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Are you in search of the best possible option to light up your off-grid cabin?

Or are you planning an adventure that will require an alternative source of lighting? If your answer to that is yes, Then you are in the right place.

Because in this post, I am going to show you some off grid lighting options for you to choose from.

Let’s get going.

What are the best lighting options for an off-grid cabin? Here are some to choose from

1. Oil or propane lamps- Like the Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern

2. Battery Powered Lantern-I recommend the Circleware Lantern

3. Gas Powered generator. You can get Tailgator Generator on Amazon

4. Solar Powered lanterns-I recommend SUAOKI LED Lantern

With the listed options above, you might not break a lot of sweat thinking and planning for lighting when our homes are not connected to the general power grid.

It is normal that when we do have to depend on off-grid lighting options-like when we’re out camping or have chosen to switch to living in a cabin, it becomes clear how important and difficult it can be to choose the best light option for your cabin.

Things you may have hardly ever thought about come mind, as the right positions for your lamps, what energy sources guarantee adequate illumination under different weather conditions, and how to squeeze out as much power as you possibly can from limited resources.

You even have to ensure that the windows let in enough light to illuminate the interior of your cabin or home throughout the daytime.

There’s also the perennial cost issue, which is amplified when you need to conserve power from independent sources.

This might tempt you to lower the bar with regards to the quality of lamps and bulbs you’re willing to use. Acting on that thought might make your living space rather uncomfortable for you sometime down the line.

In a nutshell, you want to go for lighting options that are the best, efficient, cost-effective, and most adequate for the conditions you will be facing at your off-grid location.

This article lets you into the alternatives you can use and also displays a number of relevant products you might want to try out.

Oil Lamps

These are the oldest of the lot we will be looking at here.

They are typically designed to illuminate the space in which they are used with a naked flame. The flame is protected by some sort of glass covering, and powered by any one of a variety of oils used for such lamps.

In the past, these lamps were fueled by animal fat and crude material which gave off acrid odors and a lot of smoke when burnt.

But in more recent times, there’s been a switch to less polluting and odorless or pleasant-smelling fuels.

You could keep an oil lamp for the moments when a battery or solar-powered lighting fails. But they could be used at any other time as well. It all depends on how you want to conserve power for your space.

However, they could prove unreliable if you’re trying to use them outdoors in windy or rainy conditions.

Here are a few oil lamps you could use as a lighting option for your off-grid apartment or cabin.

1. Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern

According to Energy Education, an estimated 1.6 billion people use kerosene or other similar oil as their primary source of fuel for lighting. This is to say Kerosene lantern is still a very popular lighting source around the world.

This galvanized steel lantern has a 20-hour burn time and a candle power averaging between 7 and 8. The globes are heat resistant, there’s no risk of oil leakage from its tank, and it burns two times as bright as lamps with similar wick size.

If you’re having any issues with using it, you can check the guide which comes with it. There’s also a supply of that super-burn wick, just in case you’re wondering how long you can enjoy its benefits.

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2. Lamplight Montana Oil Lamp

You can’t carry this one around as easily as you would the previous kind of lantern we just discussed. But it’s probably better at creating a great ambiance wherever it’s placed.

With it, you get the sort of lighting that makes your power outages less depressing.

It can stay on for a maximum of 25 hours as well. But we don’t advise that you try keeping it lit for a whole day.

I have written an article that covers so much more about oil lamps. You can read the article here

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Propane Lamps

Gas-powered lamps are another option you could use in your cabin. They can give off a lot of light and energy, so they are suited for outdoor lighting needs. You may consider using them for short stays away from an area with a public power supply.

Here’s a catch: propane lamps may only serve you a few days if conditions are especially cold. These are some of the propane lamps you may want to check out.

1. Coleman Northstar Propane Lantern

Take this with you if you are going camping or would like to have a light source that is stable for outdoor uses.

Its functional features include a collapsible base, handle, and high and a temperature globe. It has a maximum brightness of about 1500 lumens, which you can adjust downward as you like.

A stable fuel distribution system ensures that it powers on regardless of the conditions or fuel levels.

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2. Balight Mini Gas Lamp

The Balight mini gas lamp is designed for camping and hiking needs.
It is high temperature resistant, shatter-proof, ignites fairly easily, and lasts a long time without getting corroded.

It has a body made of light aluminum and stainless steel, and also comes with a chain that lets you hold it up to different heights.

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Battery Powered Lamps

Battery-powered lamps are usually the first placed independent lighting option among many campers and cabin dwellers because they generally pose less of a risk than a lot of other alternatives.

They don’t have the same degree of risk attached to them as oil or gas-powered lanterns, because their power sources aren’t as flammable and immediately toxic.

You may want to take a close look at this if you have children around you. However, they might not last as long as other options and will have to be replaced when they are used up.

Battery-powered lamps may be used for reading, as lighting for front porches, or for brief forays further outdoors at night. Don’t forget flashlights and headlamps too. They can be very useful and can be carried around quite conveniently.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll have a brief stare at two of the best battery powered lamps you can purchase online.

1. Circleware Lantern

The Circleware Lantern gives you the benefits of contemporary battery-powered lighting and the aesthetics of old-time lantern design.

You may be forgiven for thinking that this is either an incandescent bulb lamp, especially if you’re looking at it from afar.

The bulb actually houses several tiny LED lights which, in combination, produce an impressive luminosity.

Three AAA batteries are all you need to power this lamp; if they are good, they’ll last you several months.

And because it’s movable, you can place it at any location within your dwelling space. The retro look makes it double as a fine décor for your rooms as well.

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2. Light Accents Battery Powered Desk Lamp

We have another LED lamp. But that’s because they yield greater brightness from smaller amounts of power.

They tend to be more efficient and are more cost-effective than most other alternatives in the long run.

Desk lamps like this one can aid your reading at night. They can also supply enough brightness to illuminate the room if it’s small or moderate-sized. Just adjust the flexible metal neck the right way, and you’ll see it fill any one of these roles with ease.

Although this desk lamp runs on AA batteries, it can also work when it’s plugged into a power socket.

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3. TOMOL LED Portable Desk Lamp

The foldable COB LED portable desk lamp produces light with a luminosity of up to 220 lumens (lm)- up to three times brighter than older LED desk lamps.

It’s lightweight, can be controlled by touch, and can be extended to as high as 13 inches. It also has about three levels of brightness which you can switch to depending on the conditions you are lighting.

If you’re concerned about its possible effects on your eyes, you’ll be happy to know that it carries little risk of damaging your sight if it’s used with a regular degree of care.

The manufacturers have a 12-month warranty on this product.

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4. Westek Battery Operated Wall Sconces

A nice battery-powered fixture that lends your home a soothing ambiance with its 70 lm LED light and smartly shaped sconce.

They derive their power from three AA batteries which you will have to provide yourself. But the quality of warm low brightness this lighting bathes your room with will make your battery purchase worth the bucks you spend on them.

This product is easy to install. The accompanying EZ mount bracket and screw allow you to get this done in only a few minutes.

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Solar Lights

In 2018 IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) release a report that showed rapid growth in the use of off-grid renewable energy.

According to the report, 115 million people worldwide currently rely on the basic energy services provided by solar lights, while another 25 million obtain a higher level of renewable energy services through solar home systems or connection to a solar mini-grid.

The report also showed that about 6million people are currently to various Hydro powered mini-grids. and another 300,000 use biogas power.

This report shows that solar has become a major energy source in recent years. Having said that, here’s a quick advice for you. If you want to explore off-grid solar lighting, go for LED lighting.

We know that solar might not give you as much power as the traditional sources will.

But with LED lighting, you will get a lot more brightness for whatever energy your solar panels collect from the sun. Over time, it’ll save you a good deal of money.

These are some of the best LED solar lighting options that you can use in your off-grid apartment.

1. SUAOKI LED Camping Lantern

We’re putting this LED lamp down as a solar-powered lamp, but it can run after being recharged through other power sources.

It has a number of features that make it a delight to use, including the fact that it’s collapsible and can be adjusted to fit with the space you put it in.

It also has three light modes- high, low, and SOS (beacon) modes. A maximum run time of 10 hours can be achieved with the lamp if it’s set to a low mode.

What’s more, you can use it as a power bank charger too; it’s got a USB out-port through which you can charge your mobile devices.

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2. LED Solar Table Lamp

Make sure to place this close to the sunlight during the day so that it absorbs energy to make it functional at night. The manufacturers advise that you do this before you begin using the lamp.

When it’s charged, it can run for between 6 and 8 hours. This fixture can be used on an outdoor dining table, as well as indoor décor.

However, it’s not the most conducive for room lighting. If you’re putting them in indoor spaces, they will work better as decorative add-ons than actual lights.

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3. LED Solar Light Bulb

Solar-powered bulbs like this one can be used at your deck, balcony, patio, aisle, or shed. With an estimated lifetime of over 50,000 hours, it has the potential to last you several years if it’s used just every night.

The bulb should function optimally if its solar panel absorbs energy from the sun for up to ten hours. You can charge your laptop and mobile phone with the bulb as well.

Take care to not let the bulb get exposed to water; it isn’t waterproof and might be damaged if it interacts with water or other liquid substances.

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4. Solar Powered Pendant Lights

This LED metal shed lamp delivers a brightness that’s equivalent to a 50W incandescent bulb while consuming far less energy than the latter.

The complete package for this product should include the lamp, panel, panel base, remote controller, screws, plastic stoppers, 10 feet long tie cables, and the all-important instruction manual which you will want to keep close by.

With its remote, you can set it to automatically switch on at dusk and go off at dawn. It can also charge automatically during the day (even if the power switch is off).

The solar panel to which it is attached has to be charged with sunlight for at least 8 daylight hours.

The parts of your home in which you can use this include your patio, balcony, deck, and eaves.

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Final Words

We have looked at a number of options for lighting up your off-grid home and its immediate precincts and presented you with some products that might suit your cabin or camping needs.

Just remember that you will have to be cautious with the ones that run on highly flammable material; you’re safer using them less often and only when other safer options fail.

Check to see whether they are waterproof, and know what conditions they are built to function in (and what sort of situations they should not be used in).

Hopefully, your nights with these things will be as interesting (or comfortable) as the day, and you will enjoy moments in their lights just as pleasant as you have them when the sun is up in the sky.

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