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In this article, I will walk you through some of the leading tennis court lighting fixtures you can find on the market today.

Tennis courts have special lighting needs for several reasons. First, players don’t want to worry about visibility; they want that taken care of while they play their game. And they want the lights steady so that they can focus on the ball as it travels across the court.

The lighting fixtures for tennis courts are ideally designed to bathe the playing space with good light. Positioning will matter as well because you’re trying to achieve the best possible coverage and brightness, something that’s as close to daylight as you can manage.

Numerous brands are offering these lighting fixtures, and they all claim to give prospective buyers the best value for their money. But it can be challenging to sift through the options.

Here, we’ve chosen some of the best products for lighting up your tennis court. We’ll also be guiding you through choosing and installing these fixtures; we will also go through some of the different terms and requirements related to lighting in tennis courts.

First, see a check out some of the best tennis court lightings we reviewed below.

A Few Things to Know About Lighting in Tennis Courts

Because tennis places such a big emphasis on movement and covering space, the light measurements related to it are more than just about lumens and watts. Here are a couple of measures you’ll want to look out for:


The unit ‘lux’ measures the intensity of light over a given space. A lux is a lumen of light spread across one square meter.

Some people use the terms ‘lumen’ and ‘lux’ interchangeably. But they aren’t the same. Lumens are a measure of brightness. Lux refers to the intensity of light as it’s spread over space. Here’s an example: 500 lumen light spread over one square meter should give you an ‘illuminance’ level of 500 lux. But if it’s spread over 5 square meters, the intensity will drop to 100 lux.

Note that you may also measure light intensity in foot-candles. It’s a different metric for measuring the same thing.


We just mentioned ‘illuminance levels.’ Illuminance refers to the evenness of the light that’s spread over the court. A longer-term for this is ‘uniformity of lighting.’

At higher levels of illuminance, light is more uniformly spread across the playing space.

Horizontal Lighting

This is the amount of light that falls on a horizontal surface, in this case, a tennis court. This is measured in lux.

Best Tennis Court Lighting Fixtures Review

Because the requirements for indoor courts will differ somewhat from outdoor spaces, we’ve separated our listing into both categories.

Best Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

1. Chunuan 100W UFO LED High Bay Light

This fixture is made of aluminum and has a circular head with LED beads dotting its top. It has a hook and bracket mount, which lets you hang it from a railing or strong line above.

The lighting is quite bright at about 10,000 lm. As this is a 100W fixture, you’d be saving a lot of energy with it, compared to more traditional alternatives. The 6000K cold white color illuminates play rather well; the beam angle is about 120 degrees.

Remember, the intensity of light you’ll get from this product is largely dependent on how high up from the floor you’re fixing it. A height of about 10 ft will do; if it’s placed much lower, you’d have too much brightness to enjoy a proper tennis match.

Considering the heavy-duty work that it does, you might be fearful that it’ll have a heart problem. But that’s been taken care of with design that dissipates heat quite efficiently.

This light could remain active for several years; the manufacturer’s description says 50,000 hours (assuming you’re using it for a few hours per day).

2. Hyperlite 150W LED High Bay Light

The Hyperlite high bay light lends itself to easy installation with its hook mount. The LED chips are enclosed behind a strong, transparent plate that matches the circular aluminum head. It also comes with a cord that should connect the fixture to a light source.

From about 150W, this fixture generates light that’s a whopping 21,000 lm bright- that’s well over 100 lm per watt. If you want to maximize this device’s capabilities, you could order a reflector along with it; that’ll raise your light’s effectiveness by up to 20 percent.

What’s more, this product is dimmable. You can change the brightness level if you think it’s too low or too high.

Consider hanging this a full 15 ft above your arena to get coverage and intensity that won’t disturb gameplay.

Just in case you get a bad package, and the fixture doesn’t function properly, you can return it and get your money back within thirty days from purchase.

3. TREONYIA 150 W UFO LED High Bay Light

The design for this fixture isn’t very different from most others in the ‘UFO bay light’ category. It’s shaped like a space ship with a thin light-emitting surface. But it doesn’t have a hooked mount; the circular hole at its base seems fashioned to have a ceiling’s hook pass through it.

Each high bay LED light from this range produces light as bright as 21,000 lm from the 150W that it consumes (you’ll need about 600 W to get this if you’re using traditional lights). This means it’ll cut 80 percent off your electricity bill. The color temperature is moderate, at about 5000K, apparently designed to imitate daylight.

An important characteristic of this product is its waterproof quality. But it’s probably not going to be swimming in puddles that much if it’s hanging from up a ceiling.

If you use this for 10 hours a day, you may expect it to remain useful for up to 13 years. But if it doesn’t get past five years, you may contact its producers to help you with fixes, for free.

4. HYPERLITE 4FT LED High Bay Lighting 150W 28,000lm

This linear high bay lighting is made of a rectangular aluminum plate that holds long rows of LED chips (about 3,030 in all).  It’s more readily associated with industrial settings like factories and warehouses, but it works just fine for indoor tennis facilities. You can hang them from the ceiling, just as it’s done in those other settings.

Hyperlite’s impressive record with energy-saving products is exemplified by this product. From 150W of energy, it generates light with up to 28,000 lm of brightness. Whatever issues you might have with uneven light spreads should be sorted out by its 120-degree acrylic lens, which scatters the rays more uniformly. And if you’d like to tone down on the brightness, there’s an optional dimming function available for that too.

Other details you might be interested in are its color temperature, which stands at 5000K; and its 50,000-hour lifespan, which could save you a lot of money on replacements for a while.

5. WYZM 150W LED High Bay Light

As with the Treonya UFO light we reviewed, this one has a base with a ring-like opening, which should lend it to being hanged from a hook in the roof (or a similar kind of fixture). Besides the familiar saucer-like form that it takes, it has openings that allow for the easy dissipation of heat.

The brightness you’ll obtain from this 150W product (about 18,000 lm) is comparable to the yield of 600W halogen fixtures. It’s compatible with wall dimmers as well. The color temperature is about 5,500K, not far from the ‘daylight’ range.

You can install this at a distance of between 12 and 16ft from the court floor if you’re going to get adequate levels of lighting for a tennis game.

The WYZM LED bay bulb has a lifespan of 60,000 hours, according to its manufacturers.

Best Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting

6. Onforu 2 Pack 60W LED IP65 Flood Light

The Onforu floodlight is made of aluminum and has tempered glass shielding the rows of 70 LED Chips within from the outside.  It also has a movable metal bracket that makes the floodlight installable on walls, ceilings, or on the ground.

It’s also waterproof; that’s a quality you’d want it to have when winter comes around.

This 60 W fixture covers playing courts with a cool white light that’s about 6,000 lm bright- a performance that halogens will only give you if they’re 350 W bulbs. The heat dissipation system is fairly decent; it shouldn’t burn your hands if you touch it.

One product pack contains two of these lights. If all goes well, it’ll serve you for at least 10 years. It does have a 5-year warranty and a 30 day period within which you can get your money back if you’re unhappy with its functioning.

7. Kadision LED Flood Light

This floodlight’s box-like head is made of die-cast iron. It has a ‘low profile’ design that allows for broad dispersion of its light. The LED chips lie a few inches behind a tempered glass lens. There’s an adjustable knuckle underneath that allows you to move it up to 180 degrees, and expand its beam angle.

It emits a daylight white shine with a color temperature of 5000K and a brightness of about 5500 lm. Regular halogen lamps may need about 250 W of power to give off this much brightness, but this floodlight only takes 60 W.

The floodlight’s IP65 rating means that it’s protected against significant amounts of water directed at it. It should function as normal in mild to moderate winter weather conditions.

Kadison offers a ten-year warranty on the product. They say the light should last up to 17 years if it’s used for 8 hours per day.

8. LEPOWER 35W Dusk to Dawn Light LED Security Lights

The Lepower light has three heads; each has a plate of LED chips sitting behind its lens. Its soft white color makes it look a little fancy, but it’s made of aluminum and is just as durable as you’d expect a good floodlight to be.

When it’s on, this 35 W floodlight shines with a daylight hue and a brightness of about 3500 lm. If you’d like to achieve the best results with it, consider installing it at the height of between 7.2 ft and 14 ft from the ground.

Built-In dusk to dawn sensor lets it to automatically come on at nightfall and switch off at dawn (but the manufacturer warns against testing it out during the day). It’s also built to function in the rain or snow.

If there’s an issue with the product you purchase, you can request a refund within 60 days of buying it. However, the warranty period lasts just a single year. If things go well, the floodlight will stay active for at least a decade.

9. LEPOWER 50W LED Flood Light

One pack of this product contains two LED floodlights, with dimensions 22.3*22.8*5.8 cm. The LED chips are planted on rectangular planes that sit behind transparent lenses. A movable bracket fixed at their back makes it easy to adjust their beam angle and get better coverage from them.

The light from this fixture is 5,000 lm bright and has a color temperature of about 6,000K. It could also reduce your energy consumption per floodlight by up to 80%. You’ll find the off; on switch on its 59-inch cord.

As for its waterproof properties, this one’s supposed to be an IP66- meaning it should stand fast even if it’s bombarded by furious jets of water. But the cord isn’t waterproof; you’ll need to be mindful about protecting the plug against the elements.

The fixture has a lifespan of 30,000 hours, an 18-month warranty, and a money-back guarantee that’s valid for 60 days.

10. LEPOWER 100W LED Flood Light

If you want something that’s extra bright, you could try this 8000 lm Lepower light. The white, daylight shine you get from this 500 W fixture can be spread over wide areas, thanks to its 120-degree beam.

Even with all the illumination and energy involved here, this product maintains a fairly efficient heat sink system. Your outdoor tennis court isn’t likely to get too warmed up by it.

Installation is easy as well. The adjustable metal bracket at the back gives you some leeway with setting beam angles. Just adjust it as you like, and tighten the screw. Of course, if you’re mounting it, you’ll want to set the bracket so that the lights achieve a balance between evenness and spread.

This is an IP66 product, so it should more than hold its own against the rain and snow. If it fails this or any other test within 30 days from purchase, you can either have it replaced or request a refund. An 18-month warranty also applies.

Tennis Court Lighting Guide

There’s a lot to think about when planning for or setting up lighting for a tennis court. Some key considerations include:

  • The cost of installation and maintenance

LED lights are usually the most expensive alternatives, but they will save you costs in the long run. Look for LED brands that are known to be long-lasting. Over time, they will save you far more money than the cheaper options.

  • Positioning for uniformity, brightness levels, and visual comfort.

Factor in the dimensions of the court, and the area that needs to be illuminated; the heights from which you could possibly hang your lighting, given the distance between the ceiling and the ground; and the comfort of the people playing and watching the games on the court.

  • The number of fixtures you will need.

This will also depend on the dimensions of the court and the degree of brightness that’s required to illuminate it for a match properly.

  • The location of the court (outdoor or indoor)

Indoor courts tend to use high bay fixtures. Outdoors are better served by floodlights. Indoor courts will require an illuminance of between 300 and 750 lux; outdoor courts can take 300-500 lux.

Another aspect of indoor court lighting is the height of the ceiling and its form. The higher it is, the greater the spread you’ll get. But if it’s too high, the light closer to the ground may not be bright enough for competitive tennis. And if it’s too close, it’ll make the players and audience uncomfortable.

You can install brighter lights for higher ceilings and less bright ones for ceilings nearer to the floor.

Outdoor lights may be fixed on poles. Pole heights of between 6 and 8 meters are usually fine for outdoor sports lawns.


Not all tennis lighting fixtures are made the same. But at least some options suit different kinds of arenas and work best at varying heights and conditions. The choices we have reviewed are among the best you’ll find online. They will suffice for both private and world-class, competition-grade courts.