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Are you looking for a light fixture suitable for lighting up your outdoor space?

Or you are looking for a floodlight that can guarantee you optimum efficiency in a wide area of applications like industrial areas, sports facilities, billboards, ports or even just to light up your parking space?

If your answer to that is yes, then this review on the best outdoor LED flood light is for you.

Here is the round-up:

Best choice for a budget: SOLLA 100W LED Floodlight

Best Brightest option at 100W: LEPOWER New Craft 100W LED Floodlight

Best Sleek floodlight: YIXING 200W White LED Flood Light

Best High-End floodlight: LEDMO LED Flood Light

Best floodlight for small work area: LEPOWER 2 Pack 50W LED Flood Light

Best outdoor security Floodlight: LEPOWER Solar Lights LED Floodlight

Floodlights are your best solution to a wide area of outdoor and lighting needs. That’s because they are built precisely for this purpose; and if you’re able to get the best ones of the lot on sale at the shops, you’ll enjoy the benefits they confer on a place that they are deployed.

To help you make a choice, we will be discussing in detail a selected list of the floodlight solutions that you presently can buy online.

We will also identify some of the best options available on the market and details about each one of them.

We hope by the end of this article, you can decide on which is the right lighting for your outdoor lighting and security needs.

Let get going

Best Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures Review

1. SOLLA 100W LED Flood Light

This floodlight works with several LED chips and has fairly wider spacing between them than you’ll see in a lot of other similar products. There are several reasons why this is worth mentioning.

First, it has a heat dissipator.

The heat dissipator doesn’t allow heat to build-up within the floodlight. It has a connective structure on the back of the housing that is designed for the fast cooling purpose.

Because the heat dissipates more quickly, the floodlight lasts longer and provides greater value for the buyers’ money.

The aluminum casting makes it less prone to damage from heavy impact contact with other objects. Crucially, it’s also dust and water-proof, ensuring that it will stand through moderate weather conditions.

Verdict: Best choice for a budget.

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2. LEPOWER New Craft 100W LED Flood Light

This one has two large LED chips in it placed at a fair distance from each other. Helped on by its radial pattern surface, it shines with a brightness that’s greater than much of what’s attainable with the older floodlight models. But it consumes less energy too- about 80% lower than the regular incandescent bulb that is meant for a similar purpose.

This product comes with about 59 inches of connection wire and can be switched on by a push button. If you get one, you’ll be powering it with electricity from your central energy source (it has no batteries).

The measured brightness for this floodlight is 8,000 lumens, and it consumes about 100 W of power.

Verdict: Best Brightest option at 100W

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3. YIXING 200W White LED Flood Light

The manufacturers of this product say that the Epistar LED chips with which they’ve made it is “much brighter and more durable than other products.” The chips in question are also purchasable online, just in case you need them for any reason.

But it’s unlikely you’ll want to do that with this floodlight soon after you’ve purchased it, thanks to its estimated 30,000-hour lifespan.

Other notable things about this product include its high luminosity (8,000 lm), 85% energy savings on 300 W halogen bulbs, and the fact that it’ll almost certainly keep going through diverse weather conditions and the elements they bring with them.

In the rare event that it develops a fault, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty on it, which lasts up to two years.

Ideal positions for this floodlight include your garage, lawn, front yard, and parking lot.

Verdict: Best Sleek floodlight and easy to install.

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4. LEDMO LED Flood Light

How about having ‘stadium grade’ lighting that drives the darkness out of every nook and cranny of your outdoor space?

You could go for this if your front yard is particularly big; apart from this, there isn’t that much of a reason for swamping a regular living patch with degrees of brightness approaching 32,000 lm.

While it’s such a strong beamer, the Ledmo floodlight does save you a lot of energy- up to 75% on lightings that manage to compete with its luminosity.

It’s hard to fault the manufacturer’s claim that it could make your space as bright as day. After all, that’s why you just might be better off using this one at your local stadium than at your home.

There are things to like about the Ledmo floodlight, including its movable bracket that allows it to be mounted in a wide range of angles. Plus, it dissipates a good deal of the heat it produces quickly enough to ensure that it isn’t too dangerous to use.

You could get up to five years’ warranty on this product. In any case, it’s strong enough to withstand most of the usual outdoor conditions for a long period.

Verdict: Best High-End floodlight, Perfect for stadium lighting and large halls

Priced around between $150 to $200. You can see the latest price on Amazon

5. LEPOWER 2 Pack 50W LED Flood Light

The two-part Lepower floodlight promises bright, shadow-free lighting with degrees of brightness reaching 4000 lm. You’ll also be saving about 80% of the energy you would consume if you were using incandescent bulbs.

A beam angle of 120 degrees ensures that you’re able to achieve good lighting over a wide space. You can also adjust the lamp body up to 150 degrees.

The plug and switch aren’t as safe from being affected by the elements as the floodlight itself is, so you’ll want to be sure that they’re not unduly exposed to water.

You should also avoid looking directly at the light from it- advice that’s also applicable to just about any other floodlight you’ll consider buying.

Verdict: Best floodlight for small work area

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6. LEPOWER 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light

This looks fairly similar to the first Lepower product we’ve talked about. One notable difference between the two products is that this one has multiple LED chips installed within it.

It’s also designed to replace the 500 W halogen lighting and conserve up to four-fifths of the energy you would use with that older alternative.

The brightness you’ll enjoy with this LED floodlight could reach 10,000 lm and works fine for porches, play courts, as well as front and back yards.

Again, just like the first Lepower product we talked about, this one also has a 120-degree wide beam angle that guarantees good spatial illumination.

Installation should be straightforward. All that’s required is that you select an angle you’d like the lights to face, and tighten the screws on both sides of the floodlight’s metal bracket.

Verdict: Best Durable Floodlight

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7. LEPOWER Solar Lights LED Floodlight

A solar-powered LED floodlight has to be an absolute darling for an environmentally conscious user. What’s more, there’s a motion sensor in this package too, which helps up the security credentials of this product.

But there’s a downside: you’ll only get 950 lm worth of brightness from this fixture. That’s significantly less than what you’ll find with the others we’ve mentioned.

The lower luminosity is partly accounted for by the fact that solar energy still doesn’t generate as much power as the older energy sources.

It could eventually match or surpass these sources in its power yielding efficiencies; but until then, we’ll have to make do with the joys that it affords us at the moment.

Verdict: Best outdoor security Floodlight.

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8. Hyperikon LED Outdoor Flood Light 

This time we are checking out a lighting option that offers easy and efficient outdoor security lighting. The floodlights are incredibly bright at 90 lumens/watt,  meaning they can deter any unwanted activity within your premises

Hypericon LED floodlight is an effective outdoor lighting option as it offers a working distance of 40ft and an IP65 intrusion resistance rating.

It 40 feet working distance makes it a perfect choice for backyard lighting and the illumination of other small areas around the home. Also, the angle of projection is adjustable as you can rotate the light cap easily.

At the IP65 rating, it is certified to be waterproofed, a design that makes it reliable even under unfriendly outdoor weather conditions.

Buying the Hyperikon floodlight will further equip your outdoor space with a floodlight that has a photosensor capable of turning ON when sensing ambient light levels or motion in a range of 30-40 feet.

In a nutshell, making it your chosen floodlight will prove to be a worthy investment as the product is covered with a hefty 5 years warranty.

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Oudoor LED flood light

What Type of Outdoor Floodlights Should I go for?

We’ll help you narrow things down a bit with a suggestion: why not try out the ones based off of LED, or Light Emitting Diodes? This lighting option beats most of the other kinds for durability and long terms cost-effectiveness.

Think about enjoying the same set of lighting fixtures for decades, and not having to spend on frequent maintenance or replacements.

Here’s another win you’ll get from LED floodlights: they give you a whole lot more brightness for a wider area than your regular incandescent bulbs, and consume far less energy in the process.

You could shave as much as 70% off your energy usage compared to incandescent lighting with similar luminosity.

But we still have a wide variety of LED lightings to choose from. How do you select the best ones for your home? Which ones will do a better job of meeting your specific needs?

There are at least two general steps to picking up the proper lights for the precincts of your living space.

First, you ought to consider what the specific needs of that space are, given its layout, neighborhood, and other physical and security considerations.

When you’ve decided on this, your next move will be to purchase products that have the specifications required to plug the need gaps you’ve identified.

Outdoor LED Flood Light Buyers’ Guide

Now that we’ve gone over some of the considerations for lighting up the outside of your living space, let’s see how you should go about keeping with those concerns when you’re purchasing the floodlights.

First, we’ll run through some general things to watch out for when you’re in the process of buying those items.

Energy Saving

Purchase LED floodlights with low energy consumption capacity. The usual range of power consumed by these things is between 10 W and 150 W (which by the way is lower than the 1000 W you could get with other kinds of lights). This will save you substantial amounts of money on energy bills down the line.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is an essential consideration when choosing a lighting fixture for any specific application.

For a security floodlight, go for cool white- 4000K or daylight color temperature-6000K. This is recommended because it appears very bright to the human eye and is a more deterring light for intruders.

Also, If you are working or playing outdoors or indoor, cool light looks more natural. It keeps you alert and also helps in concentration when performing a task.

On the other hand,  lights with 3000K color temperature and below are warm lights suitable for patio lighting or relaxation spot.


One of the major benefits of using LEDs is their long life and better beam control. Contrary to most conventional light, modern floodlights are well designed with good IP ratings to ensure they give a long service life.

LED does not fail abruptly, they do not just trip off like their incandescent counterparts. Instead, their output only deteriorates over time. This gives the user ample time to buy a replacement.

Check for the lifespan of the product you’re buying. Some are said to have a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more, longer than many other kinds of bulbs used for a similar purpose.


A good idea would be to choose the floodlights that match your house’s aesthetics. You might come across products with different sorts of finishes: stainless steel, lacquer-coated aluminum, copper, etc.

They will also take different forms and shine with varying degrees of brightness. Choose the one(s) which agree with your home’s style.

Motion sensor(For Outdoor security)

A lot of the floodlights produced these days have movement sensors that enable them to detect movement within the environment they’re placed. It’s a security function that makes them worth considering by anyone who wants good lighting and more secure surrounding.

Outdoor LED Light Fixture User Guide

These are the things to note about the lighting you should have on the outside of your home.

1. Think About How it Looks from the Inside

While security is what you’re thinking about the most, you should not leave out the aesthetics of your yard or garden.

Think about how the planned illumination will impact the view of the outdoors from within your house.

Will you see things enough from your kitchen or living room’s window (whichever room has the window with a view of the outside)?

You don’t want the lights to be too dim or blindingly bright.

2. Note the Spot That’ll Require the Lights

The decision about the points or spots at which the illuminating fixtures will be installed will be determined by how much light you desire for any part of your outdoor.

Perhaps you don’t want to leave patches of your home’s surrounding area unlit or heavily shaded at nighttime. This can be inviting for unwanted agents or elements.

3. Know-How Large the Space to be Lit Is

If you have an accurate measurement for the expanse that’ll need to be lit, you’ll be able to calculate how much lighting it will require, and how many (or what kind of) LED lights you should install.

Such details as positioning and the length of space between the points you want your floodlights to sit should be taken into consideration. If you can, have a rough sketch of the lighting plan on a piece of paper, so that you can refer to it down the line when the time comes to fix in the things you’ve bought.

4. Ensure that Lights Sit Well With the Layout of Your Place

Try to avoid a clash of contrary styles and hues if you can- unless you’re sure you and your visitors can stomach the harsh color and form contrasts that may happen with floodlights and the environment they’re supposed to be shining on.

If you know anything about how these things interact, you’ll understand that they can make the view of your space beautiful or cast them as an extended scarecrow. You certainly want your open areas looking more like the former.

5. Be Mindful of Your Neighbours’ Privacy       

By all means, have the area around your home bathed in dazzling light. But don’t let it stretch into your neighbor’s home in a way that makes it a nuisance.

This is one reason why light positioning is important. The general recommendation is that you face your floodlight downward at an angle of about 22 degrees. Also be sure that wherever it’s placed, the light it emits does not ‘stray’ too far into the neighbors’ home.

6. Think About How Long You Want to Keep Them On For

Some floodlights come on automatically at dusk and go off as the sun rises. You may go for these floodlights if you want your home arena constantly lit within this period.

But if you’re more likely to change your preferences in this regard as the circumstances demand, you may go for one which lets you switch it on and off as you like.

7. Safety Issues

Although these fixtures are generally harmless, care should be taken especially if there are young children around you who could be around it when it’s switched on.

You may avoid the hazards associated with LED floodlights (such as torching your skin if it’s hot) by mounting them at least a few feet off the ground.

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How to Install an Outdoor LED Flood Light

For a detail installation guide, watch the video below.


That’s it for the details you should think about when you’re actively searching for the best outdoor LED floodlights.

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