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Can LED Lights Be Used in Range Hoods?

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Hood range plays an important role in the cooking process. It removes smoke, airborne grease, heat, steam, and other air products from your kitchen. It also serves as a place to put your lighting to. With LEDs as the better lighting efficient option, can LED lights be used in range hoods?

Can LED Lights Be Used in Range Hoods?

You can use most LED lights in range hoods because they don’t work well in a hot environment like on a range hood. However, some LED lights can resist heat and they’re specially made for hot places like range hoods, oven, and enclosed fixtures. LED lights that work in range hoods have the following qualities:

  • Compatible with range hoods
  • Durable
  • Heat-resistant
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Have good CRI (color rendering index) even in hot condition
Stove with range hood

Manufacturers have slowly turned to making range hoods with pre-installed LED lights. So there’s a high chance that you’ll have an LED lighting in your range hood if you’re planning to buy a new one. 

If you have an old range hood, some can use LEDs while others can’t. You can determine if your range hood can use LED or not. 

Can I Replace the Bulbs in My Range Hood with LEDs?

Incandescent and halogen bulbs just don’t compare to LEDs in terms of efficiency. That’s why a lot of people think about replacing any light source with LEDs nowadays. You shouldn’t force it and instead, look for the type of light bulb that’s recommended for your range hood. 

If your LED bulbs don’t work on range hoods, there might be a reason for this, it could that…

  • You use regular LED replacement bulbs that you typically see online and in retail shops. They have an ambient air temperature limit of 45° C. During the cooking process temperatures can reach up to 70° C – 80° C that will lower the lifespan of your LED. 
  • The heat from cooking will lower the LED’s efficiency and brightness. It won’t function as you want it to and will eventually degrade and become unusable. 
  • Your LED light bulb isn’t compatible with your range hood. Some LED light bulbs don’t work properly with range hoods that use mechanical controls.

Also keep in mind that, when replacing your bulb with LED lights you should replace it with an equivalent rating or below. For example, if your range hood can accommodate up to 75 watts, you can opt to go for a 60 watt light bulb.

What Makes Range Hoods and LED Incompatible?

Before, range hoods generally use incandescent and halogen light bulbs. They use heat to produce light that’s why they thrive under the range hood’s conditions. 

For LEDs, it’s the opposite. They don’t work better under hot conditions. There are 4 reasons why most regular LEDs are not compatible with range hoods:

Person tinkering with a range hood
  • Heat
  • Humidity
  • Grease and grime 
  • Vibration

As you cook, the steam from cooking rises up and usually hits the range hood and the lighting in it. It also brings heat along with it which isn’t good for LED lights. The steam also brings in water droplets so you need your LED bulbs water-resistant. 

You also have to watch out for grease and grime popping out that can stick to your LED light. These things came straight from a heating pan so they are very hot and affect your LED’s lighting. 

The vibration from the fans on your range hood may also shake up the LED’s internal components so you need LEDs that can withstand these vibrations. 

Can My Range Hood Use Both Halogen and LED Lights?

It’s rarely possible to use both halogens and LED lights in your range hood. It’s also not recommended to do so you better not try it. Always follow your range hood manual and use the recommended components. 

Some range hoods use drivers or transformers to control how much electricity flows. LED bulbs use drivers while halogen bulbs use transformers. So you need to pick one in order to use one. 

You can’t use both at the same time and both lighting options don’t work well if not using the appropriate voltage. LED bulbs would flicker and burn out under a transformer. They can even explode or pop out because of too much electricity loaded into it. 

How Do I Select LED Bulb for My Range Hoods?

Your LED bulb should check all of these criteria if you want them to work properly and last for a long time. 

Range hood with LED lights on
  • Designed for Range Hoods: you can find a lot of LED bulbs online that are specifically made for stove ranges and range hoods. 
  • Manages Heat Well: for LED bulbs, the main concern would be if it can endure soaring temperatures from cooking. Some LEDs may claim to be heat-resistant but you will never know until you actually test it. We recommend avoiding cheap LEDs because they use cheap materials that can easily burn. 
  • Durable Components: range hoods use fans to work so your LEDs might experience vibration oftentimes. You need components that are sturdy that don’t break easily from the shaking due to the vibration. 
  • Excellent brightness: what’s the point of replacing your light with LED bulbs if it’s not working better? Your LED should produce light that allows you to determine if your food is undercooked or overcooked. 

Related Questions

Now that we’ve clearly whether if and how we can use LED lights in range hood it’s time to answer a couple of related questions.

What Kind of Bulb Goes in a Range Hood?

Before, most range hoods use incandescent and halogen bulbs. Nowadays more and more manufacturers prefer using LEDs because of their efficiency. You may also see some halogen bulbs in some range hoods. 

If manufacturers can find a cost-effective way of making LEDs perfectly compatible with range hoods, we might see every range hoods in the market installed with LED bulbs. 

How Do You Change a LED Light on a Range Hood?

You can easily change most range hood bulbs with a twist or pull from your hood. Some also need a push to detach light bulbs from the range hood. 

Some range hoods have more protective layers for their lighting so you need to refer to their manual to properly change them. Also, remember that you might need a driver for your LED light to properly work.  


Some LED bulbs are specifically made for range hoods. While LED bulbs don’t fare well with heat. Manufacturers found a way to protect LEDs from heat so it can work on a range hood. Make sure you check if your LEDs are safe to use for range hoods before installing.