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Are you in search of lighting decor to spice up your bedroom? Or are you upgrading your bedroom light to something you can customize into a unique lighting scheme that will suit your needs?

Then read on. Because in these articles, we will be suggesting to you some products which we find to be the best wall sconces for the bedroom.

Having a beautiful and well-lit home is the joy of many homeowners. A large number of apartment owners want their home to be the right reference when it comes to decorative lighting designs and style.

Using uniquely designed wall sconce combined with perfect color makes a home look elegant and stylish.

When you talk of bedroom decoration, in most cases lighting is often ignored since more consideration is usually given to selecting the right furniture as well as finding colorful beddings that will be a perfect fit for a home color scheme

To help you achieve this and bring out the real style in you, We have come up with a well thought out list of best wall sconces for your home.

Also, in this article, we reviewed a list of the best wall light for the living room. The idea is that while giving your bedroom light a facelift, the living room should not be left out.

10 Best Wall Sconces for Bedroom Review

1. Wire Cage Dimmable Vintage Sconce.

Item Weight1.3 Pounds
Bulb FeaturesDimmable
Averag e Life50,000 Hours
Type of BulbIncandescent and LED Bulbs
Battery RequiredNo

So many professional home interior designers have confirmed that light fixtures don’t have to be complex or overly fancy to make a good impression.

Simple is the new smart (Rob Fazio).

The same applies to this cage wire wall sconce with an LED dimmable metal design that offers a vintage LED sconce experience.

It features multiple lighting Possibilities with a 240° adjustable head. It can help deliver a direct light beam in an upward or downward direction.

It works with a frequency of 50-60 Hz. It is rated at 110volts and requires it to be wired directly into the home electrical.

According to the product information on the manufacturer website, it is designed to work with any incandescent, fluorescent, or LED bulbs.

The LED bulbs have an average lifespan of 50,000hrs with two years warranty.

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2. Kira Home Swing Arm Wall Lamp

The Kirahome swing arm wall lamp has a three-way switch. It features an adjustable swing arm, a fabric shade, and a black finish.

The fabric shade disperses light in all directions, which makes it the right choice if you want a fixture that can provide you a dimly lit room.

The light projected below the fabric shade makes it ideal for a bedside lamp.

The design is compatible with LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs.

Also, have it in mind that you have to buy the bulbs differently, Also not forgetting that the Kira Home Cambridge wall sconce is meant to be used in a dry indoor environment only.

On some occasions, lamp fixtures have been considered to be boring and unattractive, Kira home designed their lampstand to have a feel of a modern fixture, meaning it can be quite lovely, as this one proves.

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3. Globe Electric Bowie LED wall sconce

Item Weight2.5 Pounds
Product Dimension5x4.2x9.9 inches
Material/FinishMetal/Matte Black
Type of BulbLED-420lm
Battery RequiredNo

As an outdoor decor, it offers the same clean and modern aesthetics in any environment the light is to be used.

The globe electric Bowie wall fixture is easy to install as it comes with all the required wall mounting hardware for ease of installation by anyone.

It has an integrated 10watt LED bulb that delivers 420 lumens and over 30,000 hours of lifespan.

Its dark body finish makes it perfect for adding as a trendy modern element within your living space.

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4. Hyperikon LED Porsche Cylinder Wall Sconce

Editors RecomendedIndoor & Outdoor Use
Weight2.6 Pounds
Product Dimension9.2X4.2X4.2 inches
FeaturePhotoCell Sensor

I will put it that the Hyperikon cylinder wall mount sconce is an energy-efficient product with a modern minimalist design.

The style and elegant design will match both your interior and exterior home improvement. Secondly, it has a two way(upward and downward) light direction, which can create a cozy night ambiance around your home.

It features an integrated with a photocell sensor that regulates its dusk to dawn functionality. Photocell sensor is meant to switch it off when it senses daylight, and switch it back on at dusk.

Also, it has a sizable 1000 lumen and a 45,000-hour average life span. The light is suitable for patio lighting, backyard light, outdoor lighting as well as lighting for a driveway.

It comes with an incredible five years warranty, which speaks volume of the level of confidence the manufacturers of this piece has on their craft. If you are considering getting one for a lighting upgrade.

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5. JACKYLED Industrial Vintage Wall Sconce.

JackyLED wall sconce is one of the best wall sconces for the bedroom. It is so because It offers you various ways to have the right mood set up for any occasion.

Since we feel differently at different times, staying within a sconce lighting that gives you the required light for an occasion can be invaluable.

Based on this review, the JackyLED vintage wall sconce by far offers you the best value for a 2 in one wall sconce pack.

With this light, you can maximize the lighting potential thanks to the 240° adjustable head. It has a solid build with high-quality iron and brass. According to the manufacturers, the light is anti-rust and won’t fade.

JackyLED wall light fixture combines modern and vintage style design that makes it a perfect choice for bathrooms, bedroom, living room, and office.

Unlike some of the other sconce on the market, the JackyLED comes with two pieces of 4 watts LED Edison style bulb. If you choose to, you can use another variation of bulbs like the E26 and E27 bulb to add style to your bedroom.

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6. Claxy Industrial Swing Arm Wall Sconce

Just like the JackyLED Sconce wall light, this is another 2 in 1 design though a little more expensive.

This wall mount sconce features an adjustable neck that makes it also useable as a ceiling light. It is a metal made fixture that is durable and built to stand the test of time.

Also, it comes with a power OFF/ON rotary switch that is not dimmable but can useable with a compatible dimmer switch. It is Amazon’s choice for a plug-in the wall sconce.

Based on Amazon’s user’s review, some unsatisfied customers complain based on its purely hard-wired design.

Based on customer feedback, we suspect that the obvious downside of the product is that despite the manufacturer’s claim of easy installation, You will need a little bit of expertise and care when handling the installation, but overall it is a good product.

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7. Rustic Mason Jars Sconce

Item weight2.42 Pounds
Number in a Pack2
Batteries RequiredYes, 2 AA Batteries or Flat CR2032
Battery Included?No

Buying this Rustic Mason Jar lantern gives you the option of variety. Whether you want to put them in your hallway, kitchen, near a picture painting, or in your sitting room, the designs are perfect to complement your taste.

It is an excellent product if you consider the price. Based on the design, the wood is sturdy, and the light is twinkly bright.

Considering how easy installing this light could be, numerous user reviews confirmed that the wall light was straightforward to install.

The fixture has no timer and has its switch on the wooden board. It is powered by AA batteries that you can fit carefully into its crafted battery compartment at the back of the light fixture.

If you love rusty decor or you are just an enthusiast, then this could be for you.

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8. LightIn the Box Modern Contemporary Wall Sconce.

BrandLightINthe Box
Item Weight1.72 Pounds
Product Dimension5.5X5.5X9.8inches
Number of Light1Pc
Type of LightLED

Here we have another contemporary style wall sconce. The sconce has a sturdy design with a metal shaded glass decoration. Also, it comes with a wall mount that makes installation pretty seamless.

This lamp is not cordless as you need to hardwire it into the wall. And the wire is included in the package.

The design, as well as luminance, makes it a perfect fixture for placement not only for the bedroom but also suitable for the entry to apartments, study room, office, kitchen, or garage.

It is a relatively cheap option, partly why the sconce is not for use in every environment. According to the product description on Amazon, it is strictly for indoor use as the ballast of the fixture isn’t waterproofed.

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9. Perpetua Integrated Chrome Light Bar.

Item Weight6.35 Pounds
Fixture FeatureDimmanle, Horizontal and Vertical Mount
Bulb Type|WattageLED|60W
Light TypeBathroom Vanity

Among our selected products, this beautiful piece of white light is the ideal choice for your bathroom’s lighting. It is one that adds modern-day style and color to your bathroom design.

Whether used as a bathroom fixture or as home interior lighting, it will fit any of your those needs.

Due to its high lumen output, You should use it with a compatible ELV dimmer. The Lutron ELV dimmer will work correctly with this fixture. You can get it on Amazon.

Physically, it has an excellent design with a 15.5W integrated super bright LED and a 3000k color temperature.

According to Amazon reviews, a lot of customers who have bought it suggested using it with a dimmer for the best experience. The dimmer is to regulate its extreme brightness when you need to.

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10. Urban Barn Rustic Wall Light

The gooseneck wall light is a concept inspired by the industrial farm-house barn light. It is another beautiful piece from the John Timberland Light Collection.

Based on the design, it has a steel construction with a final touch of a black finish. Using this as an outdoor fixture goes a long way in rounding out your home.

They do not only set the tone for your home decor, but they also keep the entirety of your outdoor space safe by lighting up the night. The wall light is crafted in the style of a barn light that features a metal dome and backplate for a stylish vintage look.

The light fixture is compatible with LED, incandescence and CFL bulbs(though not included);

Even though it is a bit pricey at around $109, it has stood its ground in providing customer satisfaction based on its 79°of 5-star rating on Amazon.

Customers who bought and used the product were satisfied with its brightness as well as the general functionality.

Part of its features is an integrated photocell sensor that senses light and switches of the light when it is day time and back on when it is dark.

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