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Best Candelabra LED Bulbs [2021 Review]

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Do you want to replace an old bulb and brighten any room of your home or office?

Or you want to dress up your chandelier, ceiling fan, or porch with a fancy candelabra led bulbs.

Whatever the need for your light bulbs maybe, you will find a product that will work for you.

Candelabra LED bulbs come in different shapes and sizes.

They possess a wide range of colors and light intensities.

Thanks to the assortment of options that exist with this type of bulb, it’s not usually hard to find one that suits one’s purposes.

Our Top Recommendation

Based on this review, Kohree Candelabra LED Bulb is the editors’ choice for the best candelabra LED bulbs.

Kohree Candelabra Edison LED Light Bulbs 40 Watt...
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Candelabra LED bulbs are most commonly known as ‘torpedo-shaped’ globes, but they also take a lot of other forms.

Some of them give off warm white and daylight colored-lights.

Others shine with less frequently used hues like blue, green, and red.

Here you will find valuable tips on the top brands of candelabra LED bulbs you can use in your lighting fixture.

As you probably know already, the uses to which you can put these bulbs are just as varied.

They could grace your living rooms as part of a chandelier fixture, or stand-alone in some other room.

They might also make a seasonal appearance as part of your Christmas lighting.

They can be quite good for ‘mood lighting’; their light tones can help set the mood for your special events.

If you are thinking about buying candelabra bulbs, you should consider going for the LED-powered versions.

While there are fluorescent and incandescent alternatives, LED bulbs will save you a lot more energy and yield more brightness per watts of power consumed.

As I earlier said, we’ll take a look at some of the best candelabra bulbs you can buy.

We will also be sharing several points you should consider before purchasing and installing one of these bulbs.

Best Candelabra LED Bulbs Review

Like the flame bulb, candlelight bulbs are often used for decorative purposes. They are called ‘candlelight bulbs’ because they have the shape of a candle flame.

They give off lights of varying hues, from white, warm white and yellow, to the less frequently used green and red.

The sort of lighting they provide makes them ideal for illuminating display compartments (one of their more well-known uses).

Larger types of candle bulbs can also be used outdoors to augment pre-existing lighting.

Just as is the case with other kinds of bulbs, you’ll find that candle bulbs powered by LED are more energy-efficient than the older alternatives.

They often save well over 80% of energy compared to those ‘traditional’ lights.

Best Overall
Kohree Candelabra LED Bulb
Best Smart Candelabra Bulb
Phillips Hue Decorative Dimmable Bulb
Best Flame Light Bulb
LEDERA LED Flame Light Bulb
Kohree Candelabra Edison LED Light Bulbs 40 Watt...
Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Hub...
LEDERA Flame Light Bulb,E26 LED Flickering Flame...
4.00 watts
6.5 Watts
2 Watts
Type of Bulb
Best Overall
Kohree Candelabra LED Bulb
Kohree Candelabra Edison LED Light Bulbs 40 Watt...
4.00 watts
Type of Bulb
Best Smart Candelabra Bulb
Phillips Hue Decorative Dimmable Bulb
Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Hub...
6.5 Watts
Type of Bulb
Best Flame Light Bulb
LEDERA LED Flame Light Bulb
LEDERA Flame Light Bulb,E26 LED Flickering Flame...
2 Watts
Type of Bulb

Here’s a selection of our best Edison style LED candlelight bulbs you can choose from.

1. Shine-Hai LED Candelabra Bulb

E12 LED Candelabra Bulb 60W Equivalent Dimmable...
  • ❤【High-end Designed Dimming Solutions】: We require this e12 chandelier light bulbs dimming...
  • ❤【Aesthetic Candle Style with Flame Tip】: Flame tip shape and classic clear glass design with...
  • ❤【High Brightness with CRI 85】: Our E12 Filament Candelabra LED Bulbs 2700K Warm White emits...

This has everything you would expect in a candlelight bulb, and more. The classic candle flame shape and clear glass look, as well as the filaments inside, are all present.

You can use it in your chandeliers, sconces, ceiling fans- just generally as lighting for your foyer, dining, and sitting room.

It’s dimmable and works with different types of dimmers. But if you want to experience the strength of its brightness to the full, you can let it exhibit all of its 600 lumen-glow.

If you are considering using a dimmer, I recommend that you read my review on the best light dimmers. Read it here.

In the end, you’ll save up to 90% on energy costs with this product compared to incandescent and halogen alternatives.

There’s no flickering or humming noise with this bulb, and it’s shatter-resistant as well.

This product’s estimated lifetime is 25,000 hours; its producers reckon that you could make it last for 22 years if you maintain a daily use limit of 3 hours.

If it fails within two years of being purchased, you can access its two-year unlimited warranty to get it replaced.

2. Kohree Candelabra LED Bulbs

Kohree Candelabra Edison LED Light Bulbs 40 Watt...
  • 💡【5000K Daylight White Light Bulbs】: The chandelier light bulbs produce 400 lumens full...
  • 💡【E12 Candelabra LED Bulb 40W】: Come with American E12 Base providing a great convenience to...
  • 💡【Low Power Consumption】: 4W white Led light bulbs provides over 25,000 hrs, 21years with...

The Kohree candelabra bulb is a clear candle flame-shaped piece with visible led filaments on the inside.

Those filaments will give you up to 400 lumens of daylight white brightness, without the flicker or buzzing that you may get with some other kinds of bulbs.

It’s a good product to fit into a chandelier. It can also be used to light up porches and rooms in your home or office and complements contemporary and older form fixtures pretty well.

The bulb’s light distribution is excellent, and the ambiance it creates can be both calming and upbeat.

There’s some protection from overload, short-circuiting, and excessive heat built into it. It saves up to 90% energy compared to other kinds of bulbs and has a lifetime of 25,000 hours.

You shouldn’t develop a headache while trying to figure out how to install this bulb. It’s as easy as any other bulb.

3. Gordon & Bond Edison Filament Flame Tip Vintage Lights

LED Vintage Candelabra Light Bulbs (6) - Edison...
  • ✅ 100% SAFE - Our LED candelabra bulbs are manufactured under the strictest quality assurance...
  • ✅ MAXIMUM DIMMING CONTROL - These dimmable glass bulbs work with new and old dimmer switches and...
  • ✅ SAVE MONEY LONGER LASTING - Our LED flame tip filament bulbs contain a unique internal fixture...

If you want to create a truly vintage atmosphere in your home or even host a special event, Then Gordon and Bond flame tip bulbs should have a place in your lighting set up.

You can easily use the candelabra these bulbs to set up a room in an instant. The bulb has a way of giving a decorative flair to homes in a way that immediately enhances the appearance of your elegant candelabra

These Edison style light bulbs are weatherproof which means you can use them for outdoor lighting fixtures, as well.

Use these bulbs for lighting fixtures next to your door or hang them in overhead lighting fixtures on your patio to create more atmosphere at night.

The light bulbs are dimmable and work with a range of dimmers, both new and old. The basic E12 candelabra base means these lights are easy to install in most lighting fixtures.

Best Smart Candelabra Bulbs

A ‘smart’ bulb is one that fits in with a home automation system. This means that you can control them with your voice if they are installed and connected to such a system.

It’s easy to guess that only certain kinds of bulbs can obey your commands.

And it’s those kinds that we’re talking about here.

Let’s look at the better ones among these, and see whether they are good enough to get the job done for us.

 4. Philips Hue Dimmable Bulb

Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Hub...
  • Zigbee Hub Required: Pair Sengled smart candelabra light bulbs to a compatible zigbee hub, like...
  • Zigbee Smart Candelabra Bulb: Connect smart light bulb to Sengled Smart Hub which works with both...
  • Smart Voice Control: The Alexa smart light bulb could generate more than 16 million colors,...

This is probably the best smart candelabra bulb you’ll find on any regular shelf. Here’s why we think this is the case:

This LED bulb works with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and HomeKit- that’s a majority of the more popular smart home systems. If you have these in your home, you can be sure that your Philips smart bulbs will shine and dim at your beck and call.

You can control this bulb with your tablet or smartphone as well. Set the lighting to adapt to the use for which you will need it, whether you’re in the relaxed, fired-up or just concentrating on something.

You can even sync the colors it gives off with your movies, music, and games in real-time.

What’s more, you get 450 lumens worth of brightness from this lighting, for just 6.5 watts of power it consumes- which is a pretty impressive energy savings credential.

When buying, you should purchase this product along with the Philips Hue Hub if you want to get the full benefits that this smart bulb has to offer.

If you want to enhance your experience with it, you should buy the hue tap, hue motion sensor, or hue switch as well.

On its installation, It’s not hard to install this bulb. Fix it into whatever socket or space that’s meant to take it be it a candelabra or a regular home fixture.

Then pair it with the Philips Hue Hub (admittedly not a usual step for installing bulbs), and download the mobile controls app onto your smartphone from your app store.

With all of these in place, you’ll be ready to enjoy the white and color ambiance your bulb creates at your command.

5. LIFX Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

LIFX Mini White (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb,...
  • Works with Alexa (Alexa device sold separately), Apple HomeKit and the Google Assistant for voice...
  • Easy set up. LIFX screws in like any traditional light bulb. Simply download the app, connect to...
  • Built in Wi-Fi & LIFX cloud. Offers full Lighting control via Wi-Fi with our LIFX iOS, Android and...

If you’d rather not have a hub with your smart bulbs, then you may want to check out this LIFX smart bulb.

As its name hints, you can link it up with your devices via a Wi-Fi connection, and control it with your voice if it’s plugged into your home automation system.

This bulb can give you the usual white and warm white light, as well as a staggering 16 million other color shades. You can’t possibly complain that you don’t have the perfect color for your home, can you?

As you can expect with any standard smart bulb, this product is dimmable via a smartphone app that you will need to install from your app store.

This, along with possible updates to the LIFX app, is a small price to pay for the brilliant service you’ll be getting from the bulb (there’s the actual price tag too, but it too should be justified by the product’s many benefits).

This LIFX product’s brightness is good- a luminous flux of 1,100 lumens isn’t bad at all for an11-watt lighting. And you get to enjoy this for years, perhaps as long as two decades (if you’ll still be keen on using it for that long).

Best Flame Light Candelabra Bulbs

How about illuminating your space with a live, flaming torch, as the ancients did all those centuries ago?

Maybe you can’t. But there’s a safe, energy-efficient way to mimic this, just in case you want to get a little creative with your lighting.

LED flame light bulbs will give you the fiery red-yellow glow plus a bit more control over its ’flame’ than you would have with a real one.

These are two of the more popular flame bulbs:

6. Omicoo LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

No products found.

This doesn’t just glow; it flickers too, like a real flame.  And if you’d like to enjoy these effects to the maximum, its manufacturers advise that you should place it in a frosted glass shade or lantern.

There’s also a gravity sensor on this product, which gives it the upside-down look corresponding with how it’s placed.

But if you’re not a fan of the flicker, you could switch to two other modes- breathing and stable (the extremes between which the twinkling flame exists).

This bulb is great for creating a torch-lit ambiance, especially for romantic occasions (and the not necessarily romantic Halloween too).

For all the dancing fires that this bulb brings to life, it doesn’t produce a lot of heat.

Of course, this is a good thing. And it will last you several years if it’s used with care- probably up to 50,000 hours, as the manufacturers say.

But if it develops a fault within a year or less of its being purchased, you can take advantage of the product warranty and ask for a replacement.

7. LADERA LED Flame Light Bulb

LEDERA Flame Light Bulb,E26 LED Flickering Flame...
  • 🔥Realistic Flame Effect--- LED fire light bulbs are a safe way to create a realistic-looking...
  • 🔥Easy Installation---Fits in all standard E26 light bulb sockets. Simply screw into the base for...
  • 🔥Perfect Choice for Home ---Decorate your home with this flickering fire light bulbs, creates...

The LADERA LED flame light bulb glows like a real fire, but it doesn’t burn that much energy at all- because it’s powered by LED chips.

It can be installed in different locations: at home, especially in your living room and bedroom, cafes, outdoor gardens, churches, restaurants, and even at weddings.

While this product has a long life span, you may want to limit its use to no more than eight hours in a single day to keep it functional over time. But if it does get damaged you could check with its producers to see if the one-year warranty on the product allows you to replace it within the period it covers.

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Candelabra Bulb

It best that you enjoy your home with whatever choice of Led bulb you choose to buy. Normally we don’t go shopping for a home fixture and desire that we spend money on the same item any time soon.

You should be looking out to buy the best bulb for your candelabra so that will last for as long as you will need it.

Candelabra LED bulbs

It is all good news that the US Federal Trade Commission now requires all lighting product manufacturers to place a product information tag-Lighting Facts label- on the product package.

The lighting fact label carries all the information about the product.

You will find relevant details about the product like color temperature, lumen rating and even an estimated cost of using the product for one year.

If you want to be a shrewd shopper, then it is important that you understand some of the industry terminologies.


Nowadays, with the lumens of lighting products easy to find, every buyer now has a concrete basis for comparing different products.

Before now, if you want a  brighter light luminance in your home, the first thing that comes to mind is the need for a higher wattage bulb. This is no longer the case.

Lumens give the perfect yardstick to measure or estimate how much brightness you need for your home lighting setup. Simply have this in mind always: lumen is the unit of brightness and not wattage. The more lumens a candelabra bulb boast the brighter the light it will emit.

So what lumen rating do I need?

Knowing exactly what choice to make based on the standard of using lumen to rate the brightness of a bulb can be tricky for some people.

What I am saying is that it is not surprising that many people don’t know how many lumens they need from a light bulb to achieve a certain level of brightness.

Because of that, have created an easy watt to lumen equivalence table that will help to guide you on buying the best bulb for your chandeliers.

Vintage Bulb Counterfeiting

Old school becomes new school when improved upon and repackaged. That has been a trend not only in the lighting industry.

Many LED bulb designs now take the old school look of the rejected incandescent bulbs.

The market is now being flooded with of these cheap bulbs that are made from a low quality LED filaments of cheaply manufactured LEDs.

This should only be a concern to you if you are patronizing unknown brands of LED bulbs.

Most times, these bulbs can have some pretty looks especially for a transparent kind of bulb, That is why It is best you keep your eye wide open when you see the word “vintage” being thrown around a product.

An article by Ry Crist on Cnet.com, he gave a detailed guide on buying vintage-style LED light bulbs.

According to Crist, most vintage-style LEDs achieve their looks by stringing the light-emitting diodes together into fake filaments inside of the bulb.

The way those filaments are arranged can make a big impact on the way the light actually looks when you turn it on.

He further gave an example where vintage style bulbs get an industrial look when their filaments are arranged into tidy columns.

While bulbs like the Feit vintage line that twists the filaments into decorative double helices can make for a bulb that’s more artful in appearance.

An additional buying nugget is that some vintage style bulb manufacturers give a lot of loose claims of their bulbs brightness level.

For example, a 15W  LED bulb should offer not less than 800lm of brightness. But in reality, the incandescent bulb look-alike ends up putting out far less than those rating claims.

Always remember to pay attention to the lumen score because that is the number that matters as far as brightness is concerned.

Other Buying Considerations

Before you order those candelabra bulbs, you should be sure that you know what you’re looking for in a product of this kind. These buying considerations could help you make the right decision about what you should purchase.

1. Aesthetics

Note the shape, light color and shades of the products you may want to buy, and think about how they could fit or blend with the space in which they will be used.

You might be eager to have flame effect bulbs at your in-house event, but it’s possible that they might not yield the sort of atmosphere you’d like them to create. This could happen if the space to be used isn’t designed to bear out the qualities of this particular kind of lighting.

Also, the overall color temperature of a lighting unit which is measured in kelvin can greatly affect the appearance of your entire chandelier set up.

If you like, you can improve the looks of your home by changing its lighting effect and adjusting the color temperature of your home lighting system.

If you choose to go traditional in your home improvement project, then you can still get rustic LED bulbs with a touch of traditional lighting.

2. Energy Consumption

We have referred to this a lot because it’s an important characteristic to check for when you’re buying a bulb. The amount of illumination you need for a place needs to be a top priority when choosing your candelabra bulb.

There is a possibility that you may want to choose a more energy-efficient bulb with lower wattage, but you should also bear in mind that the level of brig you all the brightness you need?

On the other side, if you don’t properly calculate your lighting need and go straight for a bulb with a higher watt rating (which might cost more).

You may end up paying too much for the bulb, and when the electricity bill comes, that may then be when you will find out that you are actually using more energy-sucking light sources than you actually need

In a nutshell, LED lights tend to take up far less energy than other types, so we’ve recommended them in this article.

They are the way to go if you would like to shrink your energy bills over time.

3. Intended Use

Candelabra bulbs are often used for decorative purposes. But they are also an everyday fixture in many homes, cafes, and offices.

The sort of bulb you’ll get for a mini-celebration at home would differ from what you’ll opt for if you just want to have your kitchen lit.

You will choose bulbs with the light colors and brightness that suits whatever activity you deploy them for.

4. Available Warranty

Instead of buying another set of bulbs when one batch dies out just a few months after they were purchased, you can take advantage of the warranty offered by their manufacturer to have them replaced.

Find out how long the warranties on your bulbs last for before you buy them.  Know what their terms are and what sort of instances they cover.

5. Safety Concerns

Be careful to purchase only products that are in good condition. Read reviews of the bulb by others who have bought it, so you know what their experience with it has been.

Health issues like the appropriate degrees of brightness for one’s eyes and burning from overheated bulbs should also be taken note of.

Final Words

It’s always nice to have our rooms swamped in beautiful lights.

The best candelabra bulbs can guarantee us this, plus a lot of other benefits. It’s up to you to choose from the myriad options on sale and make the most of that choice.