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Table lamps are designed to illuminate a particular spot or surface at a time. Many of them are fashioned to sit on a desk- why they are sometimes called desk lamps.

In this article, we review some of the best battery powered desk lamp. We also suggest other varieties of desk lamps that might interest you.

Desk lamps are predominantly used to aid work done at the table or any small subsection of a room or space. So you could have them at your workstation or home office.

Here’s an example of a situation in which such a lamp could prove useful. Your laptop’s bright screen may make the contrast between text on the monitor and your keyboard a bit too much to handle.

A desk lamp with a warm soft glow may help to even out the illumination and make it easier for you to read and type on your computer.

You can come up with other uses for lamps like this one. It’s an excellent aid for reading, stationary workshop activity, craftwork, cooking, and anything that might require you to have a clear, focused view of the patch of space in which you’re getting stuff done.

Do you want a quick choice?  Here are the best battery powered desk lamp to choose from 

Best Battery Powered Lamp: Light Accents Desk Lamp

Best Rechargeable Lamps: Gooseneck Clip-On Rechargeable Lamp

Best Portable Lamps: TOMOL COB LED Portable Desk Lamp

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What if you’re looking for the right sort of lights to lighten up your tasks (literally speaking)? What are the best alternatives out there that you could choose from? And what things should you consider as you hunt for your perfect work light?

These are the questions we will be answering in this article.  We’ll look at the available options and suggest the most preferred battery-powered desk lamp –and go over the crucial points you should bear in mind when selecting and using your lamp.

Here we go.

Best Battery Powered Lamps Review and Buying Guide

Some task lights, like the ones we will be considering here first, are powered by batteries. This power source means that they rely on a specific number of charged cells to function at any given moment.

The general advantage of battery-powered lamps is that you might not have to rely on electricity from the grid to make them work. The lamps are preferred if you are living off-grid, or if your cabin is not disconnected to public power.

Although if you use rechargeable batteries, you may need to charge the batteries from an alternative source of power like solar or with a generator.

These desk lamps below run on batteries. You might want to try them out.

1. Light Accents Battery Powered Desk Lamp

This one does what you would expect of any good LED light- brighten up your space, save you lots of energy, and last for a very long time.

Its rectangular head has 20 small LED bulbs, which give off an impressive amount of light. The form it takes allows it to illuminate a good spread of space, maintaining focus on the objects you intend it to make more visible while shedding a fair bit of white on the surrounding area.

The Light Accents lamp runs on three AA batteries, which you will have to replace periodically, or when they get drained. But whatever doubts you may have about spending on cells could be swamped by the joys of working under the light they help to generate.

This product has an AC adapter as well, which can be plugged in and used instead of the batteries.

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If warm, no-flicker, eye-friendly lighting is what you seek, then you should get it with this lamp.

It has control at the back of its head with which you can switch between two degrees of brightness. The thick flexible neck makes it adjustable in multiple directions and for several conceivable purposes.

There’s a clamp at its base which clips to a wide variety of surfaces, including books, desks, and computers. With a width of just under 2 inches, the clamp should keep your lighting fixed on the object of your attention or the surface on which it rests.

You can power this lamp with three AA batteries or a USB cord.

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3. TOMOL COB LED Portable Desk Lamp

The newer version of this lamp gives you 220 lumens of light, which is triple what you would get with older LED lights. That’s because it leverages the COB technology, which packs several LED chips together in one light source.

One of the great things about this product is that it’s foldable and extendable. In practical terms, you can collapse it into a form that’s easy to hold and carry around and stretch out its length of 13 inches so that it covers a broader area with its brightness.

You can select from three levels of light strength.

You need four AA batteries to power this lamp. But thanks to its USB charging feature, you can extend some of the power from it to your mobile devices.

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Best Rechargeable Lamps

Next, we’ll survey lamps that you can recharge by plugging them to a power source.

8. LUSTRAT Portable LED Desk Lamp

Lustrat portable desk lamp is a sleek, silver-colored lamp with a minimalist design that’ll impress itself on your visual senses. The smooth surface and space-saving base are a work of art. Apart from being a source of light, it’s also a fine addition to your office décor.

The product has three light modes, which the manufacturer designates as ‘read,’ ‘study,’ and ‘relax.’ While this suggests that it’s primarily a reading lamp, it gives enough brightness to serve many other purposes.

There’s a 1,200 mAh battery installed in it, which you can recharge by plugging the device to a power source (which could be a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet).

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3. Gooseneck Clip-On Rechargeable Lamp

Here’s another of those clip lamps you can attach to a working desk or surface.

The groups of planes to which you can fix this one include desks, computers, pianos, and bed headboards- all of which accommodate a significant fraction of any ‘work’ you’re ever likely to take on.

Thanks to its minimalist design, it can fit into different sorts of interior arrangements. But its 300-lumen brightness that ultimately makes this product one of the more useful task lights on sale out there. It owes much of its illuminating power to the 24 LED chips installed inside its head compartment.

With a 50,000-hour lifetime, this product could yield you more than just your money’s worth of daily shine. It’ll save you a little bit of eye-straining and energy costs.

It also comes with a 38 inch USB cord with which you can plug your lamp to a power source to have it charged.

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4. MoKo LED Desk Lamp

Who doesn’t like the idea of a lamp which adjusts it’s light’s brightness when touched?

That’s what you get with the Moko LED Desk Lamp. You can tap it with your finger to adjust the lighting as you like. The head is also movable up to 180 degrees and the arm to 90 degrees- meaning that you can change the light’s focus pretty quickly and make it cover more extensive areas throughout using it.

When you charge one of these lamps, what you will be boosting is its in-built lithium battery. When fully charged, it can maintain top performance for up to 6 hours. It also has a lifetime of about 50,000 hours, a quality that can satisfy you.

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5. Ambertronix LED Desk Table Lamp

With the Ambertronix table lamp, you get five levels of brightness and four lighting modes. That’s probably enough to choose from (and maybe thoughtful on the manufacturer’s part).

It has a sleek, space freeing build with a base that almost shouts out the minimalist mantra (if there’s one). The product’s power consumption is at a low maximum of 14 watts, and it’ll last you 50,000 hours (i.e., several years) if you use it as any regular person would.

There’s an automatic ‘off’ function, and a touch-sensitive dimmer too.

Like a number of the other lamps mentioned here, you can charge this one by plugging it to a compatible mobile device.

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Best Portable Lamps

Portable lamps are easy to carry around and fix up. You can adjust them into forms and positions that make them compressed and easy to handle. This feature is important for work lamps because of the nature of they are used to illuminate.

These are a couple of portable lamps you may find interesting.

7. SLYPNOS Foldable LED Desk Lamp

Slypnos foldable desk lamp probably has the most thoughtful design of all the lights here.

Apart from the head, the rest of the lamp is made up of aluminum alloy bars screwed into hollow rectangles.

It’s all shaped in a way that lets you collapse each hollow rectangle into the one at the lower base. When it’s folded, it takes a slate-like form- a light, elegantly portable object.

The arms can make a full 360-degree swivel too.

But it’s not just the portability and aesthetics of this lamp that makes it a standout. It has excellent energy conservation as well; it gives you just over 100 lumens of excellent brightness while consuming only 3 watts of power.

You can charge the lamp with a power bank or laptop. Just attach it to any of them with its micro USB cable (which comes along with it at purchase), and you’re good to go.

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Best Corded Lamps

Corded lamps can be attached to a power source with a cord and charged by the same means if they have an in-built battery.

The following corded lamps might pique your interest.

9. Wall Mounted Gooseneck Reading Light Lamp

Maybe having to move your reading lamp around all the time isn’t convenient for you. Moving the light around might be the case if your room or furniture arrangement makes it difficult for you to have it in any random spot you like. Or maybe you want your lighting to have a more permanent presence at your work station.

If that last paragraph describes a preference you have, a wall-mounted lamp might be what you need.

The aluminum gooseneck lets you have your light coming from a particular point. But then you have a lot of liberty within limits set by fixing it to a surface because the neck can be bent or turned in almost any direction.

The bulk of the installation work will lie with punching holes in your wall or headboard into which you can fix the lamp. Once you do this, you need to hold the lamp to the surface with a couple of screws.

It comes with a 71-inch cord with which you can connect your light to the power source.

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10. Shuncanda Magnetic Machine Light

This Shuncanda work lamp has a magnetic base that lets you attach it to metal surfaces to which it can adhere. That’s probably a better adaptation for machine and auto parts workshops (or similar workspaces) compared to a clip lamp.

Its gooseneck makes it flexible enough to turn in different directions, an essential function for tasks that require a fair bit of movement within a spot.

Some of its other noteworthy features include being waterproof, as well as wear and impact resistant.

It consumes 9 watts of power and emits light with a 900-lumen luminous flux.

Because of these unique features, you can use this product in machine tool-working sheds.

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Important Features and Buying Considerations

Now that you have a range of task lights to choose from, we’ll share several product features you may want to watch for when making your buying decision. They apply to the select options we have presented here, as well as any other ones you might consider purchasing.

  1. Flexibility

If control over light directions is what you desire, you may go for flexible lamps. Goosenecks could work perfectly well in this case, but collapsible products might as well. It all depends on the specific purpose for which you will be using them.

  1. Brightness

You typically don’t require the same degrees of light intensity for localized patches as you would for whole rooms and halls. A work lamp that covers the items you’re reading, and handling (as well as the immediate space around them) will do.

  1. Energy Savings

Saving energy is what you’ll get with LED lights anyways. But if you want to be extra thrifty, you may compare different LED products and select the one which saves you the most energy. You can find this information in the product description for each lamp.

  1. Intended Use

As you may have observed with the items we have reviewed in this article; some products are more suited to specific purposes than others. Again, you can check out the product descriptions for information about the best or proper uses for whatever it is you will be buying.

  1. Style and Design

Style and design isn’t a peripheral concern. If you are using the product you intend to buy at your office, you could think about how well each option could fit in with the general design of your space. Things like form, color-combinations, and luminosity you should consider.


The lighting you use at work can have a significant effect on your productivity and quality of output. If you are choosing a battery-powered lamp for work purposes, be sure that you understand the benefits and shortcomings of the available options and select those with the right sorts of functionalities, energy savings, and degrees of cost-effectiveness.

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