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Top 10 LED Lighting Ideas for Home Design

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When we talk about the benefits of using LED lights, we usually refer to their high energy savings and the levels of brightness we can achieve with them.

They could save up to 90% of your power bills compared to other bulb types. They can also last you a long time; some have lifespans approaching 50,000 hours.

But there’s a lot more to be enjoyed from LED lighting than just the efficiency and environmentally friendly illumination we get from it.

Thanks to the many forms and light hues in which they come, you can deploy them in ways that greatly enhance your home’s interior design.

Think about the array of ambiances you can create with your dimmable lights and multiple hues for instance.

By using the right kinds of lighting, you can conjure up a soothing atmosphere, closely mimic daylight, create pretty illusions, or fire your room up for a private party.

You have a pile of options to select from, and the opportunity to unleash your creative shine on your spaces.

Let’s romp through some of the ways you could make your home more pleasing on the eyes with LED lighting.

10 LED Lighting Options for Your Home

1. Recessed Lighting for Modern Living Rooms

Home recessed light idea
Home lighting idea

These lights shine down on your space from the ceiling where they’re installed.

They are fixed into recesses- hence the name –which might have originally borne lighting of another kind. So they are your go-to if you’d like to replace halogen ceiling lights with LED lighting.

The great thing about recessed LED lights is the brightness they give to your living room. When the light is bold and cool, your room takes on a homely look that makes it inviting, even to you.

Of course, you get to enjoy the staple joys of this kind of lighting as well- low heat, plenty of energy savings, and unparalleled longevity.

2. Hidden Lights for Kitchens

Hidden kitchen light
Hidden kitchen light

Under-cabinet lightings like puck lights and strip lights provide extra illumination for otherwise dark edges and surfaces, transforming them into points of mystery and interest.

When these lights blend with general lighting, they create an encompassing glow that seems continuous across your kitchen.

Another advantage you get with this light is that it transfers the eyes’ attention away from light fixtures (because there’s none to be seen) and onto the other objects in the room.

This could be your kitchen table, some decorative item on it, or the spot in which you place your dishes.

3. Bathroom Sconces

Bathroom lighting
Bathroom lighting

Some people go for overhead lighting when they’re fixing lights in their bathrooms.

We suggest that you opt for wall-mounted LED sconces instead. This helps you avoid shadows cast by the light being hung above you.

Wall sconces will provide you with better illumination of your image in the mirror, because it’s situated at a vantage point that shines light horizontally, and doesn’t allow a shadow of your frame to form instead.

Your LED sconces should also offer you a range of color temperatures to choose from. You can select one that suits your bathroom’s preexisting design and hues and follows your own aesthetic preferences.

4. Brighten Your Dressing Room

Dressing room lighting idea
Dressing room light idea

Flexible LED strip lights have a useful application as illuminators for dressing rooms. You’ll fully realize the importance of this when you have to tussle with the clothes in your pitch-dark wardrobe, just to pick the right one for an event you’re running late for.

You can attach strip lighting to the rail on which you hang your clothes so that you’re able to run through and choose from among them more quickly. Or you could place the light in the background.

Whichever way you chose to fix it, be sure that it makes your wardrobe more visible.

Another idea would be to use puck lights with motion sensors. These lights can turn on when you come within a specific distance of it. It’s something you might want to consider, especially if your dressing room isn’t very visible without the lights on.

5. Traced Ceilings

Traced ceilings

How about bearing out the shape and corners of your ceiling with concealed light placed just behind the spaces you want to accentuate?

With this design enhancing feature included in your décor, the marvel of your room extends beyond the furniture on the ground or the paintings on the wall. It reaches above, tracing out the architecture of the ceiling and augmenting the other lights in the space.

6. Task Lighting

Task lighting home ideas

If you are keen on reading at night, you’ll probably decide to fix up a lamp somewhere in your living room or bedroom. Perhaps you’ll decide to use a retro bedside lamp or modern task light.

There’s nothing wrong with selecting any of these for reading purposes. But be conscious of how it fits with the interior design of the house.

What degree of warmness or coolness will both maintain the aesthetic integrity of your home décor and facilitate your reading? Think about this when you’re installing lighting in your rooms.

Wall-mounted LED task lights, sconces, and similar lighting could help your reading too.

7. Bedroom Concealed Lighting

Home lighting idea, concealed light

This is basically concealed lighting for beds- or more specifically, bed foundations. With the LED light placed under your bed, there’s a glow throughout its edges.

As with other hidden or concealed lights, this sort of illumination adds a sense of mystery to your home décor. In this particular case, the bed is brought into sharper focus by its bright contours and the space in which it’s situated gains a bit of its almost mystical beauty.

8. Regal Dining with LED Chandeliers

Dinning chandeliers

Chandeliers have been the favorite fixture of many for a long while, and they’re still around. These days, you have the option of combining their design with the energy efficiency of more contemporary lighting by installing LED-powered chandeliers in your home.

Consider hanging them down from the ceiling of your dining or living room, if their form and light’s color tone go with the décor and layout of the room.

You’ll probably find it easier to install them in a space or home that’s dominated by classic or traditional designs, but there are chandeliers that fit in just fine with modern and contemporary designs too. A few even give off something of a futuristic vibe.

Many of these lights are fully dimmable, so you can adjust their glow to create or suit a mood. It’s something you’ll appreciate if you fancy having a special dinner at your place once in a while.

9. Spotlight Your Artwork and Furniture

LED spotlights

Spotlights help bring your painting, mirrors, sofa, working surfaces (like tables and desks), and architectural details into sharper focus. With them, you’re able to take any furniture or artwork you choose from the rest of the room and make them more prominent in a visitor’s visual field.

Look for LED spotlights with a shine that achieves a high lighting effect without conflicting with the other colors in the room. Your spotlight’s finishing also matters; they should correspond with the hues and overall design of the room they illuminate.

10. From Dark to Shiny Corners

Best LED light stripe for cars

What do you do when there are corners of your home that don’t receive enough light?

A good remedy might be an LED strip light, which you can install in those hidden parts of the room. But it could do more than just brighten up the spot in which it’s placed.

When you strip lights are placed with a neat finishing that matches (or complements) the colors and design of the space, it’ll double as a nice addition to your decorative fixtures.


You don’t need to be an artsy person to want a home that’s enhanced by its lighting. Maybe you’ll have to spend a little more time planning for the right kind of lights for each room or spot in your living space.

But if it’s done smartly, the brilliance of the environment you create will confer benefits that far exceed the effort you put into fashioning it.