Best lighting for home

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You’ve probably heard or read people praising the beauties of LED light bulbs. Maybe the said benefits are well known to you- they last longer, use up much less energy and are more environmentally friendly than a lot of the other alternatives, have very little ultraviolet radiation, and will help you spend less on your energy needs in the long run.

But there’s a lot of lighting designs and products to choose from. It’s not as if they’re all one-dimensional pieces of glowing material. They come in various sizes, don’t have the same brightness levels, and may function to differing effect depending on where you place them.

In short, selecting the right kind of LED bulb for your home can be a headache.

Here, we’ll walk you through some tested and trusted tips for choosing bulbs that’ll serve the purpose you intend them to. Then we’ll dive into lighting styles for your kitchen and dining room -two parts of your home that could use LED lights –and discuss some of the better products that’ll work just fine for those spaces.

First, here are some things to bear in mind when you’re hunting for the perfect lighting for your home.

Make Sure It’s from a Trusted Manufacturer

There’s nothing wrong with trying out new brands and products; you never know what recently crafted gem hides in the midst of the more familiar things. But it’s better to find out what’s known about your new product before dabbling into it.

This is really just common sense advice. While you’re probably not going to be sinking a fortune into purchasing these lightings, you want to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Besides, a poor quality product could mean you’ll eventually incur more costs than you’ve budgeted for, especially if there’s damage caused by the lighting you obtained.

Select Suitably Shaped Bulbs

This isn’t a peripheral point unless you’re not bothered by the aesthetics of your living space. Every fitting in your home adds something to its general look. You’ll want to buy lighting that enhances the appearance of your dining or living room or fits with its style and architecture.

Something else you should bear in mind- bulb replacements should fit in with the sockets you want to fix them into.

LED lighting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes- globes, coils, domes, etc. So there’s a lot you can choose from.

Check for Lumens

Here’s what we mean in plain English: go for something with the right degree of brightness.

Many people think that brightness for LED light should be measured in Watts, just like in incandescent light bulbs. But it isn’t. And there’s a reason why.

Watts are a measure of energy consumption; on average, LED bulbs to consume fewer watts than, say, incandescent bulbs. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be just as bright.

If you want to check for the brightness of the lighting you want to buy, look up its Lumens instead. The Lumen is the unit of measure for the brightness of the lights you use in your homes. The standard measure says 60 W (watts) converts to 900 lm (lumens), and 25 W translates to 375 lm.

Now you know.

If You’re Undecided About Colour, Go for ‘Warm’ Lights

Warmer lights- like the ones you’d typically find with incandescent bulbs installed in homes –tend to suit the home environment better than most other color types. The so-called cooler options (like white) may work if they match parts of your house well enough. But the general rule tends to be that the ‘warmer’ yellow-orange hues give you the homely feel.

Place Your Bulbs in Spaces that Need Them

LED bulbs can be expensive- they’re certainly pricier than incandescent ones –so you might want to deploy them to the parts of your home in which they’re most urgently needed. Those parts could be the ones with bulbs that have just burnt out.

You can replace worn out bulbs gradually with LED lights until you’ve fixed them in every one of your home’s compartments.

Now that we have an idea what things you should be thinking about when selecting a LED bulb, we’re going to see what lighting styles and bulbs are possible with LED bulbs in your living room and kitchen.

Best Lighting and Lighting Styles for Your Living Room

Your living room may serve you for various purposes: relaxation, reading, entertaining guests, or even having a mini-celebration. Whatever you do there, your lighting should be conducive for it.

Here are a number of lightings you could install in your living room.

Brightech”Z” Wood Tripod Rustic Floor Lamp

This large drum-shaped fixture has you covered if you’re reading or relaxing in your parlor. It’s designed to suit a modern or contemporary living room layout, a purpose which you can probably tell from its warm 800-lumen lighting, wooden bases, and other unique aesthetic features.

The rustic floor lamp is best placed close to a sofa, where your reading or relaxation happens.

LED Recessed Lighting

The recessed lighting style is preferred by many home-owners because it makes their rooms look bigger, and casts light on parts of their walls they want to look more prominent. But there’s more to like about it.

This product can be switched between sixteen light colors by pressing the buttons on its remote device that correspond to those colors. You might only have use for a few of them most of the time, but there’s surely no harm in having your room bathed in unusual hues once in a while.

You have to carve out holes in your ceiling in which the lighting will be inserted. But that’s all the tough work you’ll have to do before you enjoy the benefits of this product.

Wireless Smart Wall Sconces

Imagine a sconce, the quintessential old style lighting décor, operated from a mobile app. Can you think of any better cross between yesterday’s elegance and today’s smartness?

That’s exactly what’s on offer with smart wall sconces. This wall-mounted multi-color piece laces your room with pleasant rays, at the command of your voice (it works well with voice controls), and is compatible with systems like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

The product comes complete with lamp shades, metal ornament mounts, LED light strip, and 6×AA batteries. There’s also no wiring required.

Royal Pearl Modern Foyer Pendant Light

Here’s the best description we can manage for this one: a circle ring powerhouse that’ll grant you fine warm white lighting for about 50,000 hours. And when it hangs from the ceiling, it douses your room in its glow.

It adds more than its own shine to your décor. The silver-colored iron, aluminum, and acrylic curved surface is a regal complement to whatever nice arrangements you’ve done in your living room.

Aipsun Indoor Modern Rectangular LED Wall Mount Lamp

This rectangular LED lamp can be mounted on a wall, where it’ll serve a space with a modern or contemporary layout. It’s environmentally friendly and energy saving (like most of the products we’ve described here), and typically have a long lifespan.

The casting shell is made of advanced aluminum (which doesn’t rust) and is structured just perfectly to let the light from its sides reflect across the room.

You can position the bar horizontally or vertically, as it suits your walls and the general set up in your space. It’s worth noting that this lighting can be used in bedrooms and offices too, in case you’re considering fixing it in those places.

Best Lighting and Lighting Styles for Your Kitchen

You’ll want brighter lights for your kitchen, to give it a mood in line with the delight of preparing sumptuous meals (seriously).

Following that thought, we present to you some great lighting fixtures for your kitchen, which you can select from with those five tips from the previous section in mind.

Led Batten Light Tube

This 20 W tube gives you a warm bright white light while saving up to 80% of the energy you’ll consume if you were using fluorescent bulbs. Thanks to its lampshade, it’ll light up your kitchen evenly, letting you enjoy its 2400 lm brightness to the full.

The lighting from this product is flick-free, doesn’t cast shadows, and doesn’t pose and is quite literally easy on the eyes (as long as your eyes engage with it as you would with any other lit bulb).

You could either fix this tube directly on the wall or let it hang from the ceiling (we’d recommend the former if you’re using it in a kitchen). The good thing is you don’t need to insert it into a preexisting fixture; you can simply install it on the wall with its accompanying kits.

Polished Bubble Glass Single Hanging Pendant Light Fixture

Go for this if you want something that’s both simple and a bit stylish. It’s basically a cylindrical bulb encased in glass, which hangs from a chrome-plated socket pendant. You will also like it if you prefer a soft white glow to the bolder (read: ‘harsher’) luminosity of some of the alternative LED lights available.

Another advantage you get with this long bubble is its adjustability. You can tweak the cord’s length to your taste, as long as ‘your taste’ means anywhere between 12” total inches and 72” total inches. Plus, it’s dimmable with regular LED dimmers. The manufacturer’s promise of a 50,000 hour lifetime is probably a fine icing on this shining cake.

You can use light pendants if you would like to adopt an ‘island’ lighting style- a fancy term for a bunch of lights hanging from the ceiling. They’ll give your kitchen a rich bright feel.

Wobane Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit

This package comprises flexible LED lighting strips and an adapter. You can fix the strips under your kitchen cabinet so that the light from it glows in the surrounding area. It has a brightness of about 1,000 lumens and consumes about 12 W of power- a relatively low amount of energy.

This lighting is fairly easy to install, and doesn’t need any screws fixed in the process of doing so- the job of keeping it stayed on your cabinet is done by a strong 3M tape. With it, your cabinet remains just as it is, without the punctures you would otherwise have had to create to attach lightings to it.

If you’re pondering possible safety concerns for having strings of light stuck under your furniture, you’ll be glad to know that there’s very little to worry about. The strings are touchable and are unlikely to burn the material to which they’re appended.

LEDERA Wireless LED Puck Lights

These round puck lights can be turned on or off either by remote or by tapping them. When they6’re on, they can grace your kitchen with varying degrees of brightness- from 2,700 K (Kelvin) to 6,500 K, or in simple terms, from warm mellow white to cool bright white.

You can move between degrees of brightness by using the remote’s dimming function buttons. Note that your remote devices are powered by batteries (as are the puck lights), so you may want to have those around just in case the ones installed in the controller and lights die out.

It’s easy to fix these things in your kitchen. They come with adhesive pads which you can use to hold them on the surface you intend to fix them. The downside of this is that these pads aren’t easily removable, so you have to be extra sure about where you’d use them before sticking them there.

Youtob LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The circular spaceship-like ceiling light is designed to illuminate your kitchen (or any other room in which you’d want to use it) from above. It’ll save you up to 85% of the energy you’ll consume with an incandescent light bulb with a similar degree of brightness (about 1200 lumens and 4,000 K temperature color).

Putting this one up your ceiling shouldn’t be hard. Follow the product’s instruction manual and you’ll fix it like a pro.