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Fishing at night comes with a lot of excitement- and uncertainty. You never know what you’ll land in the dark. The waters could be swarming with really big fishes, or it might barely yield a couple of small catches. Whatever the case, the blackness of the night adds a lot to the suspense and exhilaration you get with such an adventure.

Sometimes you’re more likely to get a larger haul of fish when it’s past dusk than you would in the daylight. It all depends on the season, the kind of waters you’re looking to explore and the type of fish you are hunting for.

Scouring your local river at night for potential capture might not be a good idea for much of the year, but it’s often a good strategy in the summer.

If you’re all for daring the darkness and whatever lies underneath the waters in your backyard, what kind of ‘torches’ do you light up to make the angling games work? What are the ideal lamps you should be using?

Below is a quick rundown of fishing light options available for you to choose from.

Best Lantern for Night Fishing: LE LED Battery Powered Fishing Lantern

Best Spot Light for Fishing: STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Spotlight

Best Floating Light for Fishing: Berkley Floating Light

Best Underwater|Submersible Fishing Light: Green Blob Outdoors Pro Series 7.5-D Underwater Fishing Light

There’s lighting specially designed for night fishing. This equipment gives off a light that attracts fish and other sea creatures, which in turn makes it easier to make a good catch.

Here’s how these lights work. First, they lure in tiny sea animals called Zooplanktons, which swim around your boat when they detect your lights.

The presence of these creatures will attract fish, which feed on them. In time, you’ll have a small ‘community’ of bait zooplanktons (as well as insects and shrimp), small fish, and large predator fish. You’ll capture some of them by lowering your line into the lit-up area in which they converge.

Night Fishing Lights: The Options You Have

There are a number of fishing lamp types (as well as other fishing lights) you could use. The can either float (floating lights) or be sunk into the water (submersible), or fishing spotlight that can provide the visibility you need while you’re on your night fishing trips.

Spotlights can be held by hand and used to survey the waters around you. This is important because you won’t get the same auditory and visual clues that help you find your way on the land as you would while far out on a large lake.

Then there are black lights, which give off a dimmer light than many other types of lighting you’ll find. There’s a reason for this: the dimmer lights won’t irritate fish as much as brighter ones, so they’re more likely to hang around for the zooplankton and insects the lights attract.

We’ll get back to the subject of light tones and colors shortly. But first, let’s take a look at the best lighting products for night fishing you’ll find on sale.  We will begin with lanterns, which you’ll need to have onboard your fishing vessel.

Best Fishing Lanterns You Might Want to Try Out

You will usually have to choose between headlamps, torches, and lanterns for onboard lighting. This is actually something anglers debate about.

But here we’ll consider lanterns first. They do more than just illuminate your boat or the surrounding area; they could be your principal source of heat on cold fishing nights when your hands are getting the chills.

So here’s our selection of lanterns you might want to check out.

1. LE LED Battery Powered Fishing Lantern

This Lighting Ever (LE) lantern is used for a number of purposes, including for hurricanes and other emergencies, hiking, fishing, and at home. But it works well for fishing too, thanks to its brightness, water resistance, and comfortable handles.

With it, you’ll get a shine that reaches in all directions. You can also switch it between three modes or degrees of brightness when it’s on, including warm white (300lm), cool white (700lm), and flash mode (1000lm).

It also runs on 3 D batteries, which you’ll have to buy separately. It’ll carry on for between 12 and 25 hours, depending on the degree of brightness to which you set it.

This product has a two-year warranty on it, which means you get your money back if it fails to function properly within the period covered by the warranty through no fault of your own.

2. Coleman 4D LED Classic Lantern

The Coleman fishing lantern is perhaps the most widely known in this category of lighting equipment. And it’s not hard to see why.

It’s water-resistant, shines as bright as 190 lumens (with a low of 100 lumens), and can stay on for up to 122 hours when fully charged. The power source could be a battery cartridge or a rechargeable cartridge. Just what you want to have handy when the unexpected happens and you’d like to get it sorted.

Note that you’ll have to purchase the batteries separately. And while the illumination is good, there are other Coleman lanterns that give your greater degrees of brightness. Nevertheless, this one’s trusted for its long lifespan.

3. Coleman CPX 6 Rugged XL LED Lantern

Here’s a Coleman with a lot of brightness to give. Its shine is 700 lumens strong, good enough to light up 40 feet of otherwise uncertain area. And if you would rather preserve your power than deploy all of its strength on your fishing patch at once, you could turn it down a bit to about 140 lumens- that’ll give you visibility over 20 feet.

When it’s powered by a fully charged battery, it’ll work for between 6 and 8 hours. This lantern is also impact-resistant and can withstand the sometimes unsteady elements out on the waters (which explain why it’s called ‘rugged’).

The useful toughness of this product is crowned by its large handle which makes it easy to carry with the hands.

Best Night Fishing Spotlight

Spotlights have a large head in which the LED chips are fixed (and where all their illumination comes from), and a handle that you can hold.

They’re usually shaped in a way that allows you to carry them about with little inconvenience to your movement. It’s what you’ll want to use when the waters or space around you need a bit more rapid scouring with the eyes.

4. NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Spotlight

It has three brightness settings- a maximum of 1000 lm, a medium level 50 lm illumination, and a low of 100lm. It also comes with a filter that you can place on its head to give it a red light effect when it’s turned on.

Some other great things about this spotlight are that it’s water-resistant and can withstand drops up to 3 feet under; it’ll also remain intact after varying degrees of collision with hard planes. The lithium-ion battery on which it runs will last you up to 20 hours (on low brightness) when it’s charged.

Besides the handles, the spotlight has a stand attached to it, which lets you place it in a variety of positions on any given surface.


The sturdy build of this Fatmax product isn’t just for aesthetics. It really does hold up against the elements.

A fine grip and strong lighting are the two basic things you’ll want from any spotlight. This item has both these- up to 920 lumens of brightness and a ‘pistol grip’ that’ll delight your fingers –it also has collapsible stocks for when you’d rather go hands-free.

If you want durability, you’ll find a lot of it in this product: a lithium-ion battery that doesn’t need a recharge for up to 12 months without use; a runtime of up to 7 hours; and a lifetime long enough to save you a fair amount of money. You can charge it at home or in your vehicle too.

Best Floating Fishing Light

Floating lights are designed to stay atop water surfaces and shine through varying depths of the patch you’d like to investigate.

The lights they give off attract little water creatures and smaller fish, which in turn draws in the larger fish (your target).

Note that if you’re fishing by a shore, you’ll want to rope it to something stationary and firm on the shore, so that it doesn’t drift off.

6. Berkley Floating Light

Whether you’re into fishing for sport or you’re a dye-in-wool commercial fish catcher, you might want a night fishing aid that lets you see beneath the swimming waters. This product helps you get a good view of the goings-on beyond the surface, while it stays atop it all.

It’s trusted equipment for luring fish and can be used along with submersible lights to get an excellent view of the depths your fish may be lurking in.

Best Submersible/Under Water Fishing Light

Submersible fishing light is a type of light that lowered into deep water to grant anglers greater visibility of the world below their fishing vessel.

These lights also do a great job of attracting fish, especially when they shine the right color of the light (usually green).

They have become more popular as a partial substitute for floating lights, which have the disadvantage of gathering swarms of insects around them and creating discomfort for the angler in the process.

But as we’ve already explained, they can be used along with floating lights to provide comprehensive visibility of the surface and sub-surface of the patches you fish on.

Here are some submersible lights that might work for you.

7. Green Blob 15000 Underwater Fishing LED Light

This isn’t the least expensive fishing light you’re likely to buy. But it gets the job done like most other submersible night fishing lights won’t.

It’s got a brightness of about 15,000 lm- this translates to a very wide reach and, potentially, a sizeable fish haul (there have been reports of huge manta rays and sharks getting pulled in by this light). The usual catches with it include trout, bass crappies, and shads, as well as slightly larger predatory fish.

This light remains functional for several days when it’s fully charged, and it has a manufacturer attested lifespan of 50,000 hours.

If you’re going to use this blob you should attach it to a 12V battery via its alligator pegs, and drop it down with its long power lead. The fish should come circling around its light in a good time.

8. Green Blob Outdoors Pro Series 7.5-D Underwater Fishing Light

Green Blob Outdoors (this brand’s name) has an underwater night fishing light which guarantees an illumination of up to 7,500 lm. As a result, it bathes a considerable area with its light.

There aren’t any considerable challenges with dropping the blob through the water, because it has sufficient self-weight to sink. You don’t have to attach extra weights to make it get down. All you need do is attach it to a battery and let it down with its 30ft power lead.

With a 50,000 hour lifespan, energy savings, and its suitability for both fresh and saltwater environments, this product light can serve you better than most.

Best Blacklights for Night Fishing

Blacklights or Ultraviolet (UV) lights are known to light up fishing lines up to 50 ft away from the boat in which they are used. But they aren’t very good at penetrative illumination, so you may want to use it along with other kinds of light.

9. Bright Night Fishing LED Black Light

This strip is 16 feet long and gives fluorescent fishing lines a bright glow that bait creatures can’t resist. It’s waterproof and silicon injected, and it has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

The strips come with a 3 M tape on which lets you stick them to any surface you want them to adhere to. You can power them by hooking them to a suitable battery.

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Night Fishing Tips for Everyone

Have other fishing rods handy:

It is advisable that while fishing at night,  you should have few rods handy with different lures attached to them this is to reduce the need to use lights in case you want to re-rig your tackle.

If you are making use of a bait-casting outfit, then get a bad backlash, you can put that rod aside and employ an already-rigged spare one.

Get accustomed to Your fishing environment:

There are cases where you might just want to go to an unknown destination for your night fishing adventure. In most cases, this is not a bad idea. But it is best that you familiarize yourself with the immediate environment before dusk.

While doing this, You can sketch out a rough make of the area, and even take note of obstacles that can get in your way during night movement. Another quick tip here is to make sure you know your cardinal directions.

Be as quiet as possible:

Stealth is essential if you want to make the best of your fishing night out. This is especially so if you are making use of a motor fishing boat.  To avoid being unnecessarily noisy, it is best you get into a position that will require no motor power for as long as possible.

Also, if you keep slinging the anchor repeatedly you will be at a disadvantage most time.

Additionally, you can use a manual paddle for movement for the duration of your fishing exercise depending on the size of your fishing boat.

What Colour of Light is the Best for Night Fishing?

The preferred light colors for night fishing are green and blue. That’s because fish, insects, shrimps and other animals in the aquatic food chain relevant to the fishing business have eyes that are sensitive to these light colors.

However, you don’t have to place a heavy emphasis on these colors. White light can do a good job of attracting fish too.

Here’s one smart tip to use: deploy lights with colors similar to those of the waters you’re fishing on. If the water has a general hue that’s closer to blue, you may want to use blue light. And if it’s green, you could opt for light with that color as well.

Light intensity, tolerance of water, and coverage are other things you might want to consider besides hues.


Whether your nighttime fishing adventure is a sport or for commercial purposes, you should have your lights on to help you through it.

We have taken a tour of some of the better lighting options you could use and noted the functions unique to each of them. Hopefully, you’ll find all of this information useful for planning your next night fishing expedition.

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