Best led light stripe for cars

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To have an eye-catching DIY customization project buying the best-LED light strip for car interior should be a priority.

Car interior designed with multicolor RBG  lightings has been in vogue for a long time.

We love to be unique in our own ways and extending that unique style to our “toys” is never a bad idea.

In recent years, it has become a common trend to use LED strip lighting to beautify and add color and prestige to cars.

If you are considering a nighttime beautification for your car, and probably having a tough time to choose, then this compilation of the top best 10 LED light strip for car interior will guide you and make it much easier as you make your choice.

If you desire quick answers with less talk, then these are our best pick for you

1st  Choice

OPT7 smart LED light strip

2nd Choice

LEDGLOW Multi Color LED strip

3rd Choice

Wsiiroon Car LED Strip Light

Now that you have seen our best pick read on to find out why they are the recommended picks, let us proceed with a detailed review.

You see. vehicle interiors are designed to be luxurious and very comfortable for both the driver and the passenger.

One way to give your car a nighttime beauty upgrade is with some of the simplest and affordable DIY upgrades.

LED technology has in recent years taken the center stage in the lighting industry,

The LED innovation has not only been limited to home interiors and outdoor decoration, but also the automobile manufacturing has been switching gears too.

This is by changing halogen bulbs and other high energy-consuming lighting systems and replacing them with cheaper, stylish and efficient  LED bulbs.

Advances in technology are so dynamic that if you want to be top of your game, then there is no better way to go than having the best and latest information and tips that will save you money and help you make an informed decision.

The fact that LED lighting technology has continued to improve dramatically has made its areas of application continue to expand as well.

Today, LED technology is now being used in a variety of fields not limited to Home Improvement, interior decoration, Automobile, Outdoor and event venue decoration just to mention a few.

Best LED Strip Light Review in Detail

1. OPT7 Aura-Smart Color LED Strip Kit


OPT7 has become a popular brand that has made name for itself with its automotive interior lighting killer ideas.

The majority of their product is designed for simplicity while being engineered to feature a rich brilliant variety of colors.

The company designed the aura-smart with a full-color spectrum in LEDs that combine all 3 primary colors into a single 5050 surface mounted diode(SMD) that produces a perfect mixture of pure brilliant colors.

The Aura smart LED light strip offers a great level of flexibility and versatility as it can twist and curve around any surface.

Its versatile nature is enhanced by the flexible silicon housing that provides the LEDs good protection against all weather conditions.

This high end LED strip is smart as the name implies as it offers you the options of choosing either the Bluetooth App-enabled phone controller(Ios/Android) or the IR handheld remote.

Voltage12V DC
Self adhesiveyes
ControlIR Remote with color selector
Number of colors16 RBG
Quantity6 strips
Weight2.08 Pounds


  •  High end LED strips
  •  Very easy to install
  •  Wireless remote
  •  Brighter glow with extension wires and splitters
  • Quite Expensive

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2. Lighting Ever Flexible LED light strip

Flexibility is the name of the game and that is one thing the Lighting Ever has. It is one product that has received thousands of Amazon reviews and has to maintain a good rating even with that large number of Purchases.

This product is designed to have multiple areas of application is not just for cars. The LED can be used for indoor decoration for parties or Christmas.

The pack comes with a lengthy 192 inches long reel with 300 pieces of  LEDs attached to it.

The voltage is rated 12volt and has a cuttable and linkable feature that makes it conveniently applicable to a variety of projects.

Its 12v power rating is just perfect for cars since it will spare you the purchase of a separate adapter that doesn’t come with it in the first place.

Also, the slim compact design of the Lighting ever means you can have them in different parts of your car without them looking obvious or even changing the overall look of your car.

LED Ever Lighting has a 50,000 hours life span, it is user-friendly and requires no maintenance at all.

The only downside of the product is that it is not waterproof which limit its use to the interior of car and homes.

But In my opinion, this is a good product as not being waterproofed didn’t take away the other boxes that it ticks. If you have a preference for a waterproofed type, then you should check out other options on our list.

Quantity of LED300
Power Rating12V DC
ColorsWarm white, Daylight white, RBG
Water proofNo| Iterior use only
self adhesiveyes
ShapeLinear reel
  • Safe for kids at a harmless 12v
  • Has Long life span of 50,000
  • Good length at 16ft
  • Super cheap
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Not waterproof
  • Relatively weak adhesive back

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3. LEDGLOW Multi-Color LED Strip

This is another household name in car interior lighting. Here we are featuring the LEDGLOW 4pc 7 color interior kit that fits universally in any car or truck.

It comes with 24 super bright wide angles SMD LEDs that are rated 12V and have additional power options in case you might want further customization. It has what is called an auto illumination bypass mode that can be set to illuminate only when

1.      The door is opened

2.      The headlights are turned ON

3.      When the ignition is turned ON

The LEDGLOW  LED strip just like OPT7 has its own special feature as it is styled with a sound activation mode that uses an inbuilt microphone to detect sound and flash a variety of light colors to the beat of the music playing in your car.

It is also very easy to do a DIY custom installation as long as you can access a 12v power source from your car. A simple installation here does not require piercing and tearing of wires since LEDGLOW has an expandable circuit that can easily be used to power any lighting from a vehicle’s fuse box. Another option is to use the cigarette lighter power adapter which can power any 12V lighting kit.

Voltage12V DC
Light Colors7
  • Multiple power options
  • Self-styled sound activation mode
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproofed
  • An expandable kit is needed should the user want to conveniently access the control box

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4. MINGER Unifilar Car LED Strip

While researching the best-led light strip, I discovered that some products tend to stand out in a specific area.

MINGER has chosen to be different through the introduction of dimmable LED strip for cars.

Minger is an LED light product line from GOVEE a company that has shown extensive growth in recent years.

Their product is flexible and offers various areas of application that is not limited to vehicles alone but also for homes and outdoor decoration.

In my opinion, This product is a cheaper alternative to some of the other premium LED strip light that appears in this review.

This is so because it offers only a little less than what the likes of LEDGLOW and OPT7 offer.

Meanwhile, the durability of such a cheap option may not be guaranteed. Remember quality comes with a price and you get what you pay for. That is my unbiased opinion.

Weight9.9 Ounce
Special featureDimmable
Voltage12V DC
Water ProofYes
App ControlYees
  • the product is cheap
  • Is waterproof
  • Offers dimmable lights technology
  • Has APP control
  • We found a few unsatisfied customers online.

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5. TINGKAM LED Light Strip


The TINGKAM LED Light strip comes reeled on a plastic tray with an infrared remote, 2.5A power adapter, and a 5meter long RBG LED strip. It is specially designed in various areas which include cars, churches, wedding venues, event centers, etc.

The 5-meter length is long enough to cover the complete stretch of your car.

It features dimmable technology alongside an impressive 16 light colors that are selectable from a remote control that has a 4-meter range.

As regards the safety of use, it is a completely safe component with an operation power of just 12v that makes it safe to use by adults and children without much concern.

Overall, this is an above-average led light option that offers most of the features you need to stand out in your bright glowing car.

I will conclude on this by saying the TINGKAM led light is one that will meet any sort of customization you may want in your car.

Weight1.5 Pounds
Special FeaturesDimmable/Remote control
Voltage12V DC
  • It is weatherproof
  • Offers a wide range of application
  • It light are dimmable
  • Has a lengthy 18 months warranty
  • Has an unreliable adhesive back

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6. WSIIROON Car LED Strip Light


Straight from Amazon, I present to you one of its best-selling LED strip light for cars. It is a best seller due to its reasonable low unit price and the fact that it offers some of the best features that you will expect from a top LED strip light for cars.

With the wsiiroon light in your car, you can control the color tone on display with the BLE-APP installed on your Android or iPhone.

Also, it gives 16 different color spectrum to choose from. Still, on it, the lighting system is equipped with an inbuilt microphone that picks up sound and then makes the light color change in synchronization with the rhythm of the music being played.

It is also very easy to install as no wiring is required; all you need to do is to peel the 3 meters long double-sided tape and paste, place it on your desired location then connect the cigarette lighter plug and switch it on by pressing the power button on the lighter plug.

Weight8.02 Ounce
ControlBluetooth wireless remot
Voltage12 DC
Special FeatureSound Sensitive
Quantity4Pcs | 48 LEDs
LED Type5050 SMD
  • It is waterproof
  • Shock resistant
  • Highly customizable
  • Sound sensitivity function
  • App control
  • Low Lumen
  • Weak adhesive strap

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7. Car LED Strip by Releeder

This is another highly patronized led strip just like many others previously reviewed, it has multiple areas of application including cars, cove lighting, window lighting, and edge decoration.

It has a strong adhesive back that makes installation on the trunk of your car and other exterior parts of your car look smart and fashionable.

Additionally, It features a fully dimmable light, a cuttable and a linkable type LED strip which is perfect for customization projects as well as a light-color balance.

On its badge are UL, ROHS, and CE certifications. The strips are flat and very flexible and can be mounted on any surface.

Car LED also produces both the waterproof and non-waterproof type with each of them specially tailored to meet whatever decoration needs you may have.

It is worthy of mention that the Car LED light strip is fitted with 2835 SMD that is considerably lower than the 5050 SMD that the Tingkam comes with for example.

Weight8.8 Ounce
Package4Pcs 48 LEDs/ 5050SMD
Remote controlYes
  • Equipped with dimmable technology
  • it is flexible and easy to curve
  • Has a cuttable and linkable joint
  • Offers various areas of use
  • It offers only a single color(daylight white)
  • Some users say it light are a bit yellowish

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8. Drita Super LED Light Strip

This is a new entrant into the automotive lighting niche. despite not being a household name, it has gotten a good reception in the strip light market as well as sizable patronage.

It has a wireless control and a variety of fixed colors to choose from. The manufacturers put in 8 different lighting colors, sound control, and an allowance for high-level personalization.

It is voice sensitive, a function that allows it to synchronize its light display with the sound of music.

With a 5050 SMD and 48pvs of LED, it offers you a super bright combination of eight colors to choose from.

Also, it has a 12V power rating that is directly useable on cars and can be powered off and on with a switch on the cigarette lighter plug which is used to power it.

Weight9.6 Ounce
Package4Pcs x 48 LEDs 5050SMD
Colors8 RBG
Special FeatureMusic Sync
  • Super bright SMD
  • Sound-light synchronization
  • Ease of installation
  • Could not find an installation manual
  • Little information about the manufacturers

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To Choose the best-LED light strip for your car, we have put together these invaluable points to help you make an informed decision when making a purchase.

Ease of installation

It will be counter-intuitive to buy an item of $40 and then spend $100 Usd to hire a technician to install it, that is bad business.

How easy it is to carry out the installation procedure on your car matters a lot. Some LED products are very simple to fix while others come with a variety of complexity. Am not sure you will find joy in ripping your car apart just to carry out a little upgrade

In making your choice, always go for a product that will serve best for your project. If you simply want to light up under your dashboard for example, a long reel of 196 inches LED light stip will not be required. In this case, a simpler and easy to install 4 pc 48 LED type strip will work.

Also, when choosing, you want to choose one that has a self-adhesive tape because using one with strong adhesive tape back will enable you to make installation even on odd parts of your car and will also make your installation clean.


LED light strips are designed to use a little amount of current as possible. When making your purchases, you should ensure that the stripe is rated 12 volts as it is what most cars run.

This is to ensure that you do not have to install power adapters that will end up making your car lighting system look complicated.

Despite that, most of the brands in the market are rated 12v some still come with an adapter that can supply the required voltage in case you may want to make use of the strip in the 110V-220V system.

Even as it is that many products are designed for multiple areas of application I still recommend going for the ones specially designed for cars as this will help you avoid compatibility issues.


All LED light strip are not created equal and should not be treated equally. Some are specifically designed for certain areas of usage.

The waterproofing factor is an important consideration if you want to use the strip on the exterior of your car. This is because using a not waterproof strip for your car exterior won’t last long before it starts flickering and eventually burns out. Our recommendation above is an all-weather type strip.

Strip Length

In case you did not know, led light strip comes in different lengths. With this in mind, it would be unpleasant to have your light strip run out midway into your project.

The product information area will tell you the length of your strip, and if it comes in pieces, you will find out how many pieces you are buying and the length of each one.

Those that come in a reel are usually about 196 inches long, while the 4piece type is about 12cm long each with 12 led bulbs fitted on each of them.

It is advisable that you carefully measure the length of what part of your car you want to place the light strip and then buy a size that is slightly longer than the required length if possible. Besides, some very good reel type that is cuttable and linkable can be sized to a desirable length.

Lighting color

LED light strips come in different specification, some have 8 color combination, others can give 16 color combination. There are some very good options too if you want a plain white in colored LED.

Whichever you decide to choose from, it is best that you choose a color that will fit your car interior needs. If you go for the multi-color type, you may not have to worry about color matching.

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Why You Need a LED light strip for your car décor

  1. If you install your car interior with a LED light strip, it will keep the entire interior of your car lit up. This solves limited illumination problem that the conventional lighting that car filament bulb has.
  2. LED bulbs have a very long life span of above 35,000 hours on average, That is above 4 years of continuous lighting put together. This saves a lot of money on the frequent replacement of ordinary light bulbs.
  3. The most likely reason why you are considering buying a led light strip is to give your car a  bright look at night. Truly, the glow of a long strip of colored light can be fascinating. The glow from a well placed LED in your car can be all you need to show your true style during night time outings or parties.

Guide on How to Install a LED Light Strip on your Car