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Can You Cut Govee LED Lights?

LED strip lights

LED lights are one of the most interesting ways to light up and decorate a space. While cutting along a straight line may seem simple, you would be surprised at the number of people who destroy good strips. So can you cut Govee LED lights? Let’s find out. Can You Cut Govee LED Lights? Yes, …

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Do LED Lights Use Less Power?

Man wondering if LED lights use less power

Incandescent bulbs are being phased out of the market leaving you with two options: LED and fluorescent lamps. How can you choose between these two? One of the main deciding factors is definitely power usage. So, do LED lights use less power? Do LED Lights Use Less Power? Yes, LED lights use less power because …

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Do LED Lights Produce Heat?

Person trying to find out if LED lights produce heat

Do you wish to have a bright room especially in locations of your house that don’t have natural light? Unfortunately, some lighting options generate heat that can cause problems. Is that the case with LED Lights? Do LED lights produce heat? Let’s address this issue.  Do LED Lights Produce Heat? Yes, LED lights produce heat. …

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Why Are LED Lights Not Suitable for Enclosed Fixtures?

Black colored lighting fixture

While you can use LED lights in traditional lighting applications, you may be wondering why are LED lights not suitable for enclosed fixtures. If you want to change old bulbs into energy-saving LED lights, yet you have safety concerns, we’ll look into the right way of using LEDs in fixtures. Why Are LED Lights Not …

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Can You Paint LED Light Bulbs?

LED light bulbs with paint

Do you have some LED bulbs and are you wondering how to get creative with them? You might want to paint them to use them to brighten up your living spaces or as decorations for your evening party. Can you paint led light bulbs? Keep reading to learn more. Can You Paint LED Light Bulbs? …

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Can You Replace CFL With LED Bulbs?

CLF light bulb

CFLs used to be the best bulbs. However, LED bulbs have emerged as energy-saving lighting options. If you’re like most people, you may still be nervous about this new technology because you aren’t sure whether to make the switch. So can you replace CFL with LED Bulbs? Let’s find out. Can You Replace CFL With …

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Do LED Bulbs Contain Mercury?

LED bulbs containing mercury

LED lights are gaining popularity because they are more energy-efficient than other lighting options such as fluorescent lights. Also, unlike other ordinary light bulbs that contain dangerous materials, LEDs are safe to use. What about mercury content? Do LED bulbs contain mercury? Let’s find out. Do LED Bulbs Contain Mercury? No, LED bulbs do not …

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Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

LED lights attracting bugs in the ceiling

Do bugs appear from nowhere when you turn on the lights at night? Due to speculations as to whether LED bulbs attract insects or not, we wanted to address this issue. So do LED lights attract bugs? Let’s find out.  Do LED Lights Attract Bugs? LED light may not attract bugs since different bugs see …

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Do LED Lights Work With Photocells?

Outdoor LED lamp lights working with photocells

Most outdoor lamps use photocontrol systems to switch the lights off and on and to determine the level of ambient light. However, most conventional photocells work on currents that only adapt to ballast loads. So, do LED lights work with photocells? Let’s find out. Do LED Lights Work With Photocells?  No, LED lights do not …

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Best Colors to Go to Sleep With LED Strips

If you bought new LED strips for your bedroom, yet you have no idea which are the best colors to go to sleep with LED strips, this guide is for you. The color and intensity of light you expose yourself to directly affects your sleep. Therefore, it is crucial that you pick the right colors …

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How to Hide LED Strip Light Wires

Living room with well hidden LED strip light wires

Are those protruding wires left behind after installing LED lights giving you sleepless nights? You can easily hide them to give your room a tidier look. If you have no idea how to do this, don’t worry. We have prepared a special guide on how to hide LED strip light wires. How To Hide LED …

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How to Replace an LED Light Strip

Car LED light strip due for replacement

Do you have a problem with your LED light strips that need fixing or replacing? Well, you don’t necessarily need an electrician to do that for you. This straightforward DIY guide on how to replace an LED light strip will guide you through exactly what you need to do.  How To Replace an LED Light …

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