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Top 10 Best Rated Under-Cabinet Puck Light [2021 Review]

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In this article, we review a list of the best under cabinet puck lights available on the market.

Even if you’re not sure what ‘under cabinet lighting’ looks like, you might guess (correctly) that the term refers to lighting that’s designed for (or placed under) cabinets to illuminate the space below them.

If you think about it, you can also see why you would want to fix some lighting below your cabinet.

First, you probably don’t want any dark corners in your room; spaces below or behind home fixtures tend to be particularly hard to reach with other wall or ceiling lights.

Using one of the top-rated Under cabinet LED lighting ensures that this sort of concern is dealt with, at least for areas hidden out by your cabinet.

Our Top Recommendation

​If you want to save yourself time, see our final vote, the Mlambert Motion Sensor LED Light is our choice for the top bulbs for chandeliers.

Upgraded Motion Sensor LED Night Light, Non-Fall...
  • 💗Higher Automatic Sensor - Use 2020 advanced PIR technology, our night light can auto-on within...
  • 💗Battery Operated - Powered by 3PCS AAA batteries (Not Included) for cordless installation, to...
  • 💗Super Bright & Energy Efficient - Up to 35 lumens output, 6 pcs super bright SMD 2835 LEDs,...

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There’s an extended benefit derivable from lighting unit that is local to the corner you want to lit up, like under cabinet lighting: you don’t have to introduce more general lighting in the bid to cover more parts of your room. And you don’t need to get extra lamp fixtures in place for installation either.

The cabinet itself is all the surface you need.

What’s more, you get the visual pleasure that comes with having your space lit without seeing the fixtures that lit it up. This is a purely aesthetic benefit, but it’s not insignificant.

Under-cabinet lighting is most commonly found in kitchens, and (you guessed it) anywhere else with a cabinet. But some lights which are primarily under cabinet lights can also be installed in showcases, stairways, closets, and even bathrooms.

Best Under Cabinet Puck Lights Review

We started out discussing under-cabinet lights. Now we’ll be surfing around to pick out the best puck lighting options (that’s actually what we set out to do in this article).

We will be reviewing some of the best puck lights for different categories and turning over some puck lighting types as well.

Best Overall
Mlambert Motion Sensor LED Light
Best Battery Operated Light
Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light
Best Dimmable Puck Light
BLS Wireless Dimmable LED Puck Lights
Upgraded Motion Sensor LED Night Light, Non-Fall...
Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack with...
BLS Wireless Dimmable LED Puck Lights with Remote...
4.5 Volts
1 Volts
1.5 Volts
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Best Overall
Mlambert Motion Sensor LED Light
Upgraded Motion Sensor LED Night Light, Non-Fall...
4.5 Volts
Best Battery Operated Light
Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light
Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack with...
1 Volts
Best Dimmable Puck Light
BLS Wireless Dimmable LED Puck Lights
BLS Wireless Dimmable LED Puck Lights with Remote...
1.5 Volts
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Best Puck Light With Motion Sensor

Motion sensor puck lights can be controlled from a distance and without direct contact with the lights or any remote device (sounds familiar?).

This is possible because of the inbuilt motion-sensing technology, which triggers the lights to switch on, off, or adjust brightness in response to human movement within a certain distance from it.

You might want to check out any of these puck lights with motion sensor lights.

1. Bason Motion Sensor Closet Puck Lights

Bason Puck Lights, USB Rechargeable Cabinet...
  • 3 Adjustment Modes- 3 modes with Auto-Off-Manual the Stick-anywhere Puck light.At Auto Modes,turn on...
  • Super Bright - 100Lm motion sensor night light is equivalent to the brightness of a 15W bulb,Bright...
  • Rechargeable- No need AAA batteries,Built in 1000mAH rechargeable battery,at least 200 times of...

You can turn this on by walking within 10 feet of its position, and off by remaining stationary in that position for up to 20 seconds. It’ll save you the hassle of groping for things in the dark; your mere presence should see space in question illuminated if you’re close enough to it.

The light operates in one of three modes at any given time- auto, off, and manual. It has a built-in battery (so you don’t have to buy those AA batteries all the time and charging only takes 2 hours at most. When it does come on, it shines with a brightness of about 100 lumens.

You can hardly find a light fixture that’s easier to install than this one. You can either stick it on your chosen surface with a 3M tape or let its in-built magnet fix it to iron-work on the space you’d like it to hang from.

This puck light is perfect for cabinets, stairways, bookshelves, and bathrooms.

Key Features:

  • Package Include: 2 Puck Light, USB cable, 3M tape
  • Power source: Built-in 1000mAH rechargeable battery
  • Wattage: 2W
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Special Features: Rechargeable with motion sensor

2. Mlambert Motion Sensor LED Light

Upgraded Motion Sensor LED Night Light, Non-Fall...
  • 💗Higher Automatic Sensor - Use 2020 advanced PIR technology, our night light can auto-on within...
  • 💗Battery Operated - Powered by 3PCS AAA batteries (Not Included) for cordless installation, to...
  • 💗Super Bright & Energy Efficient - Up to 35 lumens output, 6 pcs super bright SMD 2835 LEDs,...

 A package of this product has ten puck lights in it. It turns on upon detecting movement within 10 ft from it. But don’t expect this magic to happen in daylight. It only happens at night.

This lighting is cordless and runs on three AAA batteries (which you’ll have to install yourself as they’re not part of the original package).

With its degrees of brightness approaching 35 lumens, the cabinets, stairways, and rooms in which it’s used should have a more aesthetically pleasing look about them

You can fix this onto the surface you choose with a 3M tape or its magnet (if it’s an iron surface).

Key Features

  • Package Include: 10 Puck Light, 3M tape
  • Power source: 3 AAA batteries
  • Wattage: 0.5W
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Special Feature: PIR Motion sensor

3. Novelty Place Motion Sensor Puck Light

Novelty Place [Super Bright] LED Motion Sensor...
  • ✔ MOTION ACTIVATED - Fear to stumble in the dark everynight? These lights will turn on...
  • ✔ ENERGY EFFICIENT - They won't light up in the daytime or when surround is bright to save energy....
  • ✔ STICK ANYWHERE - Comes with super-strong double-sided adhesive pads to stick on anywhere. Also...

This motion sensor puck light is one of the brightest that we have reviewed so far. Complementing the brightness is its power efficiency which gives it a decent battery life. Based on its settings, the fixture stays powered for 15 to 20 seconds and powers off if it does not detect further movement around it.

If you are not new to the use of puck lights, you must have observed that due to frequent fall offs, some puck lights are harder to use in some parts of the home.

Here, Novelty Place Puck light is one that has a 2-sided adhesive pad that ensures they stick to anywhere you place them.

Also, it has an inbuilt magnet that makes it firm on any metal surface it is placed on.

Base on the manufacturer’s recommendation, if you want to use multiple puck lights to light up a place, then you should ensure that the puck light is at least 2 meters apart. If these conditions are not met, not all of the puck light will come ON when they are supposed to.

The Novelty Puck light is listed as an Amazon choice product. What this means to you a buyer is that the product is highly rated, well priced and available for immediate shipping to customers.

I checked out Amazon customer’s reviews on the product with a keen interest in the comments of customers who gave it a 1-2 star rating. This is just to help me dig out the possible area that the Novelty Place Puck light might have fallen short of expectation.

Most low ratings were from customers who might have gotten a defective batch of the product or other non-performance related issues.

In a nutshell, if a puck light with a motion sensor is what you are in the market for, then this is one option to consider.

Key Features:

  • Package includes: 6 Puck Lights
  • Power Source: Battery Powered(3 AAA Batteries)
  • Wattage: 0.3W
  • Dimmable: No
  • Special Feature: Double-sided adhesive pad, Hanging Magnet

Best Under Cabinet Wireless/Battery Powered Puck Light

Wireless puck lights aren’t wired to a control switch on the wall. They are typically controlled by a remote. The controlling function is aided by batteries installed within the control device.

Here is a couple of the best under cabinet lighting of this kind.

4. Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light

Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack with...
  • 55 LUMENS – Our long-lasting LED puck lights shine brighter with a 55 lumen, 3000K warm white...
  • WIRELESS REMOTE – The remote control lights include a dimmer, an optional auto off timer and...
  • SELECTABLE DIMMER - Select your desired level of brightness or press the 50% or 100% brightness...

The size of the customer base of brilliant evolution wireless LED puck light speaks volumes for itself.

If you are looking out for a brand that puts out reliable lighting product that is manufactured with user satisfaction in mind, then Brilliant Evolution stand out here

A single pack of this product contains six puck lights. They also come with a remote controller and 18 AA batteries (you’ll need three for one puck light.

These lights are easy to install; you can mount them using a screw or an adhesive tape. They can be dimmed, switched on or off, and set to shine for specific lengths of time, all from the remote controller. It’ll work as long as you’re holding the controller no more than 15 ft away from the lighting.

At peak performance, the bulb gives off a warm white glow with a color temperature of 3000 K and brightness of about 55 lumens.

If you’re concerned about constantly replacing batteries, you’ll be delighted to know that these puck lights will last you up to four times longer than other bulbs of this kind.

Key Features:

  • Package Include: 6 Puck lights, screws or adhesive tape
  • Power Source: Battery Powered (3 AAA batteries)
  • Wattage: 0.85W
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Special Features: Adjustable OFF/ON Timer, Selectable dim level, 18 AA batteries (included)

5. LEASTYLE Wireless LED Puck Lights

LEASTYLE Wireless LED Puck Lights with Remote...
  • Remote& Manual Control: The Under Cabinet Lights are controlled by using 2 remote controllers to set...
  • 4 Colors & 3 Light modes: 4 preset lights:white(4000K),red,green,blue.3 light modes are...
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS : Long touch“+/-“ on the Dimmable Closet Lights surface or use remote...

This one comes as a pack of six lights, and two remote controllers with which you can turn the lights on or off. They are also dimmable; in fact, you can switch between four colors- red, green, blue, and warm white –and three light modes (flash, strobe, and smooth).

There’s a timing function as well, which lets you set the lights to turn off for 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. You can also select one of four levels of brightness- 10%, 40%, 80%, and 100%. When they’re set to the lower levels, the lights consume less power and save you more energy.

The lights have a diamond surface design which (according to the product’s manufactures) extends the glow they emit over a wider area.

They can be installed with adhesive stickers. You should find those in the product package as well.

Key Features:

  • Package Include: 6 Puck lights, 2 remote and 6 3M adhesive stickers
  • Power Source: Battery Powered (3 AAA batteries)
  • Wattage: 0.8W
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Special Features: 4 Colors: White, Red, Green, Blue & 3 Light modes are flash/strobe/smooth

6. Elfeland Wireless Puck Light

No products found.

According to the manufacturers of this puck light, it is made from ABS plastic material that helps it elegant and colorful appearance. Just a sight of it gives you a feel of its compact and durable build.

Apart from its beautiful black and white appearance, Elfeland puck light renders 4 color colors in white, red, green, and blue. The changing combination of these colors makes it fun to use if you want to use the puck light to add life to any part of your home.

Three of the lighting modes that you can select on the puck light are jump, flash and gradient modes, These modes can show light in up to 16 beautiful colors.

Adding to the features that the puck light has is that it can be automated and timed to turn off after ten, thirty, sixty or 120 minutes depending on how long will need the light to be turned ON.

Also, adjusting the brightness of the light is pretty easy. You can do this by long-pressing the +/- button on the plastic body of the puck light or by using a button on the remote control that has a similar function.

Installing light is very easy. just peel off the adhesive pad on the puck light and paste it under your cabinet wardrobe or wherever you want to use it.

Key Features:

  • Package Include: 6 Puck lights, 2 remote
  • Power Source: Battery Powered (3 AAA batteries)
  • Wattage: 0.6W
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Special Features: 4 Colors: White, Red, Green, Blue & 3 Light modes are Jump, Flash, and Gradient

Best Under Cabinet Hard Wired Puck Lights

Hard wired puck lights come with wires with which they can be connected to a power source.

We discuss two products in this category below.

7. Lvyinyin Hardwired LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting Linkable LED Puck Lights,...
  • SUPER BRIGHT - 10 high lumen output LED under cabinet puck lights, provides sufficient illumination...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Either using double adhesive tapes or screws (both included in the package) to...
  • LINKABLE & REPLACEABLE - Each puck light is linkable with 35-135 DC connectors, can be connected to...

With each of this puck light giving 10 lumens of light, you are guaranteed of sufficient lighting of your closet.

The distinctive thing about this one is that you can plug it to a domestic power source so you don’t have to spend on batteries.

Powering it is by connecting to it to your homes 110V-220V electricity. In doing this, you have the option of going either going for hard wiring or connecting it to a wall plug in any part of your home you want to illuminate.

Each of the lighting units is wired on both sides. This gives you the liberty of interlinking as many puck light units as possible. Thus providing adequate illumination for your Kitchen, counter or any part of your home you may want to light up.

Installation can be done with screws or double-adhesive tapes, both of which come with the whole product package.

That package also includes a smart touch dimmer, with which you can control for brightness and switch between warm white, daylight and cool white.

Note that your pre-existing wall dimmer switch won’t work with this product.

You can use this lighting in display cabinets, cupboards, closets, and wardrobes.

Key Features:

  • Package Include: 10 Puck Light & Installation Kit
  • Power Source: Corded(Electricity) 100V-240V
  • Wattage: 20W
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Special Features: Linkable, Hardwired, Wall Plugin

8. Moonbibear LED Cabinet Puck Lights

LED Cabinet Puck Lights Dimmable - Moobibear 2W...
  • ✔ HAND WAVE ACTIVATED: Easily use a hand to wave on/off the 6 pack cabinet puck lights without...
  • ✔ TOUCHLESS DIMMABLE: Put a hand close to the switch within the sensor range and remain about 3...
  • ✔ SUPER BRIGHT & SAFE TO USE: One puck light is about 200lm which is bright enough for your closet...

 You can control this one by waving your hands at the switch. Waving a hand at it when it off turns it on, and vice versa. You can also adjust the brightness by holding your hand within 5 cm of the switch for 3 seconds.

This hand waving control is slightly peripheral to the fact that the puck lights are very efficient (after all they’re LED lights) and run on your local power source (wiping out battery costs).

Maybe this means transferring some of the battery cost to electricity bills, but then you could save up to 90% on those bills compared to if you’re using other kinds of bulbs.

Every one of the six lights in a single package shines with a 200-lumen brightness. They can be either be used alone or connected into a chain of lights.

Key Features:

  • Package Include: 6 Puck Lights with cable, 1 wave switch, 1 Adaptor & screws
  • Power source: Corded (Electricity) 100V-240V
  • Wattage: 20W
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Special Features: Hand waver switch

Best Under Cabinet Dimmable Puck Light

Here we’ll look at some products with excellent dimming functions.

9. BLS Wireless Dimmable LED Puck Lights

BLS Wireless Dimmable LED Puck Lights with Remote...
  • WIRELESS REMOTE - Turn the puck lights ON/OFF with the remote or the tap lens. Remote can control...
  • ADJUSTABLE DIMMER - 2 Color Temperatures: Choose Warm White (3000k) or Cool White (6500k) with the...
  • BATTERY POWERED WITH TIMER - The new generation LED push lights can be set to turn off after 15, 30,...

This puck light can be controlled for brightness in two ways: use the brightness button on the remote to select either a warm white or cool white glow, or select for more specific degrees of dimness and brightness. It can also be turned on or off with either the remote or the tap lens.

You can set the lights to automatically turn on or off after 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or an hour and a half after you switch them on.

As you would expect of any wireless puck lights, this product is powered by batteries; the frequency of buying batteries for the lights to a large extent depends on the quality of the batteries you choose.

If you power puck light with quality batteries from brands like Energizer or Duracell, Then you are guaranteed of battery life of up to 100 hours if the puck light is used on moderate brightness.

This is to say that you want to be sure that you’re installing the best kinds of cells, so you don’t end up spending too frequently on them.

Key Features:

  • Package Include: 3 Puck Light, 1 remote control, 3M tape & screws
  • Power source: 3 AA batteries
  • Wattage: 0.5W
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Special Features: 2-way switching and instant ON

10. AIBOO Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

AIBOO Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting, Counter...
  • APPLICATION: Ideal Solution for cabinet or kitchen remodel, bookshelf, showcase, under counter...
  • Dimmable and Memory function: 6 LED cabinet puck lights with 10 brightness levels by using updated...
  • PREMIUM ACCESSORIES: Each LED puck light comes with a 6.6ft length cord, 6 way splitter helps you...

Have you imagined being able to choose from 10 levels of brightness on a puck light?

That’s what this AIBOO product offers you. You can achieve the degree of freedom we’ve just referred to with its 12-button remote controller.

The puck lights can attain a brightness of up to 200 lumens, The warm soft glow they emit makes them great for kitchen cabinets, shelves and showcases, and countertops.

You should get some of your installation kit along with the puck lights. The product package will usually include two-sided adhesive tapes and screws; you’ll use whichever one you prefer. Also included in the kit are cords with which you can connect the lights.

The energy and cost savings you’ll get with this product is quite impressive. These lights can slash the electricity bill you would incur with halogen alternatives by up to 90%.

Key Features:

  • Package Include: 6Puck Light, 1 remote, 3M tape, 1 LED Controler & Power Adaptor
  • Power source: Corded (Electricity) 100V-240V
  • Wattage: 2W
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Special Features: RF wireless LED controller

Watch Terry Peterman the internet electrician show you how to install under cabinet puck lights.

Buying Considerations

The age of incandescent, halogen and metal halide are far behind us. you do not have to travel to a far country to have a glimpse of the era of lighting we are currently in.

With LED light manufacturers competing and promising customers light that will last 15, 20, and 30 years and save you hundreds of dollars on electricity bills annually, You are then left with a plethora of lighting brands to choose from.

Under cabinet puck lights

As a buyer, you will be asking yourself questions like:

How many lumens do I need?

How bright will the chosen fixture be?

What color temperature do I need?

What of the CRI rating?

All these are an essential determinant of what your experience will be like with any LED-based light fixture.

This is just a general overview of what buying an LED light product entails.

If you’re going to shop for under cabinet LED puck lights, you will want to consider the following things before selecting a product from the shelf or clicking the order button at an online lighting store.

1. Preferred Power Source

Would you rather use wireless battery powered puck lights than lights wired to a central power source?

What cost and efficiency considerations are you looking at concerning either option?

That is why we considered the best among battery-powered puck light and also the best option if you decide to try out the wired option.

2. Energy Saving

LED lights do a far better job at this than any other alternative, as we’ve consistently mentioned in this article.

3. Aesthetics

Think about the degrees of brightness and colors that the products you’re considering could give you, and how these match the spaces and corners you’d like to illuminate.

While having aesthetics in mind, you should also be considering the flexibility of use. this is because since some puck light comes in numbers, they should be attractive enough to be used even in beautifies open places.

4. Size

Use smaller puck lights for narrower surfaces and broader ones for relatively bigger ones. It is important to know what size of puck light would help you achieve the sort of illumination you want for the spaces under your cabinet.

If you’re concerned about keeping the fixture hidden from sight, you may go for slimmer puck lights.

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting comes in a range of forms and sizes. They are also suitable for specific kinds of situations and needs. They fall into two big categories: wired and non-wired lights.

But if you’re thinking about purchasing one of these items, you may want a more detailed look at what’s on offer than just wiring.

Here’s a run through the types you’ll come across at any typical lamp store.

1. LED Light Bars

These long light bars are fairly new to the game; they’re usually cooler and brighter than other options used for under cabinet lighting, and they come with all the great qualities we love about LED lights.

As with puck lights, they may be hard-wired or plug-in; and they are fashioned to be a tougher alternative to the other under-cabinet lighting you’ll find on sale.

A lot of the LED light bar packages also include mounting screws and an inline connector.

2. LED Strip Light

This is your go-to if you’re more concerned about avoiding protruding fixtures than you are about bright illumination for your cabinets. Because strip lights can be stuck to stretch the whole length of the surface you want lit, they can light up spaces uniformly.

Installation of LED light strip is very easy: you merely need to stick them on the cabinet’s surface, and they’re good to go. And they’re not expensive at all.

3. Puck Lights

These are among the most widely used lightings in the category we’ av considered in this article. They are called ‘puck lights’ because of their resemblance to hockey pucks.

You have the option of using Xenon, halogen, or LED light bulbs; it’s up to you to choose whichever one you think would work for you.

We’d recommend that you go for LED puck lights, for reasons we’ll explain shortly.

Puck lights are easy to install. They come in various forms, can produce varying light colors and are often quite affordable.

Why We Recommend LED for Under Cabinet Lighting

So, why choose LED lighting over other alternatives for your under-cabinet (or in-cabinet) lighting needs?

Here are some reasons why.

LED Produces More Brightness Per Unit of Electricity

This is a fact for most types of lighting, and it is true of under cabinet lighting as well. An LED bulb could give you the same brightness as a halogen bulb while consuming up to 80% less electricity than the halogen option.

The higher the brightness(in lumens) you can get from a piece of LED puck light the less amount current will be needed to light up your under cabinet.

When you compare an LED with CFL for example, the way each converts electric currents to light is not the same.

This is because the brightness of the light is not proportional to the temperature of a bulb filament. That is why a 25W LED can easily shine brighter than a 40W CFL or Incandescent bulb if the LED is properly engineered.

Lumen rating on a product serves as an indicator of the amount of light a bulb can offer. While on the other hand, Watt rating tells you how the amount of power a bulb uses and not how bright.

LED Offers Variety of Lighting Options

Many LED bulbs are dimmable, and some can give off light in different colors. You could switch between warmer and cooler tones, or select yellow, blue, red, or any other color you’d like to play with at any given moment.

Most LED users love them because the good ones in the market all have a decent CRI (color rendering index) that helps you identify the exact colors of items in any indoor or outdoor setting that is using artificial light.

If you don’t understand CRI, then consider it this way. Daylight has a CRI of 100 and a color temperature of about 5000K.

Under daylight, all colors look original. blue does not look like red and yellow does not look like blue. Colors are not hard to identify and are not confusing in any way.

Most lighting product manufacturers aim to get their product to give out a light that has as high CRI as possible.

Based on industry-standard, lights with a CRI OF 80 and above is considered decent for a home.

They are Cost-Efficient

Types of lights including halogen and fluorescent, tend to consume a lot of energy compared to LEDs and could add a lot more to your electricity bills than LED will. You save up to 80% in energy costs when you choose LED over those other options.

Let me give you an example. A 15W LED that produces about 950lm of light used for 3 hours daily will add $1.20 from your electricity bill, If you decide to go for an incandescent with a 60W rating, and gives out the same 950lm, it will add about $7.60 annually.

Added to their energy efficiency, It may interest you to know that LED even after serving for years does not just go off the wat incandescent do. Instead, they undergo a gradual phase of “lumen depreciation”, which in plain terms means that the LED will begin to dim and dim for a while until it finally can not produce enough lumen to illuminate your home.

They have a Long Lifespan

LEDs are very cheap to run and are rated in tens of thousands of hours these imply tens of years of service from a single LED unit.

If you compare that lifespan to the 6 months to 1 year that an incandescent, for example, can serve you, you will see why you should always consider LED for all your lighting appliances.

With the prices of LED product dropping continuously by the year, you would see that a bulb will pay for itself within a few months, and then continue to serve for years to come.

When properly maintained, LED bulbs could last you up to 50,000 hours, or more than 20 years.


Under-cabinet puck lights can contribute a brilliant glow to the patches they illuminate. Perhaps a grasp of the ‘texture’ of hues and how they combine can help you pick the perfect lighting for your less lit-up surfaces.

But other aspects of lighting, such as energy conservation, cost-effectiveness, and convenience, are well within the sphere of any regular person’s understanding.

You can achieve these things with your under cabin puck lights simply by paying a little more attention to the details we’ve discussed here.