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How to Hardwire LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights about to be hardwired

The installation of LED strip lights is a simple process that does not require any technical know-how and you can do on your own. You only need LED strip lights, the ability to follow clear-cut instructions and you are good to go. If you don’t know where to start, this guide will help you learn …

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How Do LEDs Change Color?

Demonstrating how do leds change color

Over the years, manufacturers have devised ways to play with the color emission LEDs. How this is possible remains a mystery to most users. Some think that the color change happens in the plastic casing of the LED lights. Is that the case? How do LEDs change color?  How Do LEDs Change Color?  LEDs change …

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How Long Do LED Lights Last On Batteries

Woman wondering how long do led lights last on batteries

LED lights powered by batteries are versatile and economical. Whichever type you have, it is meant to serve you for a long while. This begs the question, how long do LED Lights last on batteries? We went through the statistics and research to figure out this important fact for you. How Long Do LED Lights …

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How to Wire LED Light Bar Without Relay

Learn how to wire led light bar without relay

If you are a regular driver, it is necessary to have sufficient light when on the road at night. Having an LED Light bulb wired is one essential step towards achieving confident driving. Sometimes you might want to avoid using a relay when wiring the LED light. That is why we prepared this step-by-step guide …

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Do LED Lights Interfere With WiFi?

a frustrated man over bad internet connection

Do LED lights interfere with WiFi? Do they create interference that makes your home or office WiFi connections act up? We probably wouldn’t be taking this question seriously if it wasn’t being asked by real people. Yet it does come up a lot, and there’s plenty being said about it. You’ll hear this with individuals …

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How to Light Up a Dark Room with No Natural Light

Dark room recieving natural light

When rooms go dark, our first resort may be to open up the windows and let the sunlight in. But what would you do if you didn’t have natural light to turn to? How would you light up your room if there’s no real or immediate way of getting a smattering of the sun’s rays …

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Why Are LED Lights Expensive [An In-Depth Look ]


Over the months, I have on numerous occasions seen where questions are being asked over the price tag of certain LED lighting product. Myself being an LED lighting enthusiast decided to dig deeper than the information I was already getting on why LED lights are expensive. After hours of surfing the net, I found out …

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Secret Things Blue Light Does to Your Body [With Reference Studies]

a lady sleeping in blue LED light

You are likely that you are interested in figuring out how blue light affects sleep and exactly how this happens. Well, in this post, you will learn how certain light spectrums alter sleeping habit and other human behaviors. You see there is something called the Circadian Rhythm, this is something like an inbuilt clock in …

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