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Best LED Flat Panel Light [2021 Review]

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In recent years, there has been a massive adoption of Led flat panel lights into modern industrial, commercial, and residential settings. These panel lights are not just aesthetic beauty, but they as well offer excellent luminous efficacy. 

In this article on the best LED flat panel lights, I will walk you through a list of well researched LED panel light available on the market.Let us begin.

Our Top Recommendation

Based on this review, Hykolity Architectural LED Panel Lights is the editors’ choice for the best LED panel light.

Hykolity Architectural LED Troffer 2x2 FT 36W...
  • 【Energy Saving 】The 2x2 LED Troffer provides 4500 lumen, 4000K neutral white lights with 80%...
  • 【Great Performance & Long Service Life】The design of “center basket” provides smoothly...
  • 【0-10V Dimmable】Energy-efficient 0-10V dimmable drivers helps meet local energy codes. Note:...

An LED is an excellent light source(SSL) that gives off light with the aid of an electric current flowing through it while producing minimal heat and using less energy.

Over the years, technological advancements have done well to see LEDs make the transition from being used strictly for specialized applications, to being used both commercially and domestically.

They are ideal replacements for incandescent and fluorescent lighting, thanks to their brighter, more dynamic nature.

The advantages that LED lights have over other conventional lighting methods include –

  1. Lower energy consumption
  2. Long life span
  3. Brighter lighting due to higher lumen output
  4. They are cheaper in the long run
  5. Lesser heat

As far as compatibility is concerned, LED panel lights are an excellent fit in a commercial and industrial setting.

You can use the 2x2 or 2x4 panel light to replace fluorescent troffers without the need to remove or remodel the already existing drop ceilings in your home or workplace.

Not just that, they can also be flush-mounted with a drywall ceiling, just in case you do not have a drop ceilings.

In most cases, LED panel lights are manufactured in standard 2” x 2”, 2” x 4” and 1” x 2” sizes that are perfect fits for a drop ceiling.

We review the best 2”x 2” and 2” x 4” LED flat panel lights and our review will be in two categories of LED panel lights;

  1. Best Commercial LED panel light
  2. Best Dimmable LED panel lights

However, there are a few things you need to consider before you purchase your first (or next) set of LED panel lights.

These include:

Whether the light you need should be dimmable.

What color temperature should you buy?

The durability of the lighting unit you are considering?

How energy-efficient is the Panel light?

 In a nutshell, Whatever buying decision you make, it should suit the needs of the room, office, or any other space you wish to install them.

That being said, let us proceed to review the top 2” x 2” and 2” x 4” LED flat panel lights available on the market.

Best Overall
Hykolity Architectural LED Panel Lights
Best Commercial Panel light
EVE LED Flat Panel Light
Best Dimmable Panel Lights
Hykolity 2×4 LED Flat Panel Light
Hykolity Architectural LED Troffer 2x2 FT 36W...
EVE UL LED Panel 2-Pack Light 2x2ft 30W 5000K 3600...
Hykolity 2x4 FT LED Flat Panel Troffer Light, 50W...
Aluminum, Polycarbonate Cover
Best Overall
Hykolity Architectural LED Panel Lights
Hykolity Architectural LED Troffer 2x2 FT 36W...
Best Commercial Panel light
EVE LED Flat Panel Light
EVE UL LED Panel 2-Pack Light 2x2ft 30W 5000K 3600...
Aluminum, Polycarbonate Cover
Best Dimmable Panel Lights
Hykolity 2×4 LED Flat Panel Light
Hykolity 2x4 FT LED Flat Panel Troffer Light, 50W...

Best LED Panel Light | LED Panel Light 2x4 & 2X4ft Review

1. Hykolity Architectural LED Panel Lights

Hykolity Architectural LED Troffer 2x2 FT 36W...
  • 【Energy Saving 】The 2x2 LED Troffer provides 4500 lumen, 4000K neutral white lights with 80%...
  • 【Great Performance & Long Service Life】The design of “center basket” provides smoothly...
  • 【0-10V Dimmable】Energy-efficient 0-10V dimmable drivers helps meet local energy codes. Note:...

Hykolity is a renowned brand that produces high quality LED lights, and they’ve been doing so since 2011.

As far as energy saving goes, this product will save up to 80% energy over its total lifespan. Its ability to provide 4680 lumens at 5000k daylight white light notwithstanding

The light gives you an awe-inspiring LED efficiency at 130lm/W.

Hykolity 2 x 2 LED panel lights are also straightforward to install; the super-thin/super-light LED troffer can be fitted directly into a grid ceiling using the mounting clips.

This product has an emergency backup feature, which allows it to switch to the emergency mode automatically and can supply power for as long as 90mins in the event of a power failure.

The brightness can be dimmed, and it is compatible with almost all LED dimmers available on Amazon, and each of the fixtures can cover an area with dimensions of 9 x 9 ft. When installed at 8-10ft height.

  • The light fixtures are very sturdy
  • They are dimmable
  • It has an emergency backup power
  • Saves up to 80% energy over its lifespan
  • At $269, it is pretty expensive

2. LED Fantasy 2x2ft Flat Panel Lights

LED FANTASY 2x2 FT Edge Lit LED Panel Dimmable...
  • ✔ SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY - These 2x2 LED panels lights can replace the equivalent of 420W...
  • ✔ QUALITY ASSURANCE - These LED panels are UL, DLC, CE, ROHS approved, and we offer a 5 year...
  • ✔ EASY INSTALLATION - These flat panel lights are designed with the simplest and quickest...

These lights are an ideal replacement for 120W fluorescent tubes.

They will also save you as much as 80% in energy usage, pretty amazing, right?

Its long-lasting use is one of the many unique features of this product; it has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, so it’s guaranteed to serve you for many years.

The light is dimmable and has a color temperature of 5000k daylight white in color temperature.

This product doesn’t flicker as many other panel lights do; they are also very easy to install as you can do it all by yourself.

These lights are designed mainly for commercial environments but can be used domestically as well.

  • It is durable despite its light and easy to install
  • At $94, they are very affordable
  • At 5000k, some customers on Amazon have complained that the lights are too bright for smaller spaces

3. ASDA 2X2 LED Panel Light

No products found.

These lights are excellent for use in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and stores.

They are also energy saving and will significantly help you save on electricity bills.

This UL certified product is easy to install, and it does not produce heat. The panels come in 22W, 27W, 40W and 60W and they have a fantastic 50,000-hour lifespan.

Its direct-lit panels look quite similar to the regular fluorescent troffer, so it maintains that old style that you’ve gotten so used to.

  • At $84, it is a good value for money.
  • It is very light. It weighs just 7.8 pounds
  • It may be efficient and functional, but there have been issues of its post-installation ugliness

4. Designer Fountain LED Panel Light

Designers Fountain PF2240XMD27 2700K LED Panel 2'...
  • Quick and easy installation - with a high quality internal driver, this panel light can be surface...
  • High performance - a smooth White cover allows for uniform light output at a stunning 4000 lumens to...
  • Wide application - widely installed in home, hotel, office, meeting room, show room, hospital,...

Designers Fountain LED panel lights are great for lighting up pool table areas, small offices, hospitals, and retail shops.

It is designed with a polycarbonate lens that has a frosted center; this design allows it to produce a very smooth, non-harsh illumination.

It can save as much as 65% energy over its total lifespan and can last for as long as 23 years (at an average usage rate of 5-6 hours per day). That’s great if you ask me.

It is light, easy to install, and is UL & DLC certified. This product is noiseless, and it doesn’t flicker. It is also eco-friendly as it produces zero ultraviolet radiation.

  • It is noiseless
  • Produces zero UV radiation
  • At 2700k, it is not bright enough to light up larger spaces

5. EVE LED Flat Panel Light

EVE UL LED Panel 2-Pack Light 2x2ft 30W 5000K 3600...
  • LED 2x2FT Panel lighting- This 30W LED panel can replace 2 x 2FT fluorescent tubes (150W Equivalent)...
  • Comprehensive Application - LED light panels are designed for residential and commercial suspended...
  • Easy Installation - This panel ceiling light can be built-in directly for quick installation....

When you speak of durability, the EVE 2-PACK panel is as tough as they come.

The LED panels are made with reinforced frames that keep it secure and sturdy.

It is also scratch-resistant, thanks to its thermoplastic coating. The light has a transparent polycarbonate lens with a frosted center that produces a beautiful illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots.

This product is energy efficient, and it can last up to 5 times longer than regular fluorescent panels.

  • Value for money at $69
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compatible with surface mounting installation
  • It doesn’t flicker
  • Even though the lights are dimmable, you still need to purchase a special dimmer switch before you can enjoy that particular function

Best Dimmable LED Panel Light

Let’s take a look at our top picks for the best dimmable LED panel lights.

6. Hykolity 2x4 LED Flat Panel Light

Hykolity 2x4 FT LED Flat Panel Troffer Light, 50W...
  • Up to 75% energy saving- Back-lit LED flat panel light is an innovative alternative to 200W...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Smoothly dimming compatible with 0-10V dimmers. No flashing, No noise. Smooth PMMA...
  • Quick&easy installation-Drop ceiling panel light is designed with mounting clips on the sides and...

These are edge-lit panels that are suitable for use in drop ceilings.

They are also compatible with a flush mount kit to be mounted on a ceiling or wall.

These panels give you uniform light distribution, thanks to its smooth PMMA cover.

They can be dimmed from 0-10v and are compatible with most LED dimmers.

This product has an impressive 5750lm brightness, yet it still manages to save a lot of energy.

It has an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours, so it will serve you a long time. It weighs just 10 pounds, and it is quick and easy to install.

  • They are very bright, suitable for wide lighting rooms or large hallways
  • They are long-lasting
  • It is compatible with most LED dimmers
  • You have to buy the flush mount kit separately
  • At $139, it is quite expensive

7. LTIMATE 2x2 Ultra Thin LED Flat Panel Light

2x2FT 40W 5000K Cool White, Ultra Thin LED Flat...
  • √BRIGHTEST LUMENS - SMD 2835,up to lm,super efficiency 130lm/w.Save energy by as much as 80% when...
  • √EASY TO INSTALL - Recessed installation.Surface mounted and Hanging installation should contact...
  • √STABLE - UL driver,long lifespan.Driver installed well.0-10V dimming led panel light

This is another edge-lit ceiling panels can be used just about anywhere a 2 x 2 fluorescent troffer is used.

They are excellent for home use, office, hallways, and shopping malls.

These dimmable panels do not flicker and are very silent, giving off a minimal buzz.

This product also gives you multiple mounting options e.g. surface mounted, built-in, or suspended.

They are designed to last you a very long time. Having a 45,000 hour functioning period is no small feat!

  • They are dimmable
  • They are edge-lit
  • They look outstanding when mounted, thanks to its Ultra-Thin nature
  • You have to purchase the surface mount kit separately
  • It comes in only one size

8. LTIMATE 2X4 Ultra Slim Flat Panel Light

The LTMATE 2 x 4ft 60w 6600lm LED Flat panel lights are designed to replace 180w fluorescent tubes and can potentially save you as high as 65% on power bills.

This product has an estimated lifespan of over 45,000 hours of usage, and it distributes light smoothly and evenly. It does not flicker, and it produces zero hot spots. They are 0-10v dimmable.

These panels are ideal for hospitals, schools, airports, showrooms, and offices.

  • The ballasts are already installed in the panel. for installation, wiring all that is needed.
  • They are edge-lit panels
  • They are dimmable
  • It produces zero buzzes, and it doesn’t flicker
  • The flush mount kit is sold separately
  • At 31 pounds weight, it is a bit too heavy

9. Allsmartlife 2x2 LED Flat Panel Light

2x2 LED Flat Panel Light, Allsmartlife 2x2FT LED...
  • ENERGY SAVING: The 2x2FT LED Edge-Lit Flat Panel can replace 140W halogen bulb(140W Equivalent),...
  • DIMMABLE LED FLAT PANEL LIGHT: 0-10V dimming led panel lights. It provides a smooth dimming function...
  • INSTALLATION: This 2x2 LED panel light can be recessed in T-Grid ceiling in home, schools, hospitals...

The great thing about this product is that it’s suitable for almost every application.

The 2 x 2 LED panels are compatible for use with your already existing ceiling grid. They can be installed easily with no hassles whatsoever.

Also, They are lights are edge-lit and offer and dimmable as well. They come in 4-Pack so they are ideal for larger rooms, hallways or wide office spaces.

These wonderful sets of LED lights are UL and DLC certified and are qualified for rebates.

  • They are easy to install
  • They produce natural white brightness
  • Gives off smooth, and even lighting
  • Doesn’t flicker
  • It is quite pricey, $188

10. Luxurite 2x4 LED Panel Light

Luxrite 2x4 LED Flat Panel Light with Emergency...
  • BATTERY BACKUP - Feel safe and secure knowing that you will have light when it matters the most....
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY - Each 2x4 LED panel light pushes the limits of standard light output in order to...
  • VERSATILE INSTALLATION - A simple and convenient 2x4 flat panel LED light which can be installed...

As far as brightness is concerned, this is one of the best-LED panel lights available in the market.

Each of the 2 x 4 LED panels produces 7500 lumens of light, which are 0-10v dimmable. Its design is simple and convenient for installation into drop ceilings, used with a surface mounting kit, or hung from your ceiling.

Having an estimated lifespan of over 50,000 hours means you won’t be replacing them anytime soon.

They are ideal for hospitals, supermarkets, event centers, malls, wide parking lots, schools, large office spaces, and conference rooms.

  • They are much lighter than other 2 x 4 LED panels
  • Low power consumption
  • They are easy to install
  • The surface mount kit needs to be purchased separately

What are the Pros and Cons of LED Panel Lights

What are the Different Uses of LED Panel Light

Restaurants Lighting

LED panel light can be used to light up countertops in coffee shops or restaurants. A restaurant with the perfect lighting level will attract more customers.

Also, using dimmers for lighting control in a restaurant can make a lot of difference. With light dimmers, you can adjust the lighting level to fit the mood required for an occasion.

In some restaurants and confectionaries, the food display is lit with LED panel light. The lights used in such cases is smaller in size than the LED panel light used in ceilings.

Backlighting in Photo Studios

If you know about photography, then you should be familiar with the vital role of lighting in photography and filming.

Backlighting is a technique in photography that illuminates an object from the back while the lighting fixture and photographers face each other with the object in-between.

LED panel light of various sizes can be installed in photo studios for that purpose

Lighting for Exhibitions

A trade show, art exhibitions, and Museum, to mention a few are places or events where light is a priority. This is because some trade shows may be a 24-hour event running through the night.

This is where LED panel lights come in. Panel light can be an excellent option when you want to illuminate items on display with style. Popular brands install LED panel lights in their showrooms to provide different lighting styles for their business.

Illuminated Floors

The illuminated floors is a popular trend that can be seen in weddings, or party hall or some disco dance floor. They are floors with panels or tiles that light up with different colors

These flooring styles are not just for special event center as they have recently been creatively implemented in luxurious homes and hotels.


How long does LED lighting last?

Being that LED chips power them, LED panel lights have an incredibly long life span.

Most manufacturers claim as long as 50,000 hours. With that, LED lights last between 20 to 80 times longer than the seemingly phased out incandescent bulbs.

With the current statistics for LED light longevity, your light will last five years if it is powered on 27/7.

Which LED panel lights are better, round or square?

It depends on where you want to install the fixture. Though square panel light tends to be more popular, round one is also in use.

The round panel light is more decorative and suitable for small areas like bedrooms than shops or commercial environment.

For offices or more corporate settings, I recommended that you use the square type.

What is the difference between backlit and edge-lit led panel light?

Backlit and edge-lit lighting are two common ways manufacturers place the LEDs that light up the panel light.

Edge-lit LED panel light does have its light source mounted on the edge of the light fixture.

This method is the preferred method of mounting the LED in panel light since the beam is not straight but rather redirected with a diffuser that makes the light output more efficient, soft, and smooth.

On the other hand, the backlit LED panel light has its light source placed at the back of the panel and spreads through it. for uniform brightness to be achieved, the LED chips are installed some distance between the light source and the panel to deliver even spread

Is an LED troffer the same as LED panel lights?

What is the white glass or plastic cover on led panel lights called?

They are called light diffuser sheet. The sheets are meant to evenly spread light the light beams from the LEDs, thus eliminating any dark or bright spot on the fixture.

Does the ceiling LED panel lights to get completely flushed in the ceiling at the same level

Panel lights are fitted in the ceiling. Most 2x2 and 3x4ft lights come with installation accessories that make them flush into the ceiling. Troffers may still protrude and after installation.

What’s the difference between LED ceiling light and panel light?

See the image below.

LED ceiling light vs panel light
Photo Credit: Olafus on Quora

Overall we have reviewed the 10 best-LED panel Lights that are among the best brands in the market.

Unbiasedly, our review has been based on special features of the individual products, their functionality, long-lasting ability and of course price (value for money)

We do hope these reviews have been helpful as far as your plans to purchase high quality LED panel lights are concerned.

The video below shows how to easily install a LED panel light.