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When it comes to night driving, Your headlight bulb determines the quality of light you get from your car. The reliability and brightness of your headlight bulb are considered as one of the most important considerations for a safe night drive.

Installing the best H11 LED headlight bulb with a conversion kit that your needs will not only give your car an attractive beam but will shine at night and also adds an element of safety to your driving experience.

To help you make a choice, we will be going through a carefully handpicked list of the brightest LED H11 headlight bulb for your car, how to fix them and set them up as well as some of the factors to consider.

We will also identify some of the best options available on the market and details about each. We hope by the end of this article, you can decide on which headlight bulb is best for your car.

Best H11 LED Fog Bulb Reviewed; Top Choices

1. OPT7 LED Headlight Bulb

This product proudly offers you a wide range of automotive HID and LED lighting products for every need.

OPT7 line of premium automotive lighting has given you the liberty to expressly customize and tweak the appearance and functionality of your car to a level that suits your driving taste and style.

Here they have presented to customers in their line headlight lighting bulbs which include the H11 bulbs for headlights and foglight. The bulb offers a 3500lm of lighting in 2 color variations of 5,000K and 6,000K.

The bulb is fitted with layers of aluminum ridges that are designed to aid the rapid cooling of the bulb and maintain the perfect operating temperature for the bulb.

Most LED headlight failures happen due to faulty LED-diode; that is why  Having an optimal operating temperature is essential if you will not have to be spending on regular replacement of your car headlight bulbs.

The OPT7 Fluxbeam H7 Bulbs are manufactured to entirely replace most conventional bulb sockets and housing so you will not have to worry about compatibility.

It is best practice that you reference your car user manual before placing orders.

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 2. Beamtech  H11 LED Headlight Bulb

If you are having worries replacing your H11 bulb with the LED version, or even worried about buying some of the crappy aftermarket replacement, the Beamtech has provided you the best budget-friendly LED H11 bulb replacement for your car.

The headlight bulb is a two sided bulb that produces 8000lm of lighting, with each bulb providing 4000lm. This is enough brightness for safe driving at night.

Beamtech placed the bulb’s color temperature at 6500K. With the lumen and Kelvin specification above, you get lights that are far brighter than the halogen and HID bulbs.

For starters, The bulb has a plug and play design that is super easy to install on most cars, if you know how to change the regular halogen H11 bulbs on your vehicle, then you can install this unit as well.

After taking a close look at the bulb, its housing is constructed with high-quality aluminum and does not have blower fans to cool it, which is uncommon with similar bulbs of its type.

Many users have confirmed that the Beamtech bulb is also a perfect fit for the fog light. In the same line, others have had issues using it as the primary low beam headlight due to its low beam light brightness.

While on the other hand, it offers the required level of brightness for a high beam. Though these bulbs are not brightest in the market, they still do have a good focus pattern.

If brightness is all you want from your headlight, then I have a different recommendation for you here.

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3. HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs

Hikari H7 headlight bulb has a pretty brilliant output that puts a ton of light for you on the road. It offers 9600lm of lighting at 6000K color temperature.

They have a sharp low beam that tends to mimic the output pattern of halogen bulbs.

Another noticeable thing you will observe from using these bulbs is that the light it projects has a focus when beaming from a reflector headlight.

This is very unusual, though not a bad thing, especially when coming from an LED headlight.

In case you don’t know what a reflector headlight is, let me explain. Headlights come in two forms; the reflector and the projector headlights.

Projector headlights give a straight and focused light that goes very far ahead, while the reflector headlights give its light in a spread out a pattern that doesn’t go as far as the projector light type.

On the installation side, Hikari H7 bulb seems to fall short in these areas; I observed that the many poor reviews the bulb was getting had a lot to do with the challenge users were having with the installation.

This gets more complicated because the installation manual that comes with the bulb doesn’t give the exact guide required to do an installation on most car models. These, therefore, require some inept technical ability to make your job easier.

Overall, the bulb set is a decent choice for the price and will surely serve you for some time.

4. Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs

This is coming from the product line of Cougar Lighting, which is an Australian family-owned company. They have been in the lighting industry for over forty years and have been top of their game since then.

The Cougar bulb is a high-end Cree LED headlight bulb. It offers a combined 7200lm and 6000K cool white light. The LED bulb uses little current and produces a very bright and improved color pattern when compared to other stock headlighting systems.

It is a highly recommended bulb if you are someone who drives for long hours at night. This is because unlike other LED headlight bulbs, the low current demand the bulb has will mean less stress on your car electrical charging system.

When your car’s electrical system is not stressed, you will enjoy a stable illumination during your long hours of night driving no matter your vehicle’s engine speed.

Based on many user’s experiences, The bulb has an audible whirring sound that comes from the headlamp. The sound is as a result of the spinning of the bulb’s cooling fan that is fitted just behind the bulb.  Just to add, the sound is normal as it is common with many LED headlight bulbs.

When you consider its size, the headlight units are much larger than the halogen bulb or even most other headlight bulbs I have seen, but this does not take away one bit of its functionality or performance.

Though on rare occasions, the size of the heat sink might be a problem for some headlight housing. For those that need modification, it is usually quite simple to do, get creative if you have to. It is worth it to have these bulbs, I promise.

When it comes to installation, even if you aren’t good DIY’s, you will fare well installing the cougar headlight bulb. All you need to do is to twist the old bulbs, press the tab at the back and pull it out.

For the new bulb, push them in and twist them back in place, Shikenan!

On the positives of the cougar light bulb, they have their cooling fan that helps keep the fan cool. This, in turn, prolongs the bulbs service life.

The bulb also has a very bright white light that is perfect for night driving. Added to this is that the bulb has very few customers complaining about radio interference.

Just like in almost every other product in the market, the cougar bulb has a pretty obvious downside, in my opinion.

This is in the form of it relatively larger than the usual heat sink. Although this will only cause fitting issues in a few car models

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What is LED H11 Bulbs are they right for your Car?

H11 bulb is a type of bulbs used mostly for car headlights and fog light. They come in halogen and LED lighting designs and are a vital part of having a good night driving experience. They offer very bright and attractive light for your cars, especially the LED H11 bulbs type.

Halogen H11 bulbs come as a standard type of lighting for some car front lighting systems, but with the possibility of using the more efficient, bright and long-lasting LED bulbs switching to the use of LED H11 bulb type will be a smart decision.

Some cars use H11 bulbs for the headlight while others use the same for the fog lights, no matter where they are needed on your care, ditching the halogen bulbs is worth it and will pay off.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing LED Headlight Bulbs

Just as it applies to every purchase decision you make, it essential that you put into consideration a factor like your vehicle model, the plug type brightness level, etc.

Also, you have to ensure that the LED headlight bulb that you are buying has the lumen rating that is permitted by your local state law. Also, consider that it should be safe and appropriate for use on a public road.

Let us go into details on each purchasing consideration for your car headlight bulbs.

The Legality of Car LED Headlights

Staying off the trails of law enforcement is very easy if you do your findings before changing your headlight configuration. You should ensure that you adhere to local laws on headlights brightness level.

Some states in the US have these laws on headlight use.

Have it in mind that these laws mostly do not forbid the use of LED headlight, rather they give color temperature and brightness range for road users.

Also, the legality of using certain headlight units and bulbs may require that you upgrade the entire headlight and ensure that it carries RoHS, CE, and E-Mark certifying its compliance with European standards. Or in the United States, it needs to be DOT-Compliant to follow USA transportation regulation.

Compatibility of Car and Headlights

This is surely one of the biggest factors to look out for when purchasing headlights. Whether the type of headlight you are interested in is compatible with your vehicle type should be a priority.

While in most cases, headlights are suited to a wide range of models (h1, h3, h7, etc), It is critical for you to investigate thoroughly to avoid making an erroneous purchase.

The user manual of most vehicles provides the information on possible replacement bulb types.

Also, the model number is usually marked on the previous headlight bulb.

In addition, buyers could refer to online resources like the Philips Auto bulb guide or VEHICODE BULB FINDER to find out the bulb matches your vehicle.

Converting to LED Headlights

I will repeat this, when purchasing new led headlight, ensure that the light is compatible with the model of the vehicle. Most vehicles follow the simple and straight forward method that takes less than 20 minutes to do a proper installation.

The video below shows how to easily replace your stock halogen bulb with a LED headlight bulb

This procedure is not as hard as you may think. To convert your stock headlight bulb to an LED, just follow the simple steps below.

Remove the Old Bulb

To start, there usually is a standard iron fitting or clip that will have to be lifted before you pull out the bulb, Though it configuration  may differ with some vehicle models

Then you have to unplug the existing bulb by taking it out of the socket, this you can do by taking out the socket from either the front of the car or from under the hood, depending on how the vehicle is designed

Before doing this, I will advise that you should carefully observe the original positioning of your old bulb.

Normally, they are fixed in such a way that the high beams facing down and shining upward, while the low beam is facing upward and shining downward. ensure that your new LED bulb is placed the same way.

If done properly, it will ensure you do not restrict the range or width of the beam. You can always check this by looking at it from the front of your car.

Fit in your New LED Bulb

After you unplug your old bulb, fit in the new LED bulb and make an adjustment to ensure the LED is facing the right direction.

Next is to lock the LED bulb into place using the screw-on protection or the iron clip depending on the configuration of the bulb.

Have this in mind, replacing a LED bulb is not exactly straight forward as it is with the stock headlight bulb. This is because while working, you will have to throw a few wires here and there behind the headlight.

But don’t worry it is not that hard as it is something you can navigate through since you have the balls to do the job yourself in the first place.

Replace the Cooling Fan and the Bulb Base

Once you’ve successfully inserted the LED and the screw-on protection, you need to attach the headlight fan.

The fan screws onto the back of your LED bulb. Again be careful to avoid damaging the wire by screwing over it. Make sure you tighten the fan securely in place as much as possible. Now you need to check the position of the LED.

Although many models easily keep the original position, with others there is some movement when you attach the fan.

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Easy Way to Check your Car Headlight Beam Pattern and Alignment

To start this exercise, simply drive your car close to a wall. try to go as close as possible.

The next thing to do is to locate the center of your headlight housing. this you can easily do by locating a tiny bump on the face of your headlight glass this signifies the center of your headlight.

Have it in mind that the center indicator on your own headlight may not be a bump. different car makes will have different markings. so look out for other possible indicators.

After locating the center of your headlight, you have  to make a marking on  the wall that aligns horizontally with the center of the headlight that you have observed

Image Source: Youtube

The third step of this exercise is to use a measuring tape and measure 25 feet from the marked position on the wall to your Headlight Lens. then move your car back to the 25 feet spot. At the 25 feet position, your headlight beam should look like what we have on the image below.


Image Source: Youtube

The brightest spot should be pointing at the marking you had earlier made on the wall when the car was a few feet away from it. If both beams do not align horizontally, let’s say one point above the marking and the other is pointing below the marking, then your headlight bulb may need an adjustment.

How to Adjust the beam Pattern of your LED headlight bulb


To do this, you will need the less than 1mm Allen key which comes with most LED headlight bulbs to unscrew the Allen bolt holding the LED bulb.

After doing this, you can tilt or aligned to different direction based on your desired adjustment pattern. when done return the bulb into it LED housing and tighten back the Allen bolts.

Note: Different LED bulbs come with different methods of adjustment. For some, you may have to unscrew the tiny Allen bolts and do the adjustment by tilting the LED itself to the desired direction and screw back (Like with the H13-CSP).

The videos above show different bulbs and their method of adjustment.


Choosing the best H11 headlight bulb for your car may seem a little confusing at first. But once you know what characteristics to look for, choosing the best in the market will be an easy task.

The best H11 bulb should have a good lumen rating. It also should be easy to install and offer you a good lighting level and beam pattern that guarantees a safe night drive

We gave you the four best choices available on Amazon right now. We hope that you will now be able to choose what bulb is the best for your car.