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Best Black Light for Party [2020 Review]

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Black lights serve a wide variety of purposes. From spotting scorpions and catching bugs to relieving mood disorders and lighting up parties, they play a significant role in many aspects of our lives.

But these lights aren’t always in use. As such, it may be hard for someone who isn’t familiar with them to tell what constitutes a good one.

Add the multitude of options available at the markets, and you’ll see why it’s a good idea to consult trustworthy sources before buying a light like this.

In this article, we discuss the best black lights for parties. We will also walk through some of the top choices of black light for large areas, as well as those you can use to detect cat urine and spot scorpions at night.

Our Top Recommendation

Based on this review, DragonX UV LED Black Light is the editors’ choice for the best black light for parties.

DragonX Professional UV LED Halloween Black light...
  • ULTRAVIOLET HALLOWEEN BLACKLIGHT: Perfect for a Eerie UV Halloween Light. Adds a otherworldly blue...
  • SILENT PAR CAN: This Blacklight LED par can which is a headlight with an aluminum/plastic case, is...
  • UPLIGHTING WASH LIGHTS: The beam size, shape and quality emitted by our flood / LED wash light is...
  • SOUND ACTIVED CUSTOM MODES: With so many options for automatic party lights, built in programs for...

The above stated are some of the most important applications for a black light.

We’ll look at their key features, and tell you why we consider them great options from which you can make a choice.

Best Black Light for Large Areas/Outdoors Space and Party Halls

Sometimes you’ll want black lights for outdoor activity. It could be when you’re having a party out in the open, or it’s happening in a wide area, you will want something that adequately covers the turf.

Here are three of the best outdoor UV lights for large outdoor areas available.

Best Overall
DragonX UV LED Black Light
Best for Parties
Exulight UV Black Light
Best for Detecting Urine
Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light
DragonX Professional UV LED Halloween Black light...
LED Black Light, Exulight High Power 10W LED Flood...
Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM...
120 Volts
265 Volts
4.5 Volts
Product Dimensions
18 x 15 x 9 inches
4.4 x 1.4 x 5.3 inches
5.8 x 1.4 x 2.2 inches ; 6.1 ounces
Best Overall
DragonX UV LED Black Light
DragonX Professional UV LED Halloween Black light...
120 Volts
Product Dimensions
18 x 15 x 9 inches
Best for Parties
Exulight UV Black Light
LED Black Light, Exulight High Power 10W LED Flood...
265 Volts
Product Dimensions
4.4 x 1.4 x 5.3 inches
Best for Detecting Urine
Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light
Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM...
4.5 Volts
Product Dimensions
5.8 x 1.4 x 2.2 inches ; 6.1 ounces

1. DragonX UV LED Black Light

DragonX Professional UV LED Halloween Black light...
  • ULTRAVIOLET HALLOWEEN BLACKLIGHT: Perfect for a Eerie UV Halloween Light. Adds a otherworldly blue...
  • SILENT PAR CAN: This Blacklight LED par can which is a headlight with an aluminum/plastic case, is...
  • UPLIGHTING WASH LIGHTS: The beam size, shape and quality emitted by our flood / LED wash light is...
  • SOUND ACTIVED CUSTOM MODES: With so many options for automatic party lights, built in programs for...

DragonX comprises of 54 3W UV LEDs, arranged on a fairly uniform lighting head. It can either be stood on the ground with its bracket, or hung from a ceiling.

This light produces a bluish hue that covers quite a wide area- about 30ft × 30ft, according to its manufacturers. The lights are very bright but can be dimmed by the user via a controller that comes with the product.

It’s perfect for creating a foreboding feel for observances like Halloween. But it’s also good for outdoor parties and concerts- a programmable flash function provides its users with an effect that goes well with stage fog. This function can be set on its DMX controller.

It’s sound-responsive as well. It’s mic-sensitive and adjusts its function according to the sound pattern of music.

As you would expect of an LED product, this one consumes a relatively small amount of power for the light it gives out.

It also doesn’t emit a lot of heat and is noise and flicker-free. Reviews of it are generally good.

2. Onforu 100W UV LED Black Light

Onforu 2 Pack 100W LED Black Light, Blacklight...
  • POWERFUL BLACK LIGHTS FLOOD LIGHT: With 100 units LEDs and 120 degree wide beam angle, each 100W...
  • FLUORESCENT REACTIVE EFFECT: Ideal for illuminating most reactive pigments, paints and dyes, face...
  • DURABLE & EASY INSTALLATION: With aluminum housing; 5.0ft/1.5m long standard 110V US power cord with...
  • IP66 WATERPROOF & VARIOUS APPLICATION: IP66 Waterproof rating, ideal for both indoor and outdoor...

The Onforu LED black lights are a pair of rectangular boxes, both of which bear over 100 LED chips.

These chips sit behind a transparent panel and emit a bluish UV light when active.

They also come with strong metal brackets that are movable up to 180 degrees; with them, the lights can be set on the ground or hung from a height. It functions when it’s connected to a power source via its plug.

The lamp’s bright light is shone over large areas at a wide beam of 120 degrees. For all the illumination that it gives, it only consumes 100W. It’s fine for stage or overhead lighting at parties and concerts, as well as bars, gyms, and theatrical performances.

You also don’t have to worry about heat; an in-built thermal control system ensures that heat gets dispersed efficiently, so you don’t suffer its effects. The Onforu black light is also waterproof, so it holds up well in wet conditions.

This product’s manufacturer says that it has a 50,000-hour life span. That’s well over a decade of continuous use- and no money spent on replacements at that time.

3. Best LED 50W LED Black Light

This square box contains a pane of LED chips that produce a very bright purplish light when switched on.

The metal frame can be stood on its sturdy bracket that can be turned 180 degrees. The lamp also has a plug with which it can be connected to a power source.

The reflector screen and 150-degree wide beam angle ensure that the light gets distributed over wide areas.

The best LED’s product is waterproof and functions in wet conditions. But while it’s a good light to have when you’re partying outdoors, it can also do an excellent job illuminating bars and theaters.

If the product description for Best LED’s black light is correct, it should last you a cumulative 80,000 hours. There’s also a two-year warranty you can take advantage of, just in case it has a hiccup before it reaches the maximum lifespan.

Take care not to look directly at the light, as it may damage your eyes. Of course, this warning also applies to other black lights.

Best Black Light for Party

People dancing in a party

When scouting for party lights, you’ll be looking for ones that both capture and contribute to the fun mood you would like for such an event. Here are some lights that fit this criterion.

4. Exulight UV Black Light

LED Black Light, Exulight High Power 10W LED Flood...
  • 【Long Life Span 】10W Hight Power LED Flood light, works with 85V-265V AC, energy- saving and...
  • 【Great Lighting Effects】This Black light Wavelength 385nm to 400nm, no harm to human eye and...
  • 【Portable and Easy to Install】 Totally plug & play, this led flood light can be taken to...
  • 【Black Light fot Parties】Widely Application for Aquarium, Fishing, Special effects, Glow Party,...

This rectangular fixture is supported by a bracket that turns a full 180 degrees and lets it stand on most kinds of surfaces. You can choose between the 10W, 20W and 30W versions of this product.

For its performance, Exulights’ black light has a pocket-friendly price. This seems to be a crucial point for most reviewers; similar products that are priced higher have attracted negative reviews.

You can deploy this to small indoor events, including weddings and private parties, and for aquariums as well.

The glow effect brings fluorescent pains to life, something that face-painting party goers will like.

As for body safety concerns, this light shouldn’t cause any damage if it’s on just for the period of any regular event.

Exulight’s black light has a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. There’s also a warranty of 12 months on it.

5. CXhome LED Black Light

LED Black Light 80W, Blacklight with 5 Led...
  • ♥Newest COB Design with Superior Led Chips: Our black lights for parties equipped with...
  • ♥Easy to Install, Portable & Convenient: Our black light flood light can be taken to anywhere for...
  • ♥IP66 Waterproof, Superior Heat Dissipation: The black lights is made of Die-cast aluminum alloy...
  • ♥Wide Applications: The fluorescent light neon is ideal for many scenes to be used, such as black...

The CXhome blacklight leverages COB LED technology to yield a more intense invisible light than many other kinds in this category.

The light it produces falls within the 400-410nm range, higher than the 390nm or 395nm you’ll get from many LED black lights. This makes fluorescent paints and surfaces glow more strongly within its sphere.

It also possesses some of the other familiar benefits from rectangular or square body lights:

First, a supporting bracket that turns 150 degrees,

Secondly, it has a 3-feet power cord that you can plug into a power source.

Lastly, it also has a screen that both protects the LED fixtures and disperses the light they produce.

Its heat sink design ensures that it removes heat faster and more efficiently. It also works in a broad range of temperatures from -20-50⁰C and is waterproof.

Besides being used at indoor parties, You can install this light in aquariums, museums, and gyms.

The lifespan for the CX home black light is 50,000 hours.

6. LECIEL LED Black Light

LED Black Light, LECIEL 10W Portable Blacklight...
  • 【UPGRATED BLACKLIGHT】 : Premium quality blacklight with V-shaped and 2 rows of lamp beads to...
  • 【USB OPERATED and 2 MODES SWITCH】: You could light it up by your power bank. And it will comes...
  • 【WIDE SCOPE OF APPLICATIONS】: It is not only for bedrooms decoration, but really it’s really...
  • 【BRIGHT and LIGHTWEIGHT】: New generation ultraviolet leds with high-end opitical lens. It is...

LEICEL’s UV lights take a tubular form. Each one has two rows of LED beads on them. They can either be powered through a power bank or by connecting its 5.9ft cord to a power socket in the wall.

The light emitted by the beads fall within the 395-400nm wavelength, which means it’s capable of causing fluorescent paints and UV posters to glow.

You can switch between two levels of brightness as you like. It works perfectly for a small room; you may need more than the couple in one package to light up a larger space for a party.

At about 13 ounces, this package is also very light.

While you can use this light for fish tanks, it isn’t water-resistant. It may be used as a grow light and for spotting scorpions.

This product comes with a two-year warranty.

7. OPPSK Black Light

Black Light, OPPSK 27W 9LED UV Black Light Bar,...
  • BLACK LIGHT WITH FULL POWER - Total 27W 9LEDs / 3-WATT for each blacklight LED, light up your party...
  • MORE SAFE - 395-405nm No harm to the human body, safer than 365nm and 385-390nm blacklights. Perfect...
  • PLUG AND PLAY - black lights bar comes with On/Off switch, 3.3ft power cord, lightweight and...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - With 360°Adjustable brackets and 120° lighting angle, easy install at T-bar,...

The OPPSK black light is a rod with dimensions 20 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches and has nine LED lights fixed behind a glass lens.

The 360-degree rotatable bracket makes installation easy and allows for flexibility, and a 120-degree beam angle ensures good coverage by the light for an area of up to 16ft × 16ft. The lamp comes with a 3.3ft power cord as well.

Since it falls within the 395-40nm wavelength, it’s not likely to harm the skin- a concern you’ll have with UV lights at a lower wavelength than 390nm. The light is bright enough to lit up an indoor party properly and can be put on and off with the switch on the power cord.

You also get the benefit of energy savings that all good LEDs give, with a high illumination for the 27W it consumes.

A possible downside for this lamp is that it isn’t water-resistant, so you want to keep it away from any substantial amounts of liquid.

Best Black Lights for Detecting Cat Urine and Scorpions 

UV flashlight

Despite its unpleasant smell, it can be quite hard to find cat urine when it’s splashed on your rugs or other surfaces. But UV light can help out in such situations.

When it’s shone on the affected material in the dark, the black light can cause the urine stains to glow yellow or green.

Scorpions are also notorious for staying concealed even in plain sight. Black lights are a great solution for spotting them because they fluoresce in the dark when exposed to UV light.

Below are our picks for the best black lights for detecting pet urine and scorpions.

8. Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM...
  • 3 AA Standard Alkiline Battery(Not Included), Rechargeable battery is not recommended!
  • 51 UV LED allow to cover a larger area.Emits 390 to 395 nanometer wavelength.
  • Perfect for outside use such as finding scorpions and minerals!
  • Tips:in order to keep the flashlight's lifetime,if you did not use it for a long time,please put off...

When you’re hunting scorpions, you want a light that allows you to focus on broad swathes and specific spots at intervals you decide. A hand-held black light fits this bill, but many don’t as much as the Escolite flashlight black light.

About 51 LED chips sit behind its lens, ready to emit 390-395nm wavelength UV lights when switched on through the button on its body.

This torch relies on 3AA alkaline batteries for its power. It doesn’t come with these, so you’ll have to get them yourself. There’s also no option for using rechargeable batteries in their place.

The Escolite black light does a good job making armyworms and scorpions visible and detecting pet urine, thanks to its strong glow-eliciting capability.

If your cat-pee-stained rug has fluorescence itself, it may be difficult to locate the exact point where the urine stain is situated. The flashlight works better when you use it for a dry, barely visible, or invisible urine stains, but not so much for fresh, wet urine spills.

9. Vansky UV Flashlight

Black Light UV Flashlight,Vansky 2020 Upgraded 51...
  • ☑️ PRACTICAL -- Vansky UV flashlight black light is Perfect for Revealing Dry Dog, Cat and...
  • ☑️Versatile Use: authenticate currency and official documents like drivers licenses or identify...
  • ☑️High Power Batteries included: start spotting stains right away with 3 long-lasting AA in the...
  • ☑️Durable, High-Quality Lads: the 51 tenacious UV light LEDs have a lifespan of 15 years

Vansky’s blacklight flashlight has 51 LED lights encased in its aluminum head. They give off a bluish UV light on the 395nm wavelength, adequate for making fluorescent things glow in the dark. It helps with finding pet urine on curtains, furniture, carpets, or rugs.

The light comes with a cord at the base that you can use to hang it. It also has a switch for turning it on or off. The handle is robust and comfortable, and lets you have a firm grip.

Note that you’ll need 2 AAA batteries to power this flashlight.

There’s a vast range of uses to which you can put this tool: finding scorpions, discovering dry dog and cat urine, checking currency authenticity, and verifying the authenticity identity cards, a few.

The product description for this flashlight says that it could last you 12 years.

There’s also a 45-day money-back guarantee in case you get a broken package and a one-year guaranty for support and maintenance.

10. LOFTEK UV Flashlight Black Light

LOFTEK UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM...
  • Powerful UV Blacklight Flashlight: Made from sturdy and high-quality aluminum and 51 LEDs with...
  • Efficient Inspector & Multifunctional Tool: Hotel room inspection, reveal hidden pet stains fluids,...
  • Large Wavelength & Widely Coverage: 51 powerful UV LED bulbs emit 395-nanometer wavelength, allow to...
  • Durable Flashlight: The flashlight is made of premium aluminum material. The surface is...

The curved aluminum surface of this flashlight’s handle slips into hands quite comfortably and lets you maintain a good grip.

The sturdy body assures durability, just as much as the 51 LEDs enclosed behind the lens on this flashlight’s head.

There is a power button on its body, alongside a cover at the base which you’ll open when you want to insert or remove the batteries. Again, you’ll have to purchase these batteries yourself, as they don’t come with the flashlight.

This tool is said to have a lifespan nearing 100,000 hours. But the producers do hint that you’ll have to be cautious with your handling of the torch and batteries if you’re going to get the maximum performance out of it for the longest possible time.

Types of Black Light and Their Uses 

‘Blacklights’ are violet glows given off by ultraviolet lighting. Keep in mind that ultraviolet light is mostly invisible.

Some black lights are remnant lights that have escaped being filtered out by filters in the tubes or bulbs that emit them. Others don’t have filters and tend to give off more lights. These kinds have a bluish tinge to them.

We’ve made passing references to the uses of black light. Typically, these functions fall into at least two categories.

First, they cause substances with the property of fluorescence to glow. Some paints with this property will shine when you expose them to black lights in an otherwise dark space. This same capability makes the black light an excellent tool for spotting animal urine and scorpions (as we have already discussed).

These lights are also known to affect moods positively. So they’re used by doctors to treat depression, and they also make a frequent appearance at parties, where they contribute to an upbeat, exciting atmosphere.

How Do Black Lights Make Things Glow

The video below in plan terms explains how black light makes things glow.

Which Black Light Should I Buy

Illustration of a logo thinking

Here are some things you want to consider before choosing a black light

Energy Savings Versus Output

Fluorescent black lights tend to consume more energy for the degree of luminosity they produce. They also give off a lot of heat. LED lights put up a much better performance in this respect, with greater energy efficiency and far less heat as well.


If you’d like to keep your lights for the long haul, your best bet is light powered by LED technology. Some LED black lights can last you upwards of 50,000 hours or well over a decade if they’re used a few hours a day and handled with care.

Fluorescent black lights don’t match LEDs in this respect, although they tend to be less expensive.


Fluorescent lamps contain material that may be hazardous; if they get broken.

The poisonous substance may get exposed and may pose a risk to humans, especially children.

LEDs don’t have this problem because they are not manufactured with such materials.

However, there is another aspect of risk that UV lights pose. Regardless of the technology, they’re built with, UV lights at wavelengths closer to 320nm may harm the skin.

The further away they are from this point, the safer they are in this respect.

Thankfully, most lights made for domestic use are within the 390-415nm wavelength.


Lower wavelength UV lights (up to 395nm) are less visible, but do a better job at causing fluorescent objects to glow.

They are perfect for glow parties where fluorescent body paints are used and are also better at revealing things like cat urine and certain kinds of insects.

If you don’t need a lot of the fluorescence effect, you may go ahead with higher wavelength black lights.

Final Words

There are far more black lights on sale at stores than you’ll ever be able to sort out to perfection.

Our selection of ten best black lights for various uses should narrow down the options for you.

And if you’re going to try something outside of these picks, you can always follow the buying guide we have laid out here.