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What is a Tactical Flashlight

I have on numerous occasion used the word “tactical flashlight” and on some of these occasions, I have been asked questions on what exactly they are. If you are wondering what a tactical is, then just read on to find all the information you will ever need either as a buyer or user.

These are called tactical flashlights because they are a special type of flashlight designed for use by the military or law enforcement to aid them in identifying the target or even take a shot in a low light condition.

Typically, this type of light was not designed for kitchen or backyard use, but over time it evolved into a harmless domestic utility tool that serves a different purpose depending on why you have it and under what condition you need it.

Ordinarily, Tactical flashlights are smaller than the conventional Flashlight, with high lumen rating(100-250) and are manufactured from high-quality aluminum to give them the most extended service life as possible.

Today, tactical flashlight can be a great tool when there is a dare need for you to defend yourself. they meet the need of people of different categories, whether you live in the wild as a hobby, or you are a hunter, a camper, or a sort of an outdoor adventurist. Having something beyond the ordinary can be very handy.

Having a tactical flashlight for your security may sound odd if you don’t know what these pieces of LED High lumen torchlight can do.

Before I continue Let me give you a list of reason why what you need a good tactical flashlight for self-defense.

Why you need a tactical flashlight

  • Self-defense
  • As an SOS tool
  • illumination
  • emergency
  • as a work tool

I will only discuss further on the first and second points because they relate more to my article topic.

Tactical Flashlight for Self defense

There are some situations where it could be the ridiculous thing that can save your life. You never can tell when an intruder might come creeping around your home. In a situation like this, your torchlight can become improvised self-defense. You can use a flashlight baton to aiming a good hit at the intruder. This handheld device will immobilize him, or you can temporarily blind him with the bright light to give you enough time to find better means of defending yourself or better still allow you to head for the escape route.

In a case that you are stuck in a situation where you cant scream out or making a loud noise might just put you in further danger, making use of your flash light to (SOS Mode)signal for help might be the best line of action.

On using your flashlight to call for help, you will have to use the international Morse code rescue signal using light.

The majority of the tactical flashlight in the market have this(SOS) function built-in on default. If yours doesn’t have that functionality, then you may have to do it manually. Just flash three times fast, three times slow and then another three quick flashes. Based on the standard, the fast flash should not exceed one second and the slow flash should exceed one second but not up to two seconds. Some tactical flashlights are designed with a button that automatically flashes the standard distress signal when pressed.

What makes a good tactical flash light

    1. It must be bright enough to disrupt the night vision of the other guy. This should make him turn his head or shield his eyes with his hand when you point the beam at his face. A bright light in his face makes it harder for him to see you and to detect your movement; it may disorient him and cost him a good night vision when the light is off. This will make it difficult for the attacker to engage you.
    2. Must offer multiple choice level of brightness that can be selected only based on the users need, for example, you will not want to activate a full 1000 lumen light when all you want is to locate where your left sandal is. A standard tactical light should have the SOS, strobe, a full, medium and low lighting option.
    3. A well-manufactured flashlight must be sturdy enough to withstand shock or impact. Being a self- defense gadgets, an incident may require that you use the torchlight as a barton. This single act should not leave you with shreds of the device in your hand. I will simply say a shockproof, stiff, and firmly built tactical flashlight should be a priority.
    4. No Matter what the case may be, a single hand-operated flashlight will serve best in a defensive situation, from being able to conceal and carry it to operating it while having a handling a weapon. Though most tactical flashlight tick this box, I still see it as a worthy mention.
    5. A good Tactical flashlight should be waterproof and able to withstand drenching. This is so important that some manufacturers do include extra O-Ring seals to serve as a replacement in case of possible wear on the install one.

As a rule of thumb, you must consider the warranty that you are being offered when buying an item. This to a large extent, gives you an idea of the level of confidence a manufacturer has on their product. so don’t ignore this.

Also, the best tactical flashlight should support a rechargeable battery. in most cases, the rechargeable battery the flashlight use is the 18650 type battery.

Our Recommended products

Sofirn SP3.1 2.0

This is an upgraded version of the SofirnSP31 tactical flashlight. it comes beautifully packaged in a dark shiny carton. In the pack are a USB charging cable, a battery cradle, and a USB charger that houses the battery when charging. Also in the pack is a feedback card, a manual, and a lineyard for hanging and convenient carrying when not in use.

The Sofirn flashlight has a clean finish that makes it handy and easy to hold and operate. an added feature to this version is the battery level indicator

Based on customer reviews, it is a high-performance budget flashlight that offers 5 different lighting mode of different lumens: Eco, Low, Mid, High, and Turbo.

Different light modes and an estimate of their run-time.

  1. Eco mode: offers 5 Lumen of light that lasts about 290 hours.
  2. Low Mode: shines at 50 lumens with an average battery life of 26 hours.
  3. Mid Mode: On this mode, you get 9 hours of 160 lumens of lighting.
  4. Hight Mode: Keeping the flashlight on for too long drastically cuts battery life as it lasts about 3 hours 40 minutes on a super bright 500 lumen.
  5. Turbo Mode: This mode offers you something comparable to a mini floodlight at 1200 lumen and a lifetime of just 2 hours 30 minutes. This is to say that how long your charge last is proportional to the mode you use it.

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Baker bolder LC40

Next is the Anker Bolder LC40. It is a 400-lumen portable rechargeable flashlight that has a straight design with a smooth feel that makes it’s compact and comfortable to hold.

The flashlight uses the high-performance and high-efficiency Cree XP-G2 LED that guarantees over 50,000 hours lifespan. It is fitted with a 3350 mAh lithium metal battery that offers about 20hours of lighting in medium mode.

It has an IP65 waterproof rating which makes it resistant to wet and dusty environments.

The light switch tends to follow the same style of having a ON/OFF switch at the battery end. You simply press the button to toggle between lighting modes. Press and hold the hold On/Off button for one second to instantly turn off light. I have observed users complain about not having a power button separate from mode switching buttons. Still, as I said earlier, probably due to ease of use, most quality tactical flashlights are built similarly.

A notable absent feature in this flashlight is that it doesn’t have an adjustable beam focus.
Secondly, the 3350mah battery is non-removable, though it doesn’t matter to some people, it is still something not everyone is comfortable with.

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ByLight 800 Lumen flashlight

ByLight 800 lumen super bright tactical flashlight light is fitted with the Cree XPG2 S3 LED. It is a high-performance flashlight that is powered by 18650 3000mAh battery, The flashlight can comfortably run for 60hours in ultra-low mode, meaning it can cater for your low lighting need for an extended time.

The flashlight has an inbuilt 18650 rechargeable battery that is non-removable. This based on reviews on Amazon is one thing users didn’t like, as any battery related fault could mean the flashlight will be useless.

The flashlight is portable, made with high-quality aluminum metal, despite being made of metal it’s still light-weighted to fit in comfortably in your pocket

It has five lighting modes, which are the  High beam, medium beam, low beam, ultra energy saving low beam and strobe modes.

You are assured of a water-resistant flashlight as it has a rating of IP67; this means that it has total protection from dust and can withstand immersion in water with a depth between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth.

A few customer complaints;

The flashlight has no zoom level control to adjust the width of the beam.
The battery is inbuilt and not removable.

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PeakPlus LED tactical flashlight

The peak plus LED tactical flashlight is a durable and robust flashlight that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. In my opinion, it is a product that offers great value for money.

With its super bright and high-intensity brightness and range, it is ideally suited for outdoor activities such as hiking Camping and regular household use.
The flashlight has an incredible lifespan of 100,000 hours alongside a maximum brightness of 800 lumens that can go as far as between 200 to 500 meters.

Unlike a few of the previously reviewed products, it has an adjustable beam and offers a variety of zoom levels to choose from.

Powering a flashlight is a 18650 3.7V battery which is replaceable by a AAA lithium battery which is not included in the pack. The flashlight has With above 5000 purchases on Amazon and 4.5 stars rating, you cannot go wrong choosing this product.

Some features that stand out:

  • The flashlight is zoomable
  • It has an adjustable beam and focus.
  • It offers great value for your money

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Vont LED Tactical Flashlight

Vont flashlight is fitted with a 400 lumen LED bulb that is tailored to deliver a three-mode brightness. You can use the medium mood for indoors, the high mode for outdoor purposes, and stroke when you need to just call some attention.

Based on its design, you can easily switch from the spotlight to floodlights in between by Simply rotating its head.

It is waterproofed and has an anti-slip surface that gives a good grip when handling it. The military grade material the flashlight is made of makes it durable enough to withstand shock or impact on hard a hard surface.
The flashlight uses three pieces of AAA batteries which in my opinion might not be the best choice of battery type. Notwithstanding, it still offers up to four hours of non-stop illumination.

Added to it is a belt that you can use to hang the flashlight on your belt or pocket and just let it hang there when you are not using it.

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Anker LC90 Tactical Flashlight

Anker is an industry-leading lighting provider that has over 20 million users of its product around the world. The company has continued to impress its customer base with the quality products it has produced in recent years.

We had previously reviewed the Anker LC40. In it, we saw a decent 400-lumen flashlight. But here with the LC90, you are afforded 900 lumens of brightness that can go as far as 1000 ft.

It is fully dimmable and features five adaptable lighting mode. It has a smart design with a pocket-friendly compact design with an anti-slip finishing to give you a fast and reliable hold in case of emergency.

The LC90 is Powered by a 18650 with a 3350mAh rechargeable battery that can give you reliable light for 6 hours if used on a medium beam mode.

Aso, it has an IP65 water resistant rating which means you have nothing to worry about in case you have to use it in the rain.

If your choice is based on the quality of the product, the number of positive reviews, warranty and customer support. then this product is a  safe bet and therefore highly recommended.

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UltraFire WF502B Tactical Flashlight

Coming to our last product under review, we are checking out something different this time around, we have a product that has just a single lighting mode.

The UltraFire WF-502B is a single mode tactical flashlight This means that it does not offer multiple lighting options like strobe, SOS, high, medium and low beam options that other of our reviewed tactical flashlight offer.

This would not be my first choice for a tactical flashlight but might be handy for other regular day today lighting need. It is suitable for all outdoor activities as It has an impact and scratch resistant build thanks to its high-quality aluminium body.

It has an IP-X6 waterproof rating this is to say they are giving average water resistance with no guarantee of its dust resistant ability.

One added feature that I found on the flashlight is belt case made of nylon. It is fitted with an EVA foam insulation and an elastic side panel that is meant to keep the flashlight firmly secured on your side.

The flashlight has a 1000 lumen maximum brightness and supports a single 18650 battery type or 2 pieces of cr123A which is equivalent to 16340 battery type. You’ll have to purchase any of these battery types for yourself because they do not alongside the flashlight.

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