between tents if you’re camping with a lot of other people.

You can power the light by plugging it in a power pack via its USB head, which is 6.5 feet from the first bulb. The bulbs consume about 15 W of power.

You may want to take an extra power bank with you on your camping trips because these lights are known to drain banks fairly quickly.  But the brightness they give out makes them worth having; a few reviewers have made this point.

Strong bases hold the bulbs, so there shouldn’t be any problem with how firmly they are attached to the line. Each bulb is situated 20 inches apart from the next one. You can hang the bulbs with guide wires, or just install them with plastic hooks.

One advantage of this bulb is that it doesn’t heat up a lot. Another is that the bulbs last longer than your average fluorescent string light. Both these characteristics derive from this product being LED-powered. They can withstand rainy and windy conditions, and show a high degree of heat resistance.

4. Guddl Globe String Lights

guddle globe string light

The Guddl Globe lights are 25 incandescent bulbs hung up on a cord that’s 25 ft long. There are specifications with longer cords and more bulbs from the same brand, as well as a solar-powered version of this particular product. Each bulb is positioned 12 inches apart from the other.

When it’s plugged into a power source, it shines with a warm white glow, which brings a cozy ambiance to the space that it lights up.

If you’re installing this one, take care to fix up the cords first, before inserting the bulbs. You can attach it to your preferred surface with 3M clips, or with hooks.

These string lights are waterproof and can withstand a range of weather conditions, including rain and heat. Because its cords are thick and flexible, they won’t suffer any severe damage under mild strain.

And if you remove any of the bulbs, the others will continue to function. Just be sure that your replacement for these bulbs is an E12 candelabra bulb.

If you were using the bulbs for three hours every day, they could last you a year and a half. However, there’s nothing wrong with having it on all night (unless you’re extra-cautious about getting all the months from it that you can).

The manufacturer of this product offers a 3-month warranty for its bulbs and a 12-month warranty for the light strands.

5. Coleman LED String Lights

Coleman led string light

The Coleman LED string lights consist of ten miniature lanterns connected by a cord that’s about 6 ft long. The string is connected to a battery pack, which holds the three AAA batteries with which you can use to power it. You can switch the lamps on or off by pressing a button on the battery case.

The LED lamps give a very bright white glow and can function for 20 hours with batteries installed. You probably won’t have to replace the batteries a lot, as the bulbs don’t consume much energy.

You can hang these up inside your camping tent, or place them out on your table; they could do a better job at illuminating your dinners than your regular lamps. Use zip ties or clips to hang them in your tent.

If you love your lights shining bright as the day, you should try this one out. But it might not be your kind of product if you can’t take anything brighter than warm white or yellow lights.

6. Festive String Lights

festive string light

Festive’s string lights are a great buy as long as you’re using them for decorative purposes, and you’re looking for something that works without power outlets.

About 100 tiny lights are branching out from a cord that’s about 32 ft long. A more extended version has twice the number of lights and is also twice as long. It’s connected to a controller with which you can control a range of lighting functions, including blinking and flashing.

A built-in timer allows you to set it so that it’s automatically switched on and off for fixed durations.

The lights are a crisp white; bear in mind that they are better used for decorative purposes, and are not necessarily the best for lone illuminators of any space.

The controller compartment also receives the three AA batteries that power the lights.

Note that you’ll have to purchase the batteries, as this package doesn’t include any. You can still power the lights without the batteries if you plug the string into a power pack with its USB connection.

You should enjoy these lights if you have good batteries installed. Thankfully, this product isn’t known to consume a lot of power, so your batteries should last a while.

7. MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights-Solar Powered String Light

mpowerd string light

Here’s a camping string light that’s powered by solar energy.

This is an 18 ft cord bearing 10 LED beads strung in dual directions, powered by a lithium-ion battery. When sufficiently charged by sunlight, the light gives a cool white glow that should cover the interior of your tent. The brightness level is about 100 lm, which is a significant yield for the little power that it consumes.

You will have to keep this for up to 16 hours in sunlight to charge it fully. Or you could charge it with regular electricity for 6-8 hours. When it’s charged, it could maintain its glow for up 20 hours.

There’s a battery level indicator that shows the level of power that it has left, so you know whether or not to charge it. It works well in different weather conditions. It is also waterproof, so it’s not affected by rain.

Besides powering the strings, the batteries can also charge other USB devices.

9. ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters Twilights LED Light String

Eagle nest outfitters twilight led string light

The ENO Twilights string lights are set of 23 LED lights branching out of a 120 ft long string. They come with a battery compartment that conceals the three AA batteries which power them (you have to buy the batteries separately).

With the three batteries in place, you can expect the lights to function continuously for up to 72 hours. You’ll probably only need them for one night at a time, so you can expect your batteries to last a while.

You can switch between four lighting modes: dim, bright, slow blink, and fast blink, then set up a switch on the battery case. However, the difference in brightness levels between the ‘bright’ and ‘dim’ settings isn’t much. The battery case itself is made of plastic, and it’s relatively strong. It’s also waterproof, just like the lighting.

This product package includes a padded case into which you can stuff the strings. The cod is flexible and lightweight, so you shouldn’t have any challenges with keeping it in the case. There’s a bit of concern about the wire being thin, but it usually survives without any serious hiccups.

9. Lampat 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights

lampat 25ft globe string light

This incandescent string light from Lampat is commonly used for illuminating weddings and other kinds of parties, but it’ll probably be great if you also have them lighting up your campsite.

It’s about 25 ft long and carries 25 G40 bulbs. The bulbs fit into an E12 (candelabra) base. The cord is end-to-end connectable, which means it has plugs at either end that you can fit into each other. You can connect two or three of these strings into a long line of lighting.

Taken together, the bulbs on a single string consume about 125W of power. They emit a bright warm white glow that brings a cozy feeling to the spaces they lit up.

The bulbs are spaced 12 inches apart, so there’s no risk of them crashing into each other. Single broken or removed bulbs won’t affect the functioning of the others on the string.

There’s a one-year warranty on this product.

10. Power Practical Luminoodle

power practical luminoodle

The ‘Luminoodle’ is a 5 ft rubber strip that holds a number of LED chips within it.

When it’s functioning, it glows with a bright white light. The brightness is about 180 lm strong. Its brightness may be a bit too dazzling for a smaller tent, especially if you can’t get it far enough overhead. But you can have it on while it’s in its pouch so that it works like a lantern.

The luminoodle has a USB head with which you can connect it to a power pack.  You may purchase it along with a 4400 lithium battery that you could also use to power it.

This product has a one-year warranty on it.

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Best Camping String Lights Buying Guide

There are a lot of string lights for camping at the stores these days, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your particular purposes. In this section, we’ll take you through some of the things you should look out for when prospecting for a camping string light.

  1. Energy Saving

Camping lights are best when they consume the least amount of energy. You probably won’t have a massive supply of power while you’re out in the open, so you’ll be going for something that takes in the watts bit by bit.

LEDs are known to give a lot more light for the power they consume, so they typically get more of a look-in when energy savings are considered. If you’re keen on using fluorescent bulbs instead, you can look for products that are specifically built to use less power.

  1. Durability

Because you’ll be using your lights outdoors, you should be buying lighting that’s able to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Look for bulbs that are heat-resistant and have a waterproof rating of IP 67 or higher.

  1. Brightness and Colour Temperature

You may like very bright lights or prefer something a little more tempered. Product descriptions will usually contain information about the product’s brightness and temperature. You could buy lighting that gives out a warm white glow or something with a more daylight kind of shine.

  1. Length of the String light

The size of the space you want to illuminate should determine the length of the string light you should purchase. While some cords are linkable and therefore can be linked together to form longer string lights. You have to be sure that they’re plugged into a source that can meet their power consumption requirements.


String lights can be great for lighting up your camping tent and its surrounding areas. We have curated some of the top-rated string lights for camping available so that it’s easier for you to choose.

Hopefully, you’ll select one that meets your needs and makes your camping experience worth remembering.

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