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How to Position Your Black Light

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One cool feature of black lights is that it can turn an ordinary bedroom, party room, or studio apartment into an artistic expression. This is because they are designed to create dim lights that cause white and light-colored things to take a glowing look. In addition to that, black lights are also used to bring out the designs in blacklight posters.

There is no doubt that older children, teens, and some adults or simply anyone who loves the rave lifestyle will enjoy having an eye-catching, glow-in-the-dark bedroom to show off to friends.

However, having a bedroom like that depends on the decoration, materials used and of course, how the black light is step up which is why I am writing this.

How to Position a Black Light in your Bedroom

If you would love to turn your ordinary room into a black light room, the process is as simple as installing any new lighting feature but first, it is essential to get the right kind of black light.

But you need to, first of all, buy fixtures for the black lights. Online stores like Amazon, B&H photo and the Black Light website sell black light fixtures. After sorting this out, you can now go ahead and choose the right lack of light to use.

Black light

The Next Question Now Is, How Can You Achieve This?

Black lights are usually available in single incandescent, compact fluorescent or halogen bulbs. It is important to make sure that the black light bulbs you purchase fit the lamp or light fixtures earlier purchased.

In addition to that, you need to be also sure that the fixture purchased did not come with any black light bulb before setting out to buy one. And if the fixture did not come with a bulb, then check the fixture packaging to see the size of the bulb required.

As for the types of black light available, incandescent black light is usually hot and emits little UV light. Fluorescent black light bulb, on the other hand, emits the most UV light. However, there are two types of fluorescent black lights and they include – blue-black light and blacklight blue.

A black-light blue lamp is made with a unique glass called “Wood’s glass”. This glass is known for filtering out most of the visible light, giving space for more UV waves to escape.

6 Black Light Ideas for your Room 

1. Paint your Walls with a Darker Color

Painting your room in a darker color especially if the walls are white, will add to the artistic ambiance that will come up when the black lights are turned on. But if you do not want the entire room to look too dark, then you can go ahead and paint an accent wall in a dark shade of purple, brown, charcoal, black, or navy blue. You can equally use navy blue or a lighter shade of the same color or analogous color.

2. Add Black Light Wall Art

In positioning black light in your room, you should also consider, that is to say, posters and tapestries that glow in the dark or rather known to be blacklight reactive. You should also use black light reactive fluorescent paint on your black accent wall to create your glowing artistic display.

3. Invest in Other Decorations

You should decorate your room with materials or objects that are blacklight reactive. These materials include UV flashlight which is not expensive, candles and beaded curtains. Do not forget the ceiling. You should place some glow-in-the-dark stars on it. Make sure you hang the beaded curtains in front of a door or hallway to show the entry and exit points.

You should also use a zebra-print area rug on the floor. This is because its white color will enable it to glow under the blacklight. In decorating all kinds of household objects, a blacklight reactive tape can be used to do that as it is not so difficult to apply and remove. All these materials will take your black light effects to the next level and when shopping for them, take a UV flashlight with you.

4. Installing Black Light Fixtures

Now, it is time for you to install the black light fixtures earlier purchased. Remember that these fixtures need to fit into the black light bulbs you purchased, too. Blacklight fixtures can be installed in different ways. That is probably the reason why they come with different installation instructions. These instructions must be followed religiously, although, the general method for installation is practically the same with other lighting fixtures.

How the Installation is Done

  1. Slide the fixture off of the back mounting plate by pulling the main fixture in one direction and mounting plate in the other.
  2. Use the screws provided with the fixture and attach the mounting plate to the wall.
  3. Slide the fixture back onto the mounting plate until it locks into place.

 5. Installing the Black Light Bulbs

After installing the black light fixtures, you can go ahead and install the black light bulbs into the fixtures. There are two types of bulbs – a tube bulb and a standard or twist bulb and their method of installation is different. In installing a tube bulb, line the contacts at the end of the bulb up with the slots on the fixture, then slide the bulb backward until it catches in place.

When installing a standard or twist bulb, place the bulb over the contact in the lamp and turn the bulb clockwise to screw it into the contact.

6. Other Lighting Fixtures

You should leave other standard lighting fixtures in your room. At least, they will provide ambient lighting when the black lights are not in use. Another reason why you should include other lighting fixtures is this – black lights may be good for display and decoration but they do not generally provide enough light for other daily activities.

For the ambient lighting you might need, an overhead fixture or floor lamp can be used. However, make sure you eliminate as much ambient lighting as possible when the black lights are in use. You can also use blackout curtains or shades on windows as well as incorporate other novelty lights for extra accent lighting.

These novelty lights could be Lava lamps and plasma lamps. Make sure that you place these lamps in positions where they will not interfere so much with the blacklight effect.

4 Tips on How to Make a Black Light Effective

I have explained earlier how black lights works. But to refresh your memory, remember that black lights are designed in such a way that they do not do much other than producing a dim, purplish glow. The real effect of a black light is noticed when an object that is UV reactive is exposed to it.

An object is UV reactive if it contains phosphors which react to UV-A radiation. You might ask, what is phosphor? It refers to a chemical substance that emits visible light when excited by UV energy. This substance is mainly used in fluorescent lamps.

Because blacklights do not produce more than a dim and purplish glow, you need to adopt a lot of tricks to make it more effective. As regards parties or clubs, below are some tips to make the black light efficient;

1. Make the Room Completely Dark

To make black lights more effective, make sure that space or the room it is been used is completely dark so that the only sources of light are the black lights. If there are windows, instead of using dark fabric, use aluminum foil to block out the light.

You do this by pressing the foil directly onto the glass. You then use your hand to shape it around the window frame. In addition to that, you can also hang dark sheets or heavy fabric in front of the door to block any incoming and unwanted light.

However, there are instances where no matter how you block other light sources from entering the room, if the walls are white, the black light will not be too effective. In this case, you should paint the walls in dark colors.

You can as well splatter the walls and ceiling of the room with blacklight paint. You can either spray the room before the party starts or supply your guests with black light paint and allow them to paint the room themselves.

This would make the party more fun and exciting. All you need to do is use a water-based-neon or glow-in-the-dark paint and let it loose, flinging the paint at every corner of the room.

2. Serve Glowing Drinks

Serving glowing refreshments which are also known as black-light refreshments is also another way of enhancing the effect of black light. There are two ways you can achieve this.

First, you can decide to serve drinks with glasses that wither glow under black light or contain LEDs. Or, you can serve drinks that glow under the blacklight.

You can black light responsive glasses in any store with party supplies. However, if you do not want to spend extra money buying those, you can use an antique Vaseline glass in serving the drinks. Vaseline glasses will glow green when exposed to black light.

As for the drinks, you can serve either white-milk or cream-based or just clear tonic water. When exposed under a black light, milk and cream-based drink will glow many colors while tonic water will glow a cool blue.

Apart from milk and tonic water, there are other ingredients you can use to make drinks glow under black light. These ingredients are not toxic and they include chlorophyll and vitamin B.

When shopping for these items, do not forget to go with a handy LED black light.

3. Serve Glowing Food

Another way to make black light effective in a party is to serve glowing food and snacks. Aside from cake, cookies or candles, many white or neon-colored icings can be added to the baked snacks to give them an impressive glow when under the black lights.

Alternatively, if you are looking for healthier choices, bananas would be a better choice. Whether the bananas are in or out of the peel, whole or sliced, they glow vibrant blue when exposed to the blacklight.

4. Decoration

To enhance the effect of black light, you need to decorate the room with objects that are blacklight responsive. Have it in mind that black light will reflect from anything white or fluorescent. It could be your clothing or decorations.

In decorating furniture, the easiest way you can do this is to buy rolls of different colored neon fabric. Go ahead and cut the fabric into suitable sizes after which you will use them as table cloths or to wrap your chairs.

However, if the quantity of the fabric is much, you can wrap the whole chair but if you have a small amount of fabric, you can cut it into smaller strips and tie bows on the back of the chairs.

One other tip you should know is this – when buying table cloths, the plastic ones are not a good option. This is because a table cloth may be white or neon-colored and you may assume it glows but the plastic material will not be able to absorb the black light the way the neon fabric will. To avoid this disappointment, it is better to use cotton or polyester materials instead of plastic.

Also, in decorating, you can use fluorescent body paint and makeup. They will help boost the effectiveness of the black light.


Positioning a black light is not as complicated as you might think. You need to understand how the light works. It will not only help you in setting up a black light room but will also help you think outside the box and come up with ways on how to make the black light more effective.