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Best Lights for Growing Plants Indoors [2021 Review]

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People choose to grow plants indoors for various reasons.

Sometimes, it’s because they want a compact space where they can tend seedlings before being transferred to the field. In other cases, it might be that such indoor spaces allow gardeners and farmers to grow more crops per square meter than they could manage outdoors.

Perhaps the plants are an aesthetic enhancement to the home environment.

Whatever your reason for having plants indoors maybe, you’ll need the best light for growing plants indoors.

Our Top Recommendation

Based on this review, Shengsite 50W Grow Lights is the editors’ choice for the best light for growing plants indoors.

Led Grow Light, Shengsite 75W Plant Grow Lights...
  • 【IMPROVED GROWTH EFFICIENCY】250 (186 red & 64 blue) high quality LED lights effectively utilize...
  • 🌱【SAFER TO USE & SAVE YOUR MONEY】Shengsite led growing lamp adopts 250pcs Gree LED beads,...
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Indoor grow lights are meant to give plants the right kind of light for them to grow and stay healthy.

Plants won’t get perfect sunlight while you shield them from the sun, so you’ll have to come up with some artificial lighting for this. And that’s where the best indoor grow lights become a valuable acquisition.

Grow lights help plants carry on with photosynthesis, budding, growth, flowering, and fruit-bearing at levels similar to what they could achieve if they were out in the open.

In this led grow light review, we’ll be looking at some of the best grow lights for your indoor plants. But first, we’ll try to understand the types of lights you could use for this purpose.

Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Review

These are some of the best grow lights you’ll find on Amazon or any other online marketplace.

Best Overall
Shengsite 50W Grow Lights
Best Hight End Grow Light
Phlizon CREE COB Series 1500W LED Plant Grow Light
Best Cheap Pick
ACKE - Glow-Light
Led Grow Light, Shengsite 75W Plant Grow Lights...
Phlizon CREE COB Series 1500W LED Plant Grow Light...
ACKE Grow Light 12W
Suitable For
all types of plants, indoor use only
fit for any growing stage of your plant.
specially suitable for seedlings' growth
50,000 hours
50,000 hours
50,000 hours
Best Overall
Shengsite 50W Grow Lights
Led Grow Light, Shengsite 75W Plant Grow Lights...
Suitable For
all types of plants, indoor use only
50,000 hours
Best Hight End Grow Light
Phlizon CREE COB Series 1500W LED Plant Grow Light
Phlizon CREE COB Series 1500W LED Plant Grow Light...
Suitable For
fit for any growing stage of your plant.
50,000 hours
Best Cheap Pick
ACKE - Glow-Light
ACKE Grow Light 12W
Suitable For
specially suitable for seedlings' growth
50,000 hours

1. Phlizon CREE COB Series 1500W LED Plant Grow Light

Phlizon CREE COB Series 1500W LED Plant Grow Light...
  • COB TECHNOLOGY LEDS- CREE COB is known for high power and stability. COB, higher brightness, smaller...
  • EXTREMELY HIGH PPFD- PPFD, Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density,Hanging at 18", the PPFD is 1205...
  • FULL SPECTRUM- The CREE COB LED itself is a full spectrum led lamp integrated design bead. We have...

The Philizon CREE is a rectangular box with LED bead lights lining one of its broadsides. The beads are full-spectrum, energy-saving, and emit very little heat. It also gives a lot of bright light for the 250 watts it consumes.

The LED beads include red, blue, white, and infrared lights. The infrared rays are typically dim, but they are functional.

You’ll have to vary the distances between the board and your plants at different growth stages to achieve the best possible results. For example, hang them about 30-40 inches above if the plants are at germination or seedling stages, and 24-30 inches when they’re blooming. You can also have the lights on anywhere between 10 and 12 hours a day, with longer hours for earlier growth stages.

At full functionality, one of these lights can cater to plants in a 3×3 growing tent or space, and two may do for a 5×5.

  • The grow light has an inbuilt cooling system
  • Has a durable design that affords long service life
  • They have good customer support
  • Not suitable for a large growing area

2. Ankace 60W Tri Head Grow Light

Grow Light, Ankace 3 Head Timing, 5 Dimmable...
  • Auto turn on/off & timing function: Grow Light is an automatic timing function and a USB plug (comes...
  • Efficient red/blue LED combination: This LED lamp has grow lights made up of 60 efficient growing...
  • 5 Dimming model & 3 switch model : Grow lamps provides 5 dimming modes and 3 spectrum modes to suit...

Ankace grow light is somewhat different from the others we’ve considered thus far. Its three transparent rods, each containing LED several chips, on a stand by flexible gooseneck fixtures.

Some of the LED chips produce red light, and others yield a blue shine. When they’re both on, they create pink-purple lighting, characteristic of many an LED grow light.

Some advantages come with this lamp’s form.

You can change the direction in which the light is shining just by turning the flexible goosenecks accordingly.

The base is also a metal clamp; you can clip it to surfaces of desks or other flat working surfaces.

Ankace light has a timer that powers the light on/off automatically for certain hours and at a specific time of the day.

You can set it to run for 3, 6, or 12 hours.

And if you think it’s too dim or too bright for your plants, you can switch to one of four other lighting modes.

  • Has a 1-year offer for replacement
  • Flexible lighting with the multi-level light output up to 5 level
  • Has a timer can be set for 3, 6, or 12 hours
  • Doesn’t have a sturdy build

3. ACKE – Glow-Light

The ACKE glow light works well for all stages of plant growth, but better with seedlings.

A frosted diffuser makes the light soft and evenly distributed, without glare.

As a result, it fits perfectly with a range of interior home designs. And unlike most of the lights we’ve reviewed thus far, this one is waterproof. Not surprisingly, you can use it as lighting for small aquariums.

This design includes a rotatable bracket, which lets you adjust the slant of the lighting angle.

Installation is relatively easy; you only need to hang it on proper support so that it shines above your plants.

The ideal coverage area for this light is 1 square foot (1×1ft). Try to keep it between 8 and 15 inches from the plant.

  • It comes with a versatile mounting option. You can hang it with a zip tie, or you can use the flat surface mount
  • Comes with two snap connector that you can choose from.

    4. BESTVA Reflector Series 1200W LED Grow Light

    No products found.

    Aluminum box grow lights are legion, but this one is built with extra unique features that let you do more.

    For example, there are two switches, VEG and BLOOM, with which you can change the lighting to suit plants at different growth stages.

    • VEG adjusts the luminosity and spectrum to suit seedling growth;
    • BLOOM primes these to boost flowering and fruit production. You can also have both switches on, to give you a third lighting mode.

    A series of small red and blue LED chip compartments are hidden behind a large reflector lens. There are also four infrared rays, which could promote stem growth and node spacing.

    Aim for a recommended coverage area of 3.8 ×4.8 ft from a height of 24 inches. You can have them on about 15-18 hours a day if they’re serving seedlings, and 12-14 hours for plants in the flowering stage.

    • The light has a 10W double chip for extended life
    • Comes with a standard 3-year warranty
    • 1200w BESTVA is its very sturdy led light
    • Responsive customer service
    • Due to the high intensity of the light, there is a possibility of plant burn out if not used with proper monitoring

    5. KingLED Plus 1200w LED Grow Light

    KingLED Newest 1200w LED Grow Lights with LM301B...
    • HIGH QUALITY LED GROW LIGHT: KingLED grow light has adopted the newest LM301B LEDs and 10 times...
    • FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT: The proportion of the spectrum has been adjusted in order to provide...
    • COST-EFFECTIVE LED GROW LIGHT: Different from the traditional HPS, Our 1200W LED light adopts a...

    The King Plus LED grow light has a similar build with the Bestva reflector. It’s a rectangular box (15.8 x 8.4 x 2.4 inches) made of aluminum, with blue, red, white, infrared, and ultraviolet sections of the light spectrum all represented.

    They are emitted by LED chips that sit behind a large lens on one broadside of the box.

    The VEG and BLOOM buttons are present as well and serve different growth stages.

    The manufacturers’ product description says this grow light could last you 100,000 hours.

    There’s also a 3-year warranty on it, and a 90-day window for free return in case it has issues early on.

    • The light offers one of the best light spectrum for plant growth
    • Recommended for beginners and small scale growers
    • A highly Energy-efficient grow light at 185V
    • The light has a wide coverage area.
    • Best for amateur growers

    6. Shengsite 50W Grow Lights

    Led Grow Light, Shengsite 75W Plant Grow Lights...
    • 【IMPROVED GROWTH EFFICIENCY】250 (186 red & 64 blue) high quality LED lights effectively utilize...
    • 🌱【SAFER TO USE & SAVE YOUR MONEY】Shengsite led growing lamp adopts 250pcs Gree LED beads,...
    • 🌱【PLANTS’ LUCKY STAR】Our LED grow lamps widely apply to succulents, bonsai, various flowers...

    The Shengsite grow light consists of a large number of red and blue LED beads dotting a circular aluminum plate, that is meant to be hung above indoor plants.

    The product package includes the hanging kits and power cords you need to make them useful.

    Thanks to its extensive surface area, it’s able to shine over broader areas than many other kinds of grow lights.

    A wide range of plants benefit from this; seedlings can sprout under its bright glow, and reasonably healthy vegetables will thrive under it as well.

    Be careful to not look directly at the light when it’s working.

    If you can, have sunglasses on while you’re working within its immediate sphere. Also, don’t use it in wet settings; it’s not waterproof, and it may get damaged if it’s drenched in water.

    The Shengsite 50W grow light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours (several years) and a one year warranty from the producers.

    • The light has a widespread that covers a lot of space
    • The light is very bright and suitable for various indoor plant
    • Base on customer review on Amazon, The light may not be up to 50W as advertised

    Best LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants

    7. The GE Grow Light LED Bulb

    GE Lighting Grow Light BR30 LED Light Bulb for...
    • Grow your plants throughout the year: These LED grow lights for indoor plants (full spectrum)...
    • The perfect plant grow lights for your home: Show off your indoor garden without harsh or unsightly...
    • Long-lasting, low energy and low heat plant light bulb: The GE plant lights for indoor plants (full...

    This bulb delivers a balanced spectrum of light. Instead of the regular ‘strands’ of blue and red, you’ll get with many LED grow lights.

    The balanced spectrum incorporates both colors in the right ratio that your plants need for photosynthesis and growth.

    While it does give off a good deal of brightness (enough for regular indoor plants and nursery sections), it only consumes 9 watts.

    It’s a lot of energy savings and, consequently, lower bills to pay on power.

    The manufacturers are also keen to point out its high Photosynthesis Photon Flux (PPF), which is a measure of the light required for photosynthesis.

    Because of its ‘daylight’ hue, it’s easier on the eyes than many other LED bulbs (those tend to have a purplish glow because of the combination of red and blue lights they emit).

    You can insert one of these bulbs in a  lamp holder that hangs directly above your plants.

    The GE grow light is great for growing greens and herbs, as well as fruit-bearing plants like tomatoes and cucumbers.

    • Easier on the eyes than those overly blue “daylight” bulbs
    • Good value for your money and perfect for beginner
    • Bulbs make a loud buzz sound that could be irritating
    • The bulb looks unnecessarily large

    8. SANSI 10 W Daylight LED Grow Light Bulb

    SANSI Grow Light Bulb with COC Technology, Full...
    • Secondary optical design PPF: 16.8umol/s, PPFD:97.91μmol/s/㎡@1FT: . Through the lens for...
    • Imitate the solar spectrum Customize a more ideal full life cycle full spectrum supplementary light...
    • Patented COC technology Chip on Ceramic, SANSI's patented technology replaces the traditional Mcpcb...

    This bulb is funnel-shaped, with a top that’s dotted by LED beads. It emits full-spectrum light with a color akin to the sun’s rays.

    That’s a good thing for your plants; they’ll be growing in lighting conditions that aren’t too different from what they’ll get in the open.

    There are about 90 lumens of brightness produced for every watt consumed by this bulb- a significant energy-saving capability in anyone’s book.

    It’s also built to dissipate heat fairly quickly, a feature that’s supported by its ceramic technology and hollowed-out design.

    If you’re using this product, be sure that it’s fixed between 7 and 19 inches above your plants.

    The light it produces should cover an area of up to 3 square feet. The bulb can be inserted into regular E26 sockets and doesn’t require any extra fittings to hold up.


        9. BlueX 100W LED Grow Light Bulb

        3 Pack BlueX 100W LED Grow Light Bulb A19 Bulb -...
        • Energy Saving Bulb. Enjoy natural warm lighting without the high electric bills. This low, 120V...
        • High-Performance. Each grow light bulb emits a 1600 Micromoles, Red and Blue ends of the visible...
        • Plant Growth. Perfect for indoor gardens and suitable for damp locations, these LED A19 bulbs...

        This one comes as two bulbs, which you’ll get for the price of one. Make sure you deploy both if it’s a sizeable plant!

        They’ll bathe your crops in a pinkish glow, which is a combination of the blue and red parts of the light spectrum- the ones they need the most.

        You may have to get to terms with this light a bit, as the brightness isn’t precisely uniform (the tip gives off the higher amount of light). A regular lamp fixture should sort some of the positioning issues out.

        Plants will love the glow, even if it’s not something your eyes will want to behold all day long. But that should pale in comparison to the benefits that come with it: energy saving (it gulps only 9 watts), excellent dissipation, and long life (it could last you up to 15,000 hours).

        Have your bulbs positioned about 8” above the vegetables or fruit-bearing plant. The greens should react well to the illumination after a while.

        • Two-packs of bulbs for the typical price of one.
        • The bulb has a low heat output
        • Light Output does not appear to be full-spectrum

        10. Haus Bright 100W LED Grow Light Bulb

        Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb - for Indoor...
        • 💡 SUPER BRIGHT - when compared to other led grow lights. Don't settle for cheaper, weaker indoor...
        • 🌿 WE LOVE PLANTS - just like you, we're plant parents. Whether it's succulents, house plants,...
        • 🌈 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES - for Haus Bright customers only. Follow the instructions provided to receive...

        With this full spectrum bulb in place, you won’t have to change lights for different stages of your plant’s growth.

        It incorporates red, blue, white, and infrared portions of the light spectrum, giving off a bright purple shine that’s up to 4,000 lumens strong. That’s more than many other 20W bulbs would give you.

        It’s easy to install this bulb. Just screw it into a standard E26 socket and switch it on. The heat that comes out of it isn’t much.

        Whether its orchids or tomatoes you’re growing, they should do well under one of these.

        Also, the bulb comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee; you can return it if you find that it doesn’t work as it should.

        • This is a cheap alternative to other expensive grow light
        • The light is bright and sturdy
        • Some users claim the light is not 100W

        Types of Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

        1. Incandescent Lights

        Incandescent lights are the oldest and least costly of all the available options. However, they emit quite a lot of heat, which can be a problem for plants.

        They are also not very energy efficient, so you’ll be powering them with a lot more watts than you would need for the same type of output in the other alternatives.

        2. Fluorescent Lights

        These are more expensive than incandescent lights, but they give off less heat and do better at saving energy. They may come in tube shapes or various kinds of circular configurations.

        3. LED (Light Emitting Diode)

        LED is the newest of the three types of grow lights we’re considering here. LED lights are energy-efficient, with up to 80 percent savings on energy compared to incandescent.

        They typically function within the ideal light spectrum for plants and don’t give off much heat.

        What Color of Light is Best for Plant Growth?

        Fluorescent grow lights are frequently designed to match daylight colors closely. But with LED, there’s more variety; many products will produce both blue and red light, and that gives LED lights an edge over fluorescent.

        Best lights for growing plants indoors

        You also need to understand that blue light, which occurs within 400-520 nanometers on the light spectrum, aids photosynthesis by boosting chlorophyll absorption.

        While red light, located within 600-720 nm on the spectrum, enhances budding and flowering. When both these colors are available, your plants can enjoy the benefits they bring.

        So to the question on what color of light is best for growing plants, I will say blue and red light and LED light is the best source.

        How to Use Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

        Follow these steps to achieve maximum impact with grow lights.

         1. Know What Kind of Light Your Plant Needs

        You may have noticed from the reviews that you may have to be adjusted for various growth stages. It also turns out that some plants thrive better under some kinds of lights than others.

        For example, green vegetables and herbs may do well with higher spectrum light (one that tends towards the red end); if you’re growing flowers, peppers, tomatoes or any fruit-producing plants, a low spectrum bulb could do the trick.

        But you could just purchase a full spectrum light instead, and cover the needs of these different kinds of plants at once.

        2. Pick a Suitable Light

        You’ll be selecting one that meets your plant’s needs.

        As we’ve already mentioned, you could choose between incandescent, fluorescent, and LED products.

        Our preferred choice for most instances is LED, as it usually gives you tailored spectrum options with low energy consumption and doesn’t produce much heat.

        3. Set Up in a Good Location

        You may already have a location for your plants or a greenhouse in which they’re being grown. But if you don’t, then find and use a spot that isn’t cramped and also doesn’t impede movement or disrupt your interior design too much.

        Place your lamp or bulb at an appropriate distance above the plants.

        Remember, the right distance is often dependent on the type of plant you’re growing, as well as its stage of growth.

        Many LED lights will get the job done if they’re anywhere between 10 and 30 inches above. But effectiveness falls considerably if the distance exceeds 40 inches.

        Some lights have bases that can be clamped to a surface; others can be hung. If they are bulbs, they may fit into a socket.

        4. Have the Light on for the Right Length of Time

        A general rule of thumb for this would be 12 hours, with a couple of hours more or less depending on the type of plant, the lighting, and the growth stage. Your plants will need a break from the lights to breathe (respire).

        Some lamps come with a timer function, which lets you program them to come on and off after a given number of hours.


        Grow lights are seldom difficult to figure out. But be sure you’re using their manuals, as they should provide you with any extra details you might not know about.

        If you’re using the right grow lamps and doing so correctly, your plants will thrive under them. We’ve done a bit of that job here, with our selection of options. Now, it’s up to you to choose. That is it on the review of the best grow light for indoor plants.